"OH THANK BLOODY MERLIN YOUR ALRIGHT!" Lily Potter yelled as she swung her arms around her husband and son.

"When Molly called us and told us what happened I thought the worst!" Lily said then hugging Sirius, Remus and Hermione who had also joined the Weasleys at the game.

"Tiger Lily we're fine," James Potter said, his shirt ripped and his face muddy.

"None of you look fine to me!" Lily said ushering the lot of them into the manor.

"Mum!" Harry complained as she looked him over as Zizi and Ara came in...yelling at their respective men.

"I told you James Potter!" Lily said yelling, "I told you I didn't want you going! But no! No you go and look what happens! Death Eaters! Bloody Death Eaters! And instead of running you and your pig headed friends decide to turn around and fight!"

"In defense Sirius and I fought, Remus and Arthur got the kids away!" James said, promptly shutting up when his wife gave him the evil Evan eye glare.

"Now Lily," Sirius said stepping in.

"I wouldn't Black!" Zizi said.


"Not you either Remus," Ara said.

"Children," Lily said to Harry and Hermione, "Why don't you head up stairs while we woman deal with the men."

Harry was about to say something in his father's defense but was dragged away by Hermione.

"Oy! What you do that for?" Harry asked as yelling could be heard three floors away.

"Come on Harry! This gives us time to talk about some um...private issues." Hermione said, closing her door.

"Hermione!" Harry said, he wasn't ready to tell her everything but it didn't seem that this Hermione was going to let him go.

"Listen Harry I know that there is a lot going on and that there is a very valid reason for why you came back but I need to know. You came back for a reason so what is it?" Hermione demanded!

"I...in my old time lots of bad things happened. I mean there was good, there was you and Ron and the rest of the Weasleys but I lost three very close people to me and well I was given a chance to make it right and I took it." Harry said.

"Who died?" Hermione asked.

"I can't tell you. Not yet but I just need your trust sis." Harry said.

"Fine! Can you tell me anything else about your other life?"

"Nothing to concern yourself with," Harry said as an image of a beautiful red head popped into his brain.


Later that day the Blacks, Lupins and Potters sat around one large table eating dinner.

"Well we have some news," Zizi said, calling attention to the table.

"Well...Zizi and I have finally decided to get hitched!" Sirius said, every one at the table was excited.

"When?" Lily asked.

"Before the kids go back to school. Dumbledore agreed to do the ceremony." Zizi replied.

"Fabulous!" Ara Black-Lupin said.


"Now you two stay safe! We will see you for Christmas!" Lily and Zizi yelled.

"Bye Mum! Da!" Hermione yelled, Harry waiving as the train pulled away.

"It's so bloody weird!" Ron commented still not getting over the fact the Potter's where alive and Hermione was a Black.

"Your telling me mate!" Harry said as they settled in.

"So what do you think is happening this year! My mum and dad would be talking and stop as soon as one of us entered the room, Bill and Charlie where the same way." Ron said.

"Tri wizard tournament," Harry blurted out by mistake.

"Bloody hell! How do you know?" Ron asked.

"Umm...I heard my dad talking about it," Harry said, Hermione sending him a glare, Ron bought it!

"That's awesome! Oh and Hermione your parents wedding was bloody cool!" Ron said talking about two nights ago when Sirius Black and Zizi Potter finally tied the knot.

"Sure Ron," Hermione said, blushing slightly.


"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore said, his naming flying out of the goblet.


Harry received several howlers the next day, none louder then his mum's and Zizi's.


"Very good Mr. Potter!" Professor Moody said as Harry was able to throw off the curse. It took a lot in Harry not to out right attack the man but he knew there where things that had to play out.


The Yule ball went well, Harry had missed his chance with going with Ginny but ended up going with Luna this time. Poor Ron though still got into a huge fight with Hermione when she ended up going with Victor Krum.


Both Cedric and Harry stood near the trophy.

"You go for it Harry," Cedric said.

"I would but there is something wrong with it." Harry replied.

"What do you mean?" Cedric asked.

"It's a porkey! Let's leave it be!" Harry said, Cedric nodded mutely.

I know this suxs! I'm sry! I'm very lost of what to write! I'll continue it! But i'm gonna focus on my other story for now! I'm really sry! If any one has any new ideas please help me to get my harry potter fan fic writing going again! My muse went away! Can some one help me find her?