Dark and Light

Koway: Hello everyone! This is a poem that I did for Dark and Krad. Please tell me what you think of it! Thank you! Enjoy!

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Dark and Light

His name means light…

His name means dark…

In a world that keeps them apart;

One is a hunter, One is a thief

And one remembered a promise, he promised to keep…

Within the darkened sky,

A pair of angels fly.

One light, One dark,

Not together, but never apart.

Dark as the night

Bright as sunlight…

Dark and Light, Light and Dark.

Fighting throughout years has forced them apart…

The golden-eyed hunter,

The black clad thief…

What is the promise the one chose to keep?

Within each other, one finds hope

Within another, one finds love…

The two angels of the sky wish to be free

The night sky above is witness to their plea.

The stars shone brighter, hearing the request.

And the two settled on love, hoping for the best.

Krad Hikari, the hunter,

Dark Mousy, the thief,

One granted their promise they said they would keep…

Of capturing, the heart…

The heart of his thief.

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