Cold War

by Warringer

Interlude Three


"The RngNar are the native species to the planet Kotok in Narn space. They weren't discovered by either the Centauri nor the Narn for over 350 years since the first Centauri had stepped onto the largely earthlike planet. They were finally discovered in 2011, during the Soviet invasion of the Kotok system.

The RngNar are a race of lupine bipeds, genetically descendant to the Wlatschides of the Ancient Alliance, living in the Great Forrest of Kotok, a forest of mega-trees the size of the old United States of America.

Compared to the Wlatschides, they are smaller, about one meter fifty tall with a light brown colored fur. But there are two sub-races of the RngNar.

The RngNarSat are living on the ground surrounding the mega trees of the Great Forest. They tend to be more stocky and muscular than the RngNarTac, who are living in the lower branches of the mega trees. The RngNarTac are build for the living in the trees and aren't able to retract their claws other than the RngNarSat.

The RngNarSat are herders, mainly living of herds of domesticated cattle and some domesticated plants. They are mostly living in smaller towns based around six edged stone pyramids.

The RngNarSat architecture can be compared to old Earth Maya architecture based on six walled structures mainly build from burned bricks and wooden beams.

The RngNarTac are living of the mega trees themselves, using the foliage, fruits and animals that are sharing their living area.

The RngNarTac don't have an architecture per se, as they are building their home directly into the tree themselves.

Both RngNar sub-races are sharing their religion, believing in the Spirits of Nature and their Ancestors.

Technologically they are generally as advanced as mankind was in the 17th century with several anomalies in their technology. They are using several forms of plastic produced from the sap of the mega trees and even a form of reinforced carbon fiber materials.

Military wise they have developed a form of muskets that are superior to old earth muskets, using rather modern projectile forms and rifled barrels. Likewise they are using rifled barrels and modern projectile forms for their artillery.

The RngNarTac even managed to tame a large forest bird they are using to deliver primitive bombs.

In late 2011 they were essential to the liberation of Kotok and after the End of the Narn Conflict the RngNar and the Great Forest became NATO protectoreate. In the NATO the RngNar are commonly called 'Ranger' and several of them have left their homeworld to enter NATO service.

It is generally believed that the RngNar are descendants of Wlatschides that crashed on Kotok during the Great War."

- Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013