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It was a warm sunny July day. Birds where chirping, bees a buzzing but not all where happy on this day. Now all were joyful for those who lived in secret, for those who hide away their true identity lost some one they would forever mourn, Albus Dumbledore.

But his death hit one boy in particular rather hard, like a knife to the heart. This boy whose birthday it happened to be was Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. It was up to Harry alone now to destroy the remaining Horcruxes that contained parts of Voldemort's soul and then defeating Voldemort. Since school ended Harry had though painfully ready to except his destiny. He had stayed to watch Bill Weasley's marriage to Fleur.

It had been a lovely affair under the circumstances, with Bill's face being scared and Dumbledore's death hanging above them the wedding had been beautiful, Molly Weasley had once again out done herself. Though through out the whole wedding Harry had to keep his temptation for Ginny at a minimum. Seeing her in her green brides made dress standing next to Hermione with a scowl on her face Harry could not help but fall in love all over again. But he had shaken it off and gotten through the day before returning home to his hell hole, number 4 private drive. The Dursleys had been unbearable this summer. After learning of Dumbledore's death they only thing they did for Harry was just that, nothing. But Harry was fine with it for on his birthday, today he was leaving them all. He was going to finish what Dumbledore started and he refused to bring his friends along for the ride no matter how much they'd hate him. He would not put them in danger.

It was early in the morning on July 31st when Harry Potter woke up to his owl hooting for another owl one he did not recognize was sitting at his window. Cautiously Harry approached the bird to see it had a very formal looking letter tied to it's leg. Harry took the letter and ripped it open.

Mr. Potter,

One behalf of all of the goblins we wish you a happy 17th birthday. With this news we'd like to inform you that you are now of age to enter your family vault. Please come to Gringotts so that you may be shown to your vault. As always it is a pleasure to do business with the Potter family.


Head Goblin Gregfur

Harry looked up to Hedwig.

"I guess we could stop there before we go girl." Harry said to his owl, having every intent on bring her with him. Hedwig just let out a loud note that Harry took as a yes.

Then on his birthday, the day he became of age and could finally use magic outside of school Harry shrunk his few worldly possessions before stuffing them into his trunk and shrinking it but not before taking out some gallons that he would need to get to Diagon Ally.

"Alright girl I'll meet you at the bank." Harry said. Hedwig nodded before taking off out the open window.

Harry made sure he had everything before sneaking down stairs where he left a very short note for the Dursleys and then leaving. He called the knights bus and was soon on his way to Diagon Alley.


Harry walked through the busy streets of Diagon Alley till he came to stand in front of Gringotts. He remembered the first time he came here with Hagrid, how he's miss the friendly giant, his first real friend. Shaking his head of these thoughts Harry called Hedwig down to sit on his shoulder. Only then did Harry enter Gringotts, the letter in his hand.

Harry walked straight to the end of the large room to the only open Goblin.

"Um excuse me sir," Harry said to the Goblin who glanced up.

"I received this in the mail this morning and I would like to see inside my vault." Harry said, unsure how to exactly approach the subject.

"Name?" the Goblin asked.

"Potter, Harry Potter." Harry said.

The Goblin nodded in a very business like manor and asked to see the letter after reading over it the Goblin seemed satisfied.

"Griphook show Mr.Potter to the Potter vault." the Goblin yelled as a familiar Goblin came over.

"Mr. Potter," Griphook said.

"Hello Griphook. How are you?" Harry asked remembering the Goblin from the first time he meant him.

The goblin seemed suprised but said nothing as he lead Harry to a cart and lead him through twist and turns till what felt like an hour later till they stopped out side two very large wooden door, the symbol of a lion engraved on it.

"Only a Potter heir has the power to open these doors. I will await here till your return." Griphook said.

Harry nodded and with Hedwig approached the doors, with his left hand Harry touched the handle and felt heat radiating from his hand into the doors until they swung open.

"Wow!" was all Harry could say as he entered and the doors slammed shut. The room was pitch black until Harry took another step forward, torches flamed into life and Harry gasped in surprise. No one had been kidding when they thought Harry was rich. The vault was piled high in gallons, antique looking furniture, rubies and all other kinds of gems.

"I can't believe this." Harry said.

Hedwig took off from his shoulder and landed on an old wooden table, next to two very old, dusty letters.

Perplexed Harry grabbed the first one and opened it, not expecting it to be what it was.


Hello Pronglet. If you don't know this is your father James, Prongs. I hope your in your twenties and your mother and I are reading this with you. But if not you have just turned 17 and inherited the family vault. Sirius standing right next to you telling you to be brave as you read this. But Merlin I hope your mother and I are with you. But if we are not, if you've grown up with out us Harry I hope we went down fighting. I hope you know your mother and I love you very much. But the true point of this letter is to not speak so much of the past but of what you have received. It is a tradition in our family for the vault to be passed on to the first son of the Potter line when he is of age. So here it is, all that the Potters own. By now I suspect interest must of doubled everything we have in this old tome. But let me tell you something a very wise man, my father your grandfather said to me Harry. He told me that it isn't the wealth that makes a man but what a man does with his wealth that makes him a man.

If Sirius is laughing at me I please beg you to hit him very hard for me. Thanks.

I don't know what else to say to you son. I hope that if I'm not there to raise you Sirius has done a good job. I hope he taught you how to fly, become an animagus even. I hope your mother doesn't see that, she'd have a fit.

I hope you have grown to be a better man then I ever was. And Harry your mother and I both know of the prophecy but Harry know it is our choices that lead our destiny. Nothing is written in concrete but Harry I know you will defeat him. Call it father instinct but from the moment you where born I knew you where meant for great things beyond measures. I wish you luck son and I send you my love. And know no matter where I am I will always be watching you.

Love your insane father,


Harry let out a deep breath he did not know he had been holding. His father thought he;d at least be with Sirius, oh how wrong was he. Harry had been the cause of Sirius death, no matter what he had been the reason his godfather has lost his life.

Harry let out a deep breath he did not know he had been holding. His father thought he;d at least be with Sirius, oh how wrong was he. Harry had been the cause of Sirius death, no matter what he had been the reason his godfather has lost his life.

"Dad I hope I haven't disappointed you to much." Harry said out loud as he reached for the second letter, treating it like gold.

My Dearest Harry,

Hello my little baby boy it is your mother. Now I wish I was writing this letter in better circumstances but I will not lie. We have just switched secret keepers to Peter and I do not care what your father says. There is a reason why his animagus form is a rat. That is why I write this letter my son. I have done something quite amazing but also just as much so illegal.

I know I will never get to see you take your first steps, or go to school, play your first game of quiditch or be around for your first girl friend. I know this because I know Peter will betray us and I know your father and I will give our lives to protect you and if you are reading this none of it has been done in vain.

But I don't know how the world is. Your father seems to think Sirius would take to you like fish in water but I know Sirius. If or when Peter betrays us he will go after the rat. He'll probably get himself killed or worst thrown into Azkaban. Now I also know Remus would never be given custody because of his condition. So it leaves only one option being my sister and her family.

I hope that Petunia has treated you right Harry other wise I will haunt her to the end of her days! Has she loved you, shown you affection at all.

This is what your father calls my down fault. Just as much as I can see the good in people I can see the bad Harry. And that is why I have done what I did.

Inside this vault is a small gold box, inside is a time turner. You must turn it back 12 times and then smash it. It will take you back to your younger self, allowing you to correct your mistakes, to get rid of Voldemort, save Sirius perhaps. But Harry I must warn you, only you shall return with your memory but you will be in a five year old body. Not only that but you could be messing up the whole fabric of time. By going back you will have the power to change many things. Things could already be changed.

Harry I don't know where I am, I don't know what the future holds for me or your father. But I know you son are meant to make history. I love you Harry. Remember to choose wisely.

Your loving mother,


Harry sat with Hedwig for many hours thinking about what his mother said while holding the gold box. If he did what she said he could screw up time for ever but topass this up. He could leave the Dursleys, save Sirius, have some what of a normal life, with love and family. He could save Bill, Dumbledore. He could do so many things but he would be leaving all of this. But looking at the box and the letters Harry could only come to one choice.

Carefully he took out the time tuner and turned it back 12 times and as it started spinning Harry smashed it until Hedwig and he where spinning through time and space.

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