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Chapter One: The Cat

I listened with great interest as I looked into my lady's pool. Perched on the edge, I could see its cool waters shiver with a new image of the mortal realm. A human kitten lay on a blanket, pointing straight at me. For a moment I thought, perhaps, that the little human could see me... But that was impossible.

The Cat reached out a small black paw to stir the water. The image changed, rotating slightly, to picture the forest behind what the Cat now knew to be two humans. Tempted, he turned his dark head towards his mistress, noting that she was far to absorbed in an argument with her brother to notice his absence.

It had been far too long since the Cat had had some fun. These days, he simply sat and dreamt about his last visit to the mortal realm, and the bewitching women it had held. He imagined her hand gently tickling under his chin or stroking his head, but woke to find himself still ensnarled in the other realm.

Temptation built as the image swirled to the child's face, and the Cat saw eyes as unnaturally beautiful as his own. Amethyst in colour and glitter, they were entrancingly unique. Her eyes. An unexpected pang of longing struck the Cat's heart with deciding force.

With a final glance at his mistress, the Cat stirred back the forest and lept.

"Mama! Look!" I heard the child say. "Cat!"

For a heart-stopping moment, I thought he'd seen me. I whirled around, but saw that the both humans were watching the sky. I sat at the edge of the clearing and joined them.

"You're right, my love, those stars do look like a cat." The she-human said, stroking her kitten's head.

Above us sat a constelation of shining stars, bright as lanterns in the night sky. I recognised it from an image my lady had once shown me – shortly after my return from the mortal realm – though it was the first time I'd seen such an angle. Amid so many others, the Cat, managed to shine among the brightest tonight.

I smiled at my lady's tribute to my services here. It was truly lovely. I wondered, a bit sadly, if my kitten had seen it and remembered me... I hoped she had.

With a wistful sigh, I returned my attention to the humans before me, realising that the she-human had begun talking to her kitten. She was spinning a tale about a cat she'd once had, and had loved. I lay down, half-covered in grass, to listen to her voice – strangely familiar, but I was lulled by its soothing tone.

Then she sat up, and the sleepy mist vanished as if vanquished by a midday sun. Red hair spilled down the she-human's back in long, wavy coils. Abruptly, I realised she'd been telling my story – our story.


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