Author: sorry it took me a while, i've been lazy.

When Sarako came to consciousness, the scene had changed drastically. The white haired girl was deep into a battle of the sword with Blue. Koga and Inu Yasha was being fought by the red haired boy. The black haired girl was fighting Raeina, as the blue haired girl was fighting Sesshoumaru. The grey haired man was being fought off from Sarako by Sango, Miroku (with a broken arm), and Shippo.

Sarako stumbled up, supporting herself with the wall behind her. "Are you okay?" asked Shippo.

She stretched her limbs and found that not only was she not hurt, she felt better than she had for a while. "I'm fine."

She drew her Obsidian blade. She stepped forward to join the fight. She plunged the sword into the grey haired man who's name was Goro. The blade found his heart immediately.

The fight closest to her was that of the blue haired girl and Sesshoumaru. She plunged her sword into her back. The girl's name was Shawn.

She felt energized. She felt like she could fly. Her movements looked like they were choreographed, like she was dancing.

Her blade found the black haired girl, named Babette. It sliced her open from top to bottom.

Next came the red haired boy named Akiro. Last the head of the white haired girl (Gina) was separated from her body.

Everyone was staring at her as she finished her dance in the middle of the room. Carnage decorated the floor.

"What?" she asked, blinking her stupor away.

"You just appeared there, and everyone was dead." Raeina said.


"It seems that whenever Sarako sucked Kikyo's soul it gave her more power." said Miroku.

"You mean Kikyo's inside of me?"


"Ew." She shivered.

"People!" Inu Yasha yelled to get everyone's attention "Stay on task, we need to rescue Kagome!"

"Where did they go?"

"the dungeon."

They started out the front door. The wyrm hissed at them, showing rows of razor sharp teeth. They slowly backed into the study and closed the door.

"that didn't work." Sarako stated.

"There must be another exit." People began to pat down the walls looking for a hidden door or switch. Others started taking books off of shelves, or exploring the desk.

Raeina found a button hidden behind a huge volume entitled The History of Everything "Oooh what does this button do."


She pushed it and the walls began to move forward.

"We're all gonna die!" yelled Blue.

"I'll just push this button to stop it!" that button was located behind the slightly larger book The History of Really Bad Music.


Spikes appeared in the walls.


Sesshoumaru takes the desk and throws it through the floor, creating a huge hole. One by one, they all jumped. Raeina, being the last one, got out just in time for the walls to close in on her hair. She hung there for a second before Sesshoumaru cut her down. "OWIE!" she squealed, as her hair was now a few inches shorter.

"Are we going to save Kagome or not?" Inu Yasha asked.

They began to troop down the hallway.

As they reached the dungeon door, two eyes and a mouth formed from it. "You've been expected. Enter at your own risk and have a nice afterlife." It said before opening

"How lovely." said Blue sarcastically.

It is then the screams could be heard. They began to run until they reached the antechamber. The sight before them made them stop in their tracks.

Kagome was strapped to a rack, a hot iron being forced to her skin. She screamed and her back arched in pain.

Naraku stopped and grinned. He threw the hot metal into a bucket of cold water. He stripped his gloves off. "Let's make a deal. I get those three and I'll give you back Kagome."

"We don't need to make deals with a scum sucker like you, there are eight of us and one of you."

"Oh? But what if I do this." He snapped and a light poured over them. It buzzed against their skin. They fell to their knees in pain. "You are now powerless, good as human.

"We don't need power to be strong." They got to their feet and rushed forward, intending to pummel him to death. They bounced off of a shield around his body.

"You will bargain with me."

"Fine." Sarako said. "You guaranty safe passage for Inu and his friends AND give them back their powers during the tunnel, and we will stay back and fight you. Oh, and you must give us back our powers, just to make it fair."

"You don't have to do this, we can get him." Shippo said.

"No. That's the only way. We have to do it. It'll be okay, trust me." She smiled at him.


"We have a deal." Naraku flicks his wrist and sends Inu Yasha and gang (Including Kikyo) out of that dimension, powers fully charged. He then turns to the girls.

"Well?" they ask.

He turned and ran down a corridor that had appeared.