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The Time of Our Lives

After much talking, and a horrendous amount of pestering. It was decided that Tony really didn't remember Devin. Which in this case was all fine and dandy. Hatori (who had come by request of Momiji) had figured that her memories of him were lost because he left on the flight. Another bonus for the group. The only thing left, was to remove the curse.

"So how do you think we do this? Get Tohru and big brother to actually date, date." Kiri contemplated. Her back against the cream colored wall of her room.

Kyo shrugged from on the bed. A small grunt the only sign he was listening. Kiri sighed and shook her head.

"You could at least help ya know." She argued.

Kyo groaned. "Why? What's there to help with?"

"Ohhhh." She gave up. Sighing again, she walked over and flopped down on the bed. Her cheek resting against his chest. "I'm just sick of this curse. Sick of Akito. Just sick and tired."

Kyo nodded. Placing his arm protectively around her he brought her closer to him. "I know. I'm tired too." His other hand fingered the small plastic pistol. He really wished it was real. Honestly and truly. If it was real, then he could finally blow that rat's brains out. But not before furiously shouting at him for making himself a damned terrorist, which need he remind him was very likely to get them all sent to prison for a few months.

He supposed that would be too much for the poor rat boy's brain though. Funny since Yuki was thinking the same thing.


"I never thought it was possible for someone to be so stupid." Yuki paced restlessly in the middle of the family room. Tohru watched him worriedly as he circled the room for the sixth time. "Did it ever occur to him to watch his back. There was no doubt that any sane person would have made sure that his mask was on tight. Or at least watch for the naïve eight year old behind him."

Tohru smiled wearily and shook her head. "It's alright Yuki. We all got out of there safe."

Yuki snorted. "Yeah. Be glad we don't have the police staring down our noses." He finally stopped and sank down into a nearby couch. "He just irritates me so much. And to think my younger sister actually likes him."

"Kyo-kun has good qualities." Tohru put in, her index finger raised in the air. "He protects her doesn't he?" She tried, sure that this would win him over.

"A fire hydrant can give her more protection than that idiot can." Yuki retorted, resting his chin on his folded hands. "I'm sorry Tohru. It's just been a really stressful day."

The girl couldn't argue with him there. It had been hard work to pull it through, and even harder to keep themselves concealed as long as they did. Tohru was actually pretty sure that if Kyo hadn't blown their cover she certainly would. In an attempt to create a happier mood she smiled and brought up another topic. "Don't we have to conduct that play? It's our last year in high school so everyone figured that it would be good to do another play."

She unfortunately, succeeded in bringing out a long groan. "Must you remind me? I'm still scared by that Cinderella play we had to put on." The memory brought shivers up his spine.

Tohru frantically tried to resurrect what happiness hadn't been there. "Well, this time I heard it was Robin Hood." She nodded her head as if to assure herself she was correct. Yuki looked up and stared at her for a minute before laughing. The poor girl thought she had done something wrong. "I'm sorry!" She blurted, "I won't do it again, I didn't mean it!"

This made the rat laugh harder. Doubling over he groped around for the girl's knee. "I'm sorry Tohru." He gasped, trying to regain both composure and breath. "It's just, I can't see any of our class in tights. And when I do, it's just to much to bear." He straightened and gave her a soft smile. "You did nothing wrong at all."

Tohru seemed to deflate in relief and leaned back on the couch. "Oh thank goodness." She smiled herself and placed her own hand over his. "I wonder who will get to be Maid Marion." She commented, opening her eyes to look at Yuki questionably.

"Who knows," Yuki shrugged and shyly scooted over. Gently wrapping an arm around her shoulders he blushed lightly and looked at his knees. "Anyway I'm sure you'll do a fine job at your part."


"I refuse!" The two angry, orange haired teens shouted. Both slamming their fists down on the table at the same time.

"There is no way in hell you're getting me to wear tights!" Kyo shouted loudly, alerting passerby to stare curiously into the classroom. Most of them girls who swooned at the thought of one of the Sohma's in green tights.

"Brother," Kiri whined, ditching the anger to bat her eyes. "You know you don't want me to have this part. All the guys will be trying to get my number." She lowered her head slightly and gave him her best puppy dog impersonation.

Yuki didn't seem to mind. "My dear sister," he started stopping only when a few gasps sounded through both the class and the doorway. "I would think your boyfriend would be able to protect you from the hordes of fan boys." Another round of gasps. The group was now vaguely aware of the whispered conversations being held behind their backs.

"Kiri's Yuki's sister?"

"No way. Though I guess her last name is Sohma."

"And wait, she's dating Kyo? Isn't that Yuki's cousin."

"Ewwww, she's dating her cousin. What a waste."

"Yeah. I'm sure Kyo could do better outside of family."

"I heard that most of them do date inside the family though. I heard Haru was going out with a cousin too."

"That weird hair color challenged second year? I didn't know someone liked him."

Kiri made a note to beat those girls with a table later. It would do wonders for her current anger build up. "Can't you just change the parts? You're student body president after-all." The frantic girl begged.

"I'm sorry," Yuki didn't look up from his work. "It was a vote, just like last year. I cannot change the student's decision."

"Just change the cast you damn rat!" Kyo shouted at the boy, three inches from his face.

Yuki sighed and stood up, making both the angry teens step back in defense and alarm. The boy glared at them and angrily slammed down his pencil. "I said it couldn't be changed and I meant it. Now I suggest the both of you go and get your scripts now!"

Kyo opened his mouth to protest when Kiri clutched his sleeve. "I think we should pick up our scripts now Kyo." She seemed to swallow something hard and gently tugged him away.


The auditorium bustled with excitement as the rehearsal went on. The stage had been finished that morning and most of the costumes fitted and stitched. Four days from the big event and they were already practically done. The cast, though most reluctant, were all pretty much done with the memorization and actually seemed to be having some sort of fun. If you could call it that, that is.

"Would you hurry it up! I'm growing a beard here!" Kyo growled at the staggering girl.

His target of anger glowered at him heavily. "You try running with a dress Sir Tights." Kiri snarled back. The two glared at each other before the insult festival began.

Yuki sighed as the frantic Tohru rambled on at his side. Mutsumi, the director, tugged lightly on his sleeve. "Do you think they're okay? I mean, isn't that kind of fighting bad for a relationship."

"Most, yes. Theirs no." Yuki massaged his forehead gently. "Tohru they're fine. Just let them be and they'll be out on the roof in no time making up." A furious blush stained Mutsumi's face at the mention of roof, and Tohru looked a little relieved.

"Do you think so. I mean, I thought that Kagura coming over to help with the measurements put them in a bad mood. But if you think they'll make up later then I guess they're fine." Tohru didn't sound to sure in her words, especially after the two stopped bickering and stared horridly at the girl.

"Please don't tell me you just said that." Kiri hopped off the stage, stumbled, and darted over as fast as the dress would allow. Grabbing Tohru's shoulders she gave them a firm, but gentle shake. "Please, please don't tell me you said that onee-sama."

Mutsumi looked at the triangle of three and cocked her head. "Wait. You're all siblings?"

Yuki shook his head wearily and turned back to the startled director. "Actually no. Kiri was taken from the Sohma's at a young age. Tohru's mother happened to adopt her. It's long and complicated." Mutsumi still looked confused but nodded anyway and turned towards the stage.

"Alright people, let's start this over." Despite her wishes Kyo jumped down from the stage anyway.

Rushing over he practically ran into Kiri, who in turn backed up to lean against his chest, and stared at Tohru. "K-Kagura. Shit Tohru you better not be making this up."

As if answering his question the boar sprung through the double doors. "Oh Kyo-kun my love!" She sang darting for the horrified boy. Using Kiri as a shield Kyo cowered behind the equally horrified girl. Kagura paused as she almost ran head-first into the wide-eyed girl. "Oh it's you," was her greeting as she planted her hands on her hips. "Still following my Kyo-kun like a lovesick puppy eh?"

Kiri took offence at this and raised a daring fist. "Watch it piggy." She snarled, earning her the curious looks of peers and the glare of the insulted girl. "I wouldn't want my little hooves dented now. It might be bad imagery to my fellow girlish classmates."

Kagura growled and clenched her fists at her side. "You're one to talk Kitty Cat." she snarled. "You go running every time your fur is mused."

"Do Not!" Kiri shouted back, lunging for the girl in front of her.

Kagura locked her hands with the girl's in an attempt to protect herself. "Do to!" she retorted. "Kyo wouldn't put up with you so much if you weren't such a damn pansy! He'd much rather be with girls like me."

Yuki sighed and gently batted the orange haired boy on the head. "Shouldn't you be breaking that up?" he asked, waving the rolled up script at the two girls locked in mortal combat.

Kyo shook his head fiercely. "Nuh uh! I'm not risking my life for a girl's who can capably kick the snot out of a professional karate master."

The silver haired boy just sighed, shook his head, and went off to finish something more productive. His family was such a confusing bunch of idiots, he'd rather just ignore them.


The wind whistled over head, rustling the trees gently. It was quiet, save for the wind and the soft chattering going on inside the building. The figures seated on the roof each were silent, both content with the other's voiceless company. One of them wore a dress, while the other (after much fighting and ripping of cloth) wore a pair of pants and a billowy shirt. The one in the dress held her knees to her chest and rested her chin on them. The one in the pants leaned back on his arms and had closed his eyes, relishing in the feel of the wind.

They didn't seem terribly close, and yet they seemed the closest thing you could find. Neither touched the other. Neither made a move to speak sweet nothings in the other's ear. And yet it was easy to see how much emotion passed between the two. In a few minutes, they'd be gone. Whisked away downstairs to perform in front of several restless and fidgety parents, peers, and small children. But for now, they had only each other and the comfortable silence.

"If you could have anything, what would you wish for?" The girl broke the quiet, her eyes staring dully at the hem of her dress splayed out in front of her.

The boy grunted slightly. He made no move to answer and the silence resumed once more. When he finally spoke, his answer shocked the girl. "I'd wish this damnable curse was gone. And we could just sit here forever."

This was quite an uncharacteristic reply from him, and the girl found herself speechless. Though she quickly got over this and resumed her thinking. It was only them. That had been the reason for his odd response. Had someone been listening to them she would have gotten something completely and utterly different from the reply he gave her.

She understood, though most girls would throw a tantrum at this knowledge. She understood his mood swings and need to distance himself from most. She understood how to handle him and make sure he felt absolutely comfortable in her presence. She didn't go around flitting this piece of information about the other girl's noses, no matter how much joy it might bring her. She did nothing to interrupt the sanctuary they had taken so long to finish building. It was far to easy to tear it down, and she had no desire to spend time rebuilding it. So she kept to the guidelines that she herself had placed down. Dancing along it, laughing and giggling as he smiled at her from slightly behind. Always behind but not far. He would not allow her to travel to far along alone, for he had helped build this sanctuary and also had no desire for it's destruction.

So when the door opened and a relieved silver haired boy had demanded they come down and stop worrying them all, the two did as they were told. Neither worrying about the interruption for their sanctuary was still intact. Now eerie and empty but intact. The two followed the intruder back down into the building and shared a promise that they would return once this foolishness was over. Neither worded this, but each knew. Just like always.

In four weeks a girl would go back home, taking her sobbing sister with her. In two months the small group of four would graduate. In two months and six days two of them would fight for the other's freedom. In a year a piece of string would finishing winding itself through a maze of twelve others. In a year a lifelong curse would be lifted and it's victims free of a terrible burden. In four years nine months two weddings would be held. In six years a baby would be born to two of the four. The baby's name would be Tony.

It's short I know it is. I also know the pure suck rating the ending gets. It's not beyond my knowledge, trust me. I'm not sure if I'll do an epilouge for this. It's crossed my mind but then again... Tell me what you thought. The storie's gone but you guys can still tell me little things on how good, bad, ugly it was. Ta ta,