A/N: Well, I got so many requests for more in-depth ZADR after I wrote "Solution" that I decided to go for it. I've never actually done slash, just hinted at it, so bear with me here.

It wasn't natural.

I shouldn't have been there, standing in the rain, waiting for him. It wasn't right, and yet the only thoughts I had were of him. Was he all right? Why was he late? Had he forgotten?

What about the rain?

I had come to hate the rain after seeing the effect it had on him. The way he cringed when the droplets fell on his roof, the way he shuddered silently at the sound of running water. I wished, for his sake, that it would never rain again. I would see the world become a barren wasteland rather than see him hurt. That was how much he meant to me.

But I still questioned it sometimes.
On dark nights, when the insomnia set in and the moon cast an inverse picture of the window across my face, I wondered. I knew it was wrong. It was all wrong, every moment of it. My pleasure was won through denial of all things I had once thought holy. My desecration, my blasphemy. My sin. He was my sin, and I wondered if I could be redeemed.

Standing in the rain, under a black umbrella, I wondered. All I had to do was turn away, go home, never see him again. But it seemed my choice was made for me, for there he was. His strange garb clung to his body, making it glisten like so many emeralds. His eyes, like rubies, shone brightly in the dark. He was a treasure in every way. He was perfect.

I ran to him, pulling him beneath the cover of the umbrella.

"What were you thinking? It's raining, Zim!"

"I know. It started when I was a block from home."

"Why didn't you go back?"

"You would've thought I'd forgotten you."

Guilt. It was an ugly feeling. It is now, and it was then. I really had thought he'd forgotten. A little white lie now and again does no one any harm, however, so I held him closer. "Never. I know you better than that." and from then on, I would not doubt him.

He smiled, and I smiled, and we placed our hands on each other's faces. Mine, dry and pink. His, wet and green. A chaste kiss. It was all we could ever have. I was human, and humans are borne of water. More intimate touches would have hurt him, and I couldn't hurt him. Wouldn't.

And yet, suddenly, I felt his snakelike tongue slide against my lips. I clamped my mouth tightly shut, determined to protect him from himself, but he would not be denied.

A brief moment of passion, that was all. The sweetness of chocolate, the warmth of nights spent by the fire, and then it was over.

When I pulled back, I stared at him. "Why did you do that? Are you all right?"

He smiled. "I'm fine. I did it because I love you. You know that."

I held him close and knew that if this was a sin, if I truly must fall from grace, there was no one I'd rather fall with.