Chapter 5: miroku's end. ( complete)

Sango was try to cheer anna a little up.. but by that she began to cry more..

Sango: ' well. Anna listen to me please we will get miroku some way.'

Yoh:' i am sorry.. but hao killed that guy'

Sango: ' whoa.. but who is hao?'

Yoh: ' well. I dont explain everything. But he is my twin brother'

Sango was getting up.. and want to walks towards the door when she something behind the couch. She walks to the thing what is behind and grab the guy by his ear. ' Miroku? What are you doing here?' asked sango

Miroku: ' well umm. I was looking for you, and well then i came her'

Sango: ' your lies dont have effeact on me.. i have everything heard from anna-chan and yoh-kun.

Yoh: ' help me.. i thought you where dead'

Anna: ' you dont now it..' said anna against miroku.

She came more towards miroku and on miroko's face he saw like he was very scared on from anna who was on 1 min came closer when Anna was before him. She gave something to miroku that will be very painfull. Anna had gave him her famous right had slap.

Anna: ' and if you ever try to do this to me.. you got serusli problems with me'

Yoh: ' and stay ever off from my fiancee'

Sango: ' and you.. you will come with me'

Miroku: ' yeah… sango, i will'

Miromu walked silently after his fiancee sango on. She turnes the door open.. and let Miroku go first then she go after her. When 5 min later.

Yoh and anna heard two yels and runed outside to saw hao standing on his sof,

Yoh: ' why did you killed them'

Hao: ' i only killed Miroku look'

Yoh looked at the body from Miroku and then he saw Sango crying by his body.. but then he saw anna walking towards hao. And she give him her famous right slap. But hao got that.

Hao: ' Anna, you now that he had must pay for it'

Anna: ' but not this way!'

And then anna slammed with her other hand the famous left slap.

Anna' heyy Sango dont worry it will be alright'

Sango: ' i dont crying for miroku?'

Yoh and hao, anna: ' you didnt'

Theyy all stood with a wide open mounth looking at Miroku then at Sango who sit on the side of him.

Sango: ' you must kown that.. i am happy that that guy. Umm. Hao killed him, but'

Hao: ' well oke thanks'

Sango: ' but i had wanted to kill him by himself, what did you thought, lying wiht anna on the couch'

Yoh: ' oke.. now umm. Wel oke'

Yoh couldnt say anything, and goes inside aswell as anna, sango had said good bye and hao had burst in flames.

Yoh: ' anna, someway i am happy we are toghter'

Anna: ' what do you mean someway! '

Anna: ' yoh.. you said that if you had a other fiance, you will be happier!'

Yoh: ' afcourse not.. i.i.i umm, '

Anna: ' ready for some rounds around the garden, starts now'

Yoh: ' But anna…'

Soo. Must yoh runed 50 rounds around the garden. And miroku.. well you can say gone. Hao was with his comerades and sitting by his fire he created.. and sango, well she didnt miss Miroku and sits at home reading

The end…

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