Sabrina stamped her feet, she was growing both tired and hungry. She could hear her stomach growling, she was so hungry. Baxter stopped and she plowed right into him, he reared up and slashed her chest. Nickering wildly, she stretched her small hooves up and kicked them frantically. Baxter's eyes had changed from black to red. Looking around, she saw that she was alone, no one was there to help her. A shadow cast over her body and...

"Hey, will you stop kicking me." Hunter exclaimed.
"Sorry, bad dream." Sabrina sighed.
"I think you bruised my brain." Hunter whined.
"Oh shut up you big baby." Sabrina whinnied.
"Shut up both of you." Baxter nickered.

Baxter was lying down on his side far away from Sabrina and Hunter, his mane was flayed out and his tailed swiped at flies that threatened to bite. His white wings flapped slowly, gently, without making a noise. Shiela was sleeping a little to the left of Hunter, her pink belly rose and fell as she gently sang out in a sweet baby voice. Sabrina giggled, everyone was content, everyone but her. Her mother had always said that she was the one that could detest danger before it happened, and she was feeling it now. There was movement to her right, Sparx flew by and landed on Spyro's purple rump. Spyro had decided to stay up all night to stand guard.

With a sigh, Sabrina sat herself up, her back legs gently tucked underneath her belly. She whipped her mane around a few times then stood up on all four legs. Nothing moved, not even the uneaten brown grass in the patch infront of the drained pond. Taking a timid step from the others, she started trotting towards a yellow light. She hadn't gone far from the others when a net was dropped on her head. Screaming for mercy, she reared, kicked, bit and snarled at her captives. Only when she was all tired out did she notice that she had walked into a spider web.

"Where's Sabrina?" Hunter asked.
"Probably went off to the lady's room." Shiela said.

It was early morning, black omnious clouds blackened the land and the smell of smoke filled each of them with fear. Baxter had his ears pinned, his eyes were rolling. His wings flapped a little and he was off, he wasn't gone long. When he returned he brought a branch of apples, black apples with green lines crisscrossing every which way. Spyro passed on the apples, but Shiela and Hunter didn't. They munched down and before long the whole branch was empty. Baxter had resulted to eating the dead brown grass and Spyro ate a few sticks, it wasn't much but it helped to stop the pang of hunger. By midday Sabrina still hadn't turned up.

"Where can she be?" Shiela exclaimed fearfully.
"Why don't we go looking for her?" Hunter asked.
"Oh yes, lets break up and become vulnerable." Baxter snarled. "Try being a little more dumber next time."
"Hey fly boy, I happen to be good with archery." Hunter said.
"So what, whould you be a good archer with my hoof half way up your..." Baxter whinnied.
"Guys, where's Spyro?" Shiela asked.

Spyro wasn't the only one missing, so was Sparx. They were running through the forest, following the running steps of Sabrina. Both could hear the whinnies and yelps for him to come back, but they didn't care. Sparx found a broken twig, and Spyro found a piece of hair from Sabrina's tail hanging on a tree. Baxter raced up to them, Hunter and Shiela were riding him tightly, he looked angry. Shiela and Hunter climbed quickly from his back, they coward away from him.

"I ought to break your neck." Baxter whinnied.
"Sabrina has been through here." Spyro said. "This is her tail hair."
"So..." Hunter stuttered. "We going to follow her tracks now?"
"No." Baxter said. "We're staying here until she comes back."
"Yes, I will follow her tracks." Spyro said.
"Listen dragon, I am the leader here and what I say goes." Baxter whinnied.
"Who said you were the leader?" Shiela said. "I'm inclined to follow Spyro."
"Me too." Hunter said.
"So you're leaving me behind?" Baxter whinnied.
"You can come with us, if you like." Spyro said.
"I will stay put, you should to." Baxter nickered.
"Lead the way Spyro." Shiela said.

Baxter watched as the kangaroo bounced away on her strong long legs, he couldn't believe that he was being left behind. Hunter was running beside Spyro, both were looking at the ground with frowns of concentration. When he lost sight of them he started feeling both pitty and hatred for himself. Screaming, he drove his hooves into the dirt and galloped away into the swamp. Before he got far he felt a rope entwine around his ankles, whinnying he shot straight up and turned. It wasn't a rope, it was a vine. Nickering to himself, her trotted away. He closed the gap on Spyro and the others a few seconds later.

"I thought you had had a heart attack." Shiela said. "All that screaming and such."
"I think I owe an apology to you all." Baxter said. "I shouldn't be acting like a leader."
"You're apology is accepted." Spyro said. "Sabrina went this way."

The deep mud had circled Sabrina in a deathgrip for over three hours, she had fallen into a mud pit and had gotten stuck. After an hour of fruitless screaming and thrashing about she had given up. Her chestnut coat now looked brown, her unicorn horn was burried deep in the mud and she was breathing shallowly. She didn't see Spyro, nor did she feel the vine that was wrapped around her thousand pound body. Baxter lifted her lifeless body up, and gently lowered it to the ground.

"Sabrina, what's wrong with her?" Shiela asked frightfully.
"Here, lets clean her mouth." Hunter said.
"Why?" Shiela asked.
"She might have something obstructing her airways." Hunter said.

Hunter grabbed a leaf, brown and crumbly but still useable, and gently opened Sabrina's mouth. He cleaned her of all the mud that she had swallowed over the hours and then he started CPR. She was aroused a few moments later, very confused and scared. She thrashed her legs, bared her teeth and twitched her tail trying to get up. Hunter placed his hands on her shoulders and gently held her down on the ground. She stopped struggling when the mud had been removed from around her eyes.

"What, where am I?" Sabrina asked.
"I told you guys so." the mole said.

The mole, now dressed in a white over coat and wearing glasses, was sitting on a large black tree branch. Beside him was a medical bag, it was bulging at the sides. Shaking his head he climbed down from the tree and checked Sabrina. Sabrina whinnied when she felt his hands rubbing her left leg, it hurt her badly. The mole nodded his head and collected a few of his tools.

"She's got a sprained tendon." the mole said.
"Why are you helping us?" Spyro asked.
"For one, I like you kids." the mole said.
"What's your name Mr. Mole?" Hunter asked.
"My name is Professor." Professor said.
"Professor?" Shiela said. "Professor what?"
"Just Professor." Professor said. "Or maybe you'd prefer calling me The Professor."
"I like George better." Shiela said. "George Professor."

Sabrina whinnied when she felt Professor touching her leg, it hurt so bad. He wrapped her leg quickly, and then he supplied her with something that he had invented a few years ago called the aspirin. The pain dulled a few minutes later and she was allowed to stand, although she still favoured the leg. Baxter walked over and nuzzled Sabrina gently, he pressed his big muscular body against hers and led her to a leaf litter.

"Why is this place so..." Shiela dragged off at the last moment.
"It use to be a beautiful paradise, until the dark lords arrived." Professor said.
"How beautiful?" Shiela asked.
"Crystal clear lakes, mountains, towering trees and food-a-plenty." Professor said.
"Is there anyone else here besides you?" Shiela asked.
"My friend Moneybags and I are the only ones that elected to stay behind." Professor said.
"Where is Moneybags?" Shiela asked.
"Last time I saw him he was in the forbiden caves." Professor said.
"Forbiden caves?" Sparx said.
"Yes, they use to house gems but now they only house bats." Professor said.
"Bats!" Shiela exclaimed.
"Big blood sucking bats." Professor giggled. Shiela shivered. "I'm kidding Shiela."
"Oh...well good." Shiela said.

They spent the night sleeping huddled together, the Professor slept on Baxter's stomach, as Baxter had rolled over a few times. Spyro and Sparx slept nose to nose, Hunter's snores were loud and Shiela giggled in her sleep. Sabrina couldn't sleep, something told her that she needed to stay awake. Before she finally did let sleep fall, she saw a unicorn very much like herself only black with red eyes.