Okay, this is my first fanfic so don't go postal on me if ya don't like it. Please just read it and take it from there. This is just a random collection of ideas involving the Teen Titans. They may not represent the show to detail and I in no way own the Teen Titans.

Scooby Dooby Doo

Our resident shape-shifter known as BeastBoy was just sauntering out of the shower after his friends 'politely' asked him to take a shower. And when I say 'politely' I mean they threatened to sic Raven on him. Out of fear of being drowned he reluctantly took a shower. And personally, he actually enjoyed it. It felt great to get clean (on occasion) and his body was all tingly from the recent shower. Now came the task of finding his clothes. Being the slob he was he stripped clothing on his way to the bathroom and not in the bathroom itself. So as of right now he was gathering his clothes. He had just found his shirt and pants and was now on a hunt for his belt. Looking left and right he spotted his belt down the hall. He dashed down the hall and scooped up the belt, tucking it under his arm. Now all he had to find was his...

"Would these happen to be yours?" asked a voice

BeastBoy turned to see Raven standing to his side holding up his boxer shorts.

"It would appear you like Scooby Doo." she replied, a hint of a blush on her face

BeastBoy nearly dropped what he was holding out of sheer shock. His face turned red and his whole body tensed up

"W-W-Where did you get those!" he yelled, obviously out of embarrassment

"On the floor." she replied, in her usual monotone, but that blush never left her face. "Would you mind not leaving them there?" she asked

"Could I have them back?" he asked, looking at the ground

"Glad you asked. Holding your underwear for any period of time is hazardous to my health." she said before heaving them at BeastBoy

The boxers conveniently landed on BeastBoy's head, for his arms were a little preoccupied. (As in hiding his business)

"And another thing, I wouldn't go walking around naked in the tower. You know all of the security cameras are on." she said before walking off

And at that moment as he shook his Scooby Doo boxers from his head he looked up at one of the security cameras and saw the little red recording light.

Little Bunnies

In only apair of black pants BeastBoy was stealthily creeping through the halls toward a certain person's room.

"Now, while Raven is out, cleaning her teeth I'll just sneak into her room for a little...REVENGE!" BeastBoy said as he slipped into Raven's room, laughing manically

"Dude, it is so dark in here." he told himself

But his highly sensitive eyes quickly adjusted to the low light, giving him just enough light to tip-toe over to her dresser and to peak inside.

"Ah ha! Found them!" he proclaimed

Then...the lights flicked on.

"Hello Garfield." came a familiar female voice.

The voice was a mix of anger and embarrassment. Oh, and the want to end somebody's life. To say that BeastBoy was dead would've been an understatement. And digging his grave deeper he said...

"Wow Raven. Didn't know you like Bunny undies." he said, holding the incriminating evidence in hand.

I Pledge Allegiance, To My Shorts

"Yo B, me and Rob are about to play a little game of hoops. Want to play?" asked the half metal man

"Sure Cy." replied the green shapeshifter

With his trademark grin on his face he followed his best friend up to the roof of the tower. However that grin faded when he saw what was hanging from one of the many antennae on the roof of the tower. BeastBoy turned to see Robin trying his hardest to contain his laughter, and failing miserably. Cyborg stood straight, bit his lip, and then put his hand up to his head and saluted the Scooby Doo boxers that were blowing in the breeze. And if to make matters worse who should come up but Starfire and her camera.

"Raven was correct, the holiday of saluting one's undergarments is today." came Starfire brightly

Then she clicked a quick picture of the blowing shorts.

"Alright Raven...THIS MEANS WAR!" BeastBoy bellowed; his face red as a beet.

Skipping Along the Bunny Trail

Now payback can be so sweet at times. But at other times payback can be a bitch. It all depends one who is on the receiving end of that payback. We find Raven enjoying one of the rare times that she could sit down and read one of her many books. However that rare time didn't last long when the others, minus BeastBoy came in.

"Yo Rae! It's movie night!" came Cyborg

Raven cringed, andthen sighed, knowing that now she would be unable to finish her book. Closing it and sitting it on her lap she asked

"And what piece of cinema will we be rotting our brains with this week?" Raven asked, clearly uninterested

"Well it's called, The Cannibal Ghost on Haunted Hill." Cyborg replied

"Wow, it sounds so good." Raven replied, sarcasm dripping from that comment

She turned and noticed that BeastBoy wasn't present with the group. She cocked an eyebrow and asked

"Where's BeastBoy?"

Cyborg shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know. Little grass stain left about five minutes ago. Said he needed to get away."

Raven's eyebrow rose higher.

"Oh, and speaking of BB, he told me he wanted us to see this little movie he made before he left. Said it be great."

"BeastBoy, made a movie. This I have to see." Raven replied

"Alright then. Let's pop her in." Came Cyborg

As the four teens plopped on the couch, the installed movie began to play. At first the screen was dark, but soon a small cardboard sign that was held by BeastBoy's gloves appeared on the screen. The sign said...

"The Hidden Bunnies."

Starfire instantly perked up at the thought of bunnies and began to watch intensively as the screen went dark again. Moments later we see one of the halls of Titans Tower, and the screen moving lopsided, as if somebody is walking awkwardly with a camera.

"Dudes and Dudettes." came a familiar voice, though it was in a bad impersonation of the Crocodile Hunter "Welcome to BeastBoy's "Exotic Animals Hunt." Today we'll be searching for the elusive Bunnyware." he said

The camera zoomed in and out and moved all around the hallway until it rest on the ground, and revealed a very embarrassing sight.

"Ah! Looks like we've found one now maties." said BeastBoy as he focused on the bunny undies

Raven immediately hid behind her book, not reading, just hiding. Her face had turned several shades of red.

"Are those not Raven's pan-" But Starfire was cut off when she saw Robin and Cyborg moving their hands across their necks in a silent attempt to silence her. Starfiire did not get it.

"And what do you know, this must be our lucky day." came BeastBoy as he now focused on two bunny undies that seemed to be tangled together"It seems we have discovered the secret mating ritual of the Bunnyware."

The sofa began to vibrate violently.

"Oh...what cute undergarments." came Starfire cheerfully

The bones in Raven's knuckles cracked as she held tighter on her book.

"And what is this...dude...it seems they have created a family." came BeastBoy, focusing on a large group of the bunny undies

"Um...Star...maybe we should go." came Robin, fear evident in his voice

"Yeah...You know why don't we watch the Cannibal Ghost on Haunted Hill in my room." Cyborg suggested, his voice shaking

"But friends, why must we leave? Is this television not larger than the one in Cyborg's room?" she asked

"Well yeah...but I think Raven wants to see the rest of BeastBoy's movie...alone." Robin replied, slowly creeping away

The sofa slowly started to rip in half.

"But why? Why would Raven simply enjoy viewing the movie? Why notus all?" Starfire asked

But the young tameranian didn't get an answer for she was quickly dragged from the common room and pulled to Cyborg's room by Robin and Cyborg. It was safe to say that Starfire was confused. When she was sure her friends were gone Raven calmly put her book down, walked over to the TV and popped out the movie. With one quick movement she snapped it in half and used her powers to levitate it into the trash. Then she phased through the ceiling and continued upward, moving past the roof of the tower, climbing ever higher until she was at least a good hundred feet away from the tower. Then she released what she had kept skillfully pent up...


A bolt of energy rang through the air.

The Showdown: A Fling

The next day was surprisingly calm. Neither Raven nor BeastBoy pulled anything. The others were worried; especially over Raven. When Raven was angry with you she was known to hold a grudge. But for some reason the sounds of BeastBoy's painful death didn't come. Even BeastBoy was a little shocked about not dealing with immediate retribution. His prankster side deduced that Raven was up to something. What that something was, was beyond him. But knowing Raven it would probably be something tactful.

"Wonder what she's up to?" he wondered

Speaking of what she was up to, why don't we see what she's up to? In the confines of her dark room Raven had been thinking over yesterday's antics. From when she found his shorts on the ground, to finding him in her room with her own undergarments, (where bolted before she could kill him), to her little 'prank', and finally to his counter-prank. Being the level-headed person she was she didn't let the little temper tantrum she had yesterday get to her. Now she was thinking of ways to enact revenge. But as countless ideas wafted into her brain she sighed after seeing that all possible ideas had one similar consequence. If she played this little game with him and retaliated BeastBoy would simply counter, never being the person to give up when it came to pranking. No, the only way to end this was to confront the green changeling and settle this matter green man to pale woman.

"She is going to end you man." came Cyborg

"No she's not." replied BeastBoy confidently

The two best friends were walking the halls of the tower, heading for the game room. Along the way Cyborg was trying to warn BeastBoy of his inevitable doom, but always the optimistic person, BeastBoy told Cyborg he had nothing to worry about.

"Raven is known to hold a grudge B." came Cyborg

"Yeah, but she usually gets you soon after. And since she hasn't, she's probably forgot." he replied

Cyborg simply stared down at the ignorant shape-shifter and sighed. He was hopeless.

"Well look man. I know she's gonna get you and I don't want to be around when it happens." he said

And as if the gods thought it would be funny to taunt him, who should be talking toward them from the opposite way but Raven herself. She wore her normal monotone expression with her eyes squarely focused on BeastBoy. Cyborg and BeastBoy stopped, though for completely opposite reasons. Cyborg's was fear. Fear that Raven might hurt him in the crossfire, while BeastBoy's was curiosity. Raven didn't look mad; strange. When she was only three feet from the two she stopped and asked...

"Cyborg, I would like to speak with BeastBoy, alone. Would you mind leaving us?"

You didn't have to ask Cyborg twice. He turned on his heel and flew down the hall, back to the common room in a blur. With him gone she focused her attention back on BeastBoy, who still seemed perplexed. Though she didn't give him the chance to reply for she spoke.

"It seems that we got a little out of hand yesterday with the whole 'pranks involving ones undergarments' and I would like for it to end. So I ask you this. If you return my undergarments then I will return yours." she stated matter-of-factly

"That's it?" he asked

"Yeah." she replied, he expression never changing

"I mean, you don't want to kill me or get revenge or nothin'?" he asked

"Yes BeastBoy. I would rather this end quickly and without further embarrassment. Our friends now no of our specialized undergarments and want this as water under the bridged as soon as possible." she replied

"Okay?" he replied, eyeing her warily

Reaching in his pockets he pulled out two pairs of her undies and handed them to her.

"All of them." she stated

"Fine, fine." he replied before pulling out another four pairs

"Good." she replied, happy that her undergarments were once again in her care

"Okay, you got you're back, can I have mine now?" he asked

"Fine." she handed him his boxers and without a moment's hesitation took off to her room.

However she had only made it to her room door before she heard...

"Hey. You cut a hole in them!" he shrieked

Okay, maybe she got a little revenge.

Hope you enjoyed my first TT-fanfic. It is obviously a comedy about BB and Rae. (A couple I duly support) Hopefully I will be able to write more fanfics about Teen Titans. But please, read and review.