Changed Circle

Babylon 5 Year One

by Warringer

Chapter Thirty Seven


The Imperial March blared from the forcefield speakers of the Ambassadorial Landing Bay as the shuttle from the Star Destroyer Flaming Sword touched down in the center of the Bay.

Redhorse and Ivanova glared at the avatar of Cortana, while Ryan had a slight smile on his face.

"What?" Cortana asked and tried to look innocent," I thought it was the right idea. It's not like we have a Lambda shuttle touching down any day."

It wasn't really a surprise for Redhorse that Ivanova growled at the stations AI much like a bear would, considering her family.

Than he looked over to the shuttle, where the ramp opened and several white armored figures stepped out to line up left and right of the ramp.

"Oh goody," Ivanova said dryly," Stormies."

The white armor of the soldiers was in fact looking like Star Wars Stormtrooper armor, through it was tailored to the body of a Smilodon morph like sentient. From the look of it, even the tail was armored and the helmet of the armor was much more menacing than most things Ryan, Redhorse or Ivanova had seen. The huge blaster rifles only increased the menacing look.

"Well," Cortana said," It seems that those Stormies are taller than even Captain Idn Abbaz."

Redhorse nodded with a certain dread. The head of the Marine complement of Babylon 5, a Siberian Tiger morph was the tallest morph he had seen up to date and if those sentients were taller...

The Stormtroppers stood straighter as two more persons left the shuttle. One of them was Captain Korin in full Imperial uniform, the other was a woman in dark robes. While Korin seemed to be as tall at the Troopers, the woman was smaller, through she also was Smilodon like.

They strode towards the three humans and one AI and stopped a few meters in front of them, Korin stood straight, while the woman bowed slightly, showing a hint of a smile, or what seemed to be a smile.

"Greetings," the woman said with a pleasent voice, through it was underlayed with a constant growl," I am Kane Molon. Our Imperious Leader has appointed me to be the Ambassador of the Imperium to Babylon 5."

"Than I may welcome you aboard this station, Ambassador," Ryan said and returned the bow in a Japanese manner, much like most diplomats and politicians of the Terran Union did nowadays.

Molon smiled a little bit more.

"Thank you, Ambassador Ryan. Major Ivanova, General Redhorse."

"You have done your homework," Ryan said returning the smile.

"We have observed this part of space for a longer time," she answered," Through I am curious about the droid."

Cortana narrowed her eyes a little but restrained herself from any comment at this moment, as this was a First Contact situation. And who knew how fast these Imperium guys were pissed off...

"I think you are curious about the Imperium," Kolon continued.

"Yes we are," Ryan said and turned slightly to invite the Ambassador and the Captain to follow him," But I think we should go to a conference room for this."

"Yes we shall."


"Hooo boy..."

Sheridan shook his head as he stared at the large screen in the Command Center of Lexington. His ship and the rest of the 42rd Fast Attack Squadron were currently covering space around the Star Destroyer, a ship that was half way between the Ticonderoga and Yamato class in length.

Next to him Rommel suddenly chuckled, causing most of the command crew to look at him.

"I have a link to Cortana at the moment," Rommel explained," She has just gotten the tale of the Imperials."


Lexington's AI chuckled a little more.

"It seems that the 'Lucasists' have stumbled over a wormhole in their STL ship and dropped out next to a planet with a Smilodon like native civiliszation and decided to land on the planet. According to the Ambassador, they heavily influenced the population with their 'culture' before dying out from native diseases before they could help themselves."

"Let me guess," Sheridan deadpanned," The natives than decided to pattern their civilization ofter the Galactic Empire after that?"

"No," Rommel declined," It seems they were more like the Republic, before they stumbled over a hostile race that was. A longer war pressed them to change to the Empire."

Sheridan shook his head.

"And how large is that 'Imperium'?"

"Ten major colonies, about twelve mining outposts and several bases, but the Ambassador didn't say much more about it."

Rommel stopped for a moment and than shook his head.

"Looks like we have to deal with the SD for a longer time."


"It seems that it is the personal vessel of the Ambassador and goes where she goes."

"Hoooo boy..." Sheridan heard one of his bridge crew, the rabbit morph Lieutenant Samantha Backett saying and just nodded at that.