Author: FINALLY! My first InuYasha fic. The characters I own are Meiome and Sarako. Later on you will meet the characters I co-own, Blue and Raeina. I do not own Inu Yasha.

Inu Yasha slashes with the Tetseiga at the demon seductress Meiome. She blocks with her sword that was also her hand. (Sorta like Edward scissor hands gone killer) Meiome giggles "That the best you got, Dog boy?"

Koga runs into the clearing seeing that Kagome is injured and Inu Yasha is battling what looks like a black haired girl with swords for hands, her red hair flowing behind her as if the battle is in water. Koga shouts, "Inu Yasha! What the hell are you doing? You let her hurt Kagome and it looks like she's gonna kill you. You little idiot freak! You can get yourself killed on your own time, but don't endanger Kagome!"

"What did you call me you coward? Come say that to my face!" Meiome, fed up with being ignored cut at Inu, making a gash in his arm.

Suddenly Kagome jumps up when just a moment ago she was passed out. She shouts with a cold voice "Hey! Idiots! If you don't stop your endless bickering we are all going to die. And if that happens I'll chop your dead carcasses into bits and feed them to the hounds of Hell!" Both of the boys looked like Kagome sprouted another head. "Well, don't just stand there, Kill her!"

At which point they snapped out of it and started fighting the Evil Demon. Shippo (starring at Kagome) saw something strange, Kagome started glowing. A ghost-like thing stepped out of her and materialized. It was a girl a little taller than Inu Yasha; she had white hair with black streaks. Her eyes were a blue-gray colour; she had dog ears (that look like cat ears) and a big fluffy tail. She was wearing a black Kimono with a silver under kimono, a matching ribbon loosely tying her hair back.

" Whaa…!" Shippo exclaimed in surprise. Miroku and Sango turned around to see what was wrong. When they saw the girl they started gaping.

"What are you staring at?" The mysterious girl looked towards the fighting and drew out an obsidian blade. It was almost as big as she was, made completely of obsidian except for a silver metal lining around the edge making it sharper and stronger. It had carvings on the blade that no one could recognize, except that they looked like some sort of runic language. As if trying to make a point she swiped the sword in the air making a sort of B sharp note ring. She ran towards the fight and cut at Meiome, chopping of her sword hand. She doubled back and let Inu Yasha make the killing blow to Meiome.

He and Koga came up to her and asked/screamed "who the heck are you?"

"'bout time you people asked, I am Sarako, also called Obsidian Butterfly." She looked at InuYasha "I am also your sister" She said smiling.