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Chapter 1: a monk comes to town

Yoh sat next to anna and anna said: ' yoh, can you do something for me?' she asked realy gentle, and soo nice. That you realy want to scared off. ' Afcourse Anna, what do you want to bring it to you my dare': said yoh. Yoh looked at her, with a white face. Because he new what she was gonna to ask. ' okay i want this, a cola, a choclate, some little fishes': said anna, and she go on, when she was finaly done she said:' okay Yoh you may go now.' And orderd him to go.

When she was alone, someone appeared next to her. And go sit to. ' so what are you doing here, ' said Anna with one face to him. ' so, dont you met your brother husband right. And the shamanking?' said Hao.

'The only reason, that you are the shamanking are, is that Yoh it not maked to you. ' said Anna.

Before anybody it nows, was hao and anna kissing on the bench. Hao hands goes through Anna's cheek. 'What are you doing, i have with yoh, understond': said Anna when she pussed Hao away, to broke the kiss.

' Hey come on, Anna. You want to marry the shamanking right? I am the shamanking' said hao depressed to Anna.


While Anna and Hao dicuse about something. Comes a guy out of the tree, and see how Hao and Anna talk to each other. ( behind the tree) and thinking, of a plane to make that lovely girl to him…

When Hao wants to get up. When he get pushed by the boy. ' Hey, thats not nice you now' said Hao. Yoh comes a few min later, when he saw Hao and a boy fighting. ' Heyy whats here going on.' Said yoh, while he walked to Anna. ' okay stop fighting you to, it realy hate fully' : said Anna.

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