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Mirror Images

Written by: Juggalomalice

Chapter 1: Just a Normal Day

The school doors flew open as a wave of green and white uniforms flooded out followed by a noxious invisible flume. Some students were at the side throwing up unable to stomach the sickening mixed odor of spoiled milk, vomit, and an unclean bathroom drifting in the air. Tai himself was among the crowd rushing outside, his face almost as green as his uniform dress shirt. He rushed a bit further from the doorway to where the smell wasn't so strong and took in a deep breath of fresh air cleansing his lungs of the smell.

Apparently some smart-ass had decided to test his home chemistry set and made a very potent stink bomb. To make matters worse they had decided to set the bomb off in the school ventilation system ensuring maximum coverage of the school. Every nook and cranny of the school was stunk up and the school had decided to release class early for safety reasons. They were lucky that it was a Friday allowing them the weekend to clean the stench out.

Tai looked at his watch taking note of the time. It was about a quarter past three and having absolutely nothing to do that day after school he thought it be nice if he decided to walk his sister home today. He knew that Kari's school let their students out around 4:30 so he figured he had plenty of time to stop by a convenience store and buy Kari something before he got there. He wasn't sure what exactly but he knew for a fact that his younger sister had quite the sweet tooth so it wasn't too hard to please her.

4:35 PM

The bell rang in Kari's homeroom signaling the end of the day. She slowly stood up and swung her pack over her shoulder with little enthusiasm. The day had been pretty boring and it showed no promise of getting exciting anytime soon. With the defeat of the Digimon Kaiser and the return of Ken to a normal kid, as normal as you can be after suffering such extensive emotional trauma, and the destruction of MaloMyotismon life had become pretty repetitive. She was glad to have peace and happiness restored to the digital and real worlds but she kind of missed the excitement a bit. Wanting to shake things up a bit she had decided today that she would drop by the digital world and spend sometime with Tailmon. The cat-digimon usually had interesting stories to tell and if not Kari was just glad to spend some time with an old friend.

"Walk you home?" a familiar voice asked her.

She looked up to see the beaming smile of TK. It wasn't until recently that she had realized how much the young boy smiled. "His face muscles must be made of steel" she thought knowing that her cheeks would ache for a week if she smiled half as much as this boy did. "No thanks" she replied, "I was actually going to head over to the digital world to check up on Tailmon. You want to come?" she asked in her most sincere voice. Half wanting him to say yes because she didn't want to go alone half wanting him to say no cause she was growing annoyed with the boy's continuous hovering around her.

"Sorry, I can't." he answer relieving a huge invisible weight off of Kari's chest. "I have to get home early today. Dad said something about a family outing or something like that. Maybe another time." He said as he walked out of the class his head hung low as he feared the combined wrath of Yamato and his Dad's atomic nugees.

She walked down the hall towards the computer labs purposely sagging her legs to slow down her arrive time at to her destination as she mentally took note of anyone who would want to go with her. Davis was already at soccer practice, Cody was out of town for the week, Ken was out sulking in his personal grief though he was slowing improving day by day, and Yolei was suppose to tend the family shop today. "Guess I'm on my own today." She said mainly towards herself.

Outside of Kari's school Tai himself had just arrived with a small bag of treats for his sister and him. It wasn't much a few chocolate-covered rice balls, some rice crackers and two sodas. He patiently waited at the gates of the school when suddenly he heard someone yell "TAI!" His reaction time had slowed down significantly since his days as a Digidestined and the only thing he was able to see was a flash of purple hair as he was knocked to the ground. Suffering from a light concussion Tai stared at the sky his arms wrapped around something that was warm and soft. He felt the creature in his arms slowly begin to crawl up towards his face to look down on him. To Tai's surprise it was nothing more than Yolei. "Tai are you alright?" she asked in a voice so innocent that it seemed like she had forgotten that she was the reason he was knocked off his feet.

"Yolei," Tai groaned, "Are you practicing to join the football team or do you just like to make me suffer?"

"Sorry about that." She replied blushing heavily. She got to her feet and help Tai get up. "I was just excited to see you here is all?"

"Huh? Why is that?" He asked half fearing the reply he was going to receive.

"Well," Yolei began shifting on the ball of her heels in a nervous manner. "I've been meaning to ask you the whole week, but I've just haven't had the courage to face you yet. There I was in the middle of class thinking of a way to get you alone with me so I could ask you and then I come out here and can you imagine my surprise when here you are like you were waiting for me."

Tai's eye twitched has he tried to make out the girls fast spoken words and mustered up his remaining patience. "But what did you want to ask me?" his voice taking on a slightly annoyed tone which Yolei was completely oblivious too.

"Well you see Tai," her voice taken on a nervous tone again. "I have these two tickets to the Yuna Kagurazaka concert for tomorrow night and I was wondering if you would want to go with me, please?."

Tai blinked in surprise. "Are you asking me out?" Yolei looked at her feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world at the moment avoiding Tai's eyes; her face turning red. Tai had never seen her this nervous around a single guy and he was slightly flattered.

"Well no, yes…. I mean sort of. Well if you have nothing to do tomorrow night." With this she looked up at Tai her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparking as if she was picturing the most perfect night imaginable.

Tai shifted his weight on to one leg. He was in an awkward position. This girl had just poured out her hopes to him. He looked into her eyes which were full of hope and positive expectation. He couldn't just flat out reject her. She had worked up her courage all week for this one moment. To simply send her away would crush her. He didn't know what to do. Finding it uncomfortable to look into her eyes any longer Tai looked down at her feet, but as he glanced down something caught his attention.

He began to slowly crawl up her body with his eyes. Her skirt was much shorter and tighter then usual giving a very generous view of her shapely legs and her hips. His view continued to crawl up stopping a little too long at her chest which was forming rather nicely. Tai nodded. There was no denying. This girl was going to grow up into a drop-dead beauty in a few short years. She might even give Mimi some competition. Beautiful or not this girl was several years younger then him. Going out with her would be like going out with his sister and that didn't seem right. He finally reached her face. Her eyes still shining as she waited for a positive answer.

"You have to admit Yolei this is rather short notice and I don't think I can go…." He noticed her hopeful eyes begin to dim as they began to fill with tears. "I can't go without having to double check my schedule that is." He rephrased. Immediately her expression changed to one of shocked happiness. He continued, "I don't think I have to do anything, but I have to check none the less. I'll call you later tonight if I'm free, ok?" She nodded unable to find words to express how she felt at the moment. Tai breathed a sign of relief. The crisis had been adverted for the time being.

Tai looked around the school courtyard. There was something wrong that he had just noticed. "Yolei, have you seen Kari?" he asked. Yolei having regained her voice by now nodded, "Yeah, she said she was going to pay Gatomon a quick visit in the digital world." Tai sighed.

"That girl is always running off on her own. I better go with her then. Later Yolei. I'll call you later tonight ok." He walked into the school and looking back saw Yolei twirling around and giggling happily as she skipped off home.

Inside the school a bored and lonely Kari stood still as she contemplated her dilemma. It was clear that no one would be able to go with her. "Life is so boring now. I wonder how Tai was able to put up with this calmness after our first adventure." She said aloud. She was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she failed to notice the talk, dark, and menacing figure that had appeared behind her. Its shadowed hands reached towards her slowly as she stood oblivious to her silent assailant. Suddenly with out warning the hands grasped her shoulders. "Kari!" the figure growled in a low and dark voice.

She was so caught up in her own world she didn't notice till it was to late. She felt someone appear behind her. She felt the hands grasp her and the dark voice. Her body froze. Visions of Myotismon appeared in her mind as she remembered the terror she felt with she was first captured by him. She remembered his cold hands, the vicious smile, and his empty eyes. He returned. Somehow he had come back from the dead again and was here right behind her and was about to extract his revenge on her. Her mind quickly went to Gatomon only to realize that Gatomon wasn't here. She needed someone to help her. Her mind quickly scanned images of people she knew. Images of people she thought could help her. To her surprise TK and Davis weren't considered. Instead a picture of a boy a few years older then her with brown eyes and messy hair appeared. The boy was her original protector, her original hero. It was her brother Tai that she thought of in her time of need. Though it had seemed like an eternity had passed in her mind only a second had passed in the real world. Her body now acting on fear and instinct sucked in a huge gulp of air and she screamed. She screamed louder then she ever screamed in her life. She screamed out Tai's name in hopes that wherever he was he would hear her and come rushing to her rescue with Agumon at his side. That he would fight Myotismon off and force him back into whatever hole he crawled out of and then wrap his arms around her and comfort her till she stopped crying.

She felt the dark claws of Myotismon disappear from her shoulders as she was pulled into a warm embrace. She heard a voice calling out to her. "Kari! Kari! Please calm down. It's just me. Please stop crying." She looked up towards to voice into the soft brown eyes of her brother Tai. His eyes laced with concern and his voice dripping with worry. "Tai!" she cried as she buried herself into his chest crying softly. She felt his embrace tighten around her insuring her that nothing would happen to her.

"Kari what's wrong?" she heard him say. She held his shirt tighter "Myotismon! He was here. He was after me." She managed to say in between sobs. She felt almost ashamed of herself for admitting this. It was like she was admitting that she was still scared of the boogieman.

"Myotismon." Tai repeated as realization clicked in his mind. He had never really considered the long term effects that their battles in the digital world had had on them. He cursed the fates for placing such a burden on his sister. Even though everyone knew that Myotismon was long gone and there was no coming back for him this time she still feared him. A tear fell down Tai's cheek. He knew that because of what Kari was forced to go through with Myotismon he would always be alive in her world. He would always be after her. Waiting for her in the darkest corners of her mind ready to pounce when she least expected. Always preying on her fear.

"Kari, I promise I will never let anyone hurt you. I'll always be there to protect you." He said his arms tightening even more around her. She continued to stain his shirt with her tears for a few more minutes before she calmed down. She let out a few more sobs before releasing her grip on Tai. She stood up and wiped her eyes with the palm of her hand. "Thanks Tai."

"No problem. I'm just sorry that I scared you."

A look of realization washed over her face and was quickly replaced with anger. "That was you!" She yelled. Tai wasn't exactly sure what happened after that. He just saw a very anger Kari, a flash of a fist, and the next thing he knew a sharp pain hit his stomach as he doubled over on the ground. He groaned, "If I ever need someone beaten up I remember to come to you." To his relief this produced a slight giggle out of Kari calming her down a bit as she helped her brother back to his feet.

"What's this?" She asked as she saw the bag of spilled goods.

"I was thinking we could just hang out together today. That is of course if you're done beating me up." Tai replied while holding his gut.

Kari picked up the spilled treats and placed them back in the bag taking an extra moment to examine the cherry brand soda. "Is this for me?" she asked indicating the soda.

"Yeah, it's no secret that you like cherry right?" Tai answered in a matter of fact manner.

"Thanks, I was actually planning to go to the digital world for awhile today."

"Great, it'll be like a mini-picnic."

Kari nodded and smiled. "We'll make a date out of it."

Tai laughed. "Speaking of dates, guess what? Yolei actually asked me out today"

"WHAT!" Kari yelled out. Tai stepped back a bit shocked by his sister's sudden outburst. Even Kari herself was surprised by the extremity of her response. Upon hearing her own voice Kari tried to calm herself down, but for some reason a pang of what seemed like jealous rage was developing in her stomach preventing her from lowering her voice. "And you said YES! You better not have said yes!" she continued to bellow. Kari knew Yolei's habit of chasing pretty faced guys, but Tai wasn't just another pretty faced boy. He was the best guy she had ever known and he was also her brother. There was no way she was going to let Yolei just throw him under the category of a pretty face like she has to hundreds of other guys.

Tai waved his hand a bit gesturing to her to calm down. "I told her I'll think about it, but if you're that uncomfortable with the idea I'll tell her no when we get back home. I was planning on doing that either way. I mean going out with her would be like going out with you" Tai said.

The jealous beast in Kari's stomach resided only to be replaced by a strange hot fury. "What does that mean? You saying I'm not worth going out with?" she yelled back refusing to lower her voice in any degree. Again Tai was taken back by the sudden ferociousness of her question.

Tai desperately struggled with his words trying to phrase an answer that would be acceptable and tactful, but conversation was never a strong point for Tai. "Well Yolei's around your age so in a strange manner it would be like going out with you and you're… well you're Kari. You're my sister."

Kari was still mad as hell and for some reason she couldn't figure out why. As a result she placed little thought into what she was saying. She turned her back towards Tai and huffed, "And I suppose if I wasn't your sister you wouldn't go out with me cause I'm just 'Kari'." She said her name in a rather sarcastic manner as if she was mocking Tai's answer. She stood, back towards Tai with her arms crossed waiting for an answer. She waited but for some reason no replied came. She turned towards Tai ready to yell at him again out of impatience only to find a bewildered Tai his head hung down and a deep red covering his cheeks. It was then that Kari's fury finally resided this time to be replaced with guilt. She barely realized what she had just said and the questions she asked. She finally realized the awkward and uncomfortable position she had placed her brother in. They stood silent for what seemed like ages. Finally Tai broke the silence.

"Kari, you're a great girl. You're considerate, understanding, you have a great sense of humor and you're very beautiful. I'm glad to have you as my sister and I'm sure that any guy you chose to go out with should consider themselves very lucky. If I was one of those guys I know I would." It was clear that Tai felt uncomfortable giving such an answer, but he was none the less honest in it.

"Tai I'm sorry." Kari said with a guilt filled voice. "I don't know what came over me. I just got so anger and…." She felt a finger on her lips silencing her as she looked up at Tai.

"Kari, we're here." And sure enough they had already reached the computer lab door. Tai reached out and opened. "I'm sure Gatomon and Agumon will be surprised to see us."

"We're going to have to make sure they don't eat all the food though." Kari replied.

"Well they may be surprised to see you but I sure not. I was able to hear you two coming for some time." A third voice said. Kari and Tai look up from each other to see a boy around Tai's age in a very similar green uniform except his was much neater and clean cut. He had a brown hair which was much neater than Tai's and was sitting in front of a computer typing something. He leaned back on his chair and looked at them both. "You know if I didn't know better I would have thought you two were going out from all the yelling I heard in the hallway."