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Not Letting Forever Part I

Relena walked down the hall swiftly, trying to ditch a trusted advisor that happened to be annoying the hell out of her.
"Miss Peacecraft, please listen." Relena stopped. There was something wrong here. A tenseness in his voice that most politicians cover up with ease.
He walked around to face her and looked in her eyes. "Advisory Gallen, what would you like to speak to me about?" Relena asked with a hint of wistful annoyance in her voice. She was trying to be polite and diplomatic but she wasn't in a good mood.
She had just come out of a meeting with the main leaders of the colonies and Earth. Most people may now want peace; they made that clear. But revenge is a tempting offer, and it becomes even more tempting when you have the means to do it. That is why she was pushing for reinforcements on trade. She knew the black market was still at large and it was one of the many things she could do to help keep the peace. She did not expect such a strong reaction.
She had quite an influence on much of the ambassadors, her rank may have depleted, but not her influence. The vote had been quite close and without her it may not have been passed. It was so close that if she were to change her vote, that would turn the tables. She was not planning to, no matter what the advisory said. Sigh.
"Those people in there have their reasons to be upset, you may have won the vote but they will not be the only ones angry. There are other investors… It would not be wise of you to do this. Some one might get hurt." He kept his gaze steady and Relena gasped silently but had to hold back a snicker. "I'm only trying to be a friend, you understand, right?"
The way he talked and looked at her made it perfectly clear. She stepped back defiantly. "A friend of mine wouldn't threaten me in such a way," in the back of her mind she laughed, thinking about Heero. 'Oh, no… That wasn't a threat or anything… I will kill you, that's everyone's favorite way of showing affection,' the voice taunted.
"No, you misunderstand. There are people I've heard of that are not going to be happy. I'm concerned for your safety." Not everything was truthful in his words, Relena could tell.
She could also tell that this wasn't a matter to run to the Preventers about. Just to clarify she'd have to use a little reverse psychology. "I understand, advisor. But I have never been one to give up on my ideals because of terrorists. I do not intend to start. Good day." She turned away but was stopped by his arm. She smiled but put on only a half unreal face of annoyance.
"Terrorists would run from these people. But it only makes them wiser than some one who wouldn't. I have a feeling you kow what I'm saying but you don't hear me." His voice lowered to a whisper, "I'm talking about people within this government, but something you can't fight. They own everyone of us, Relena, please listen."
"Mister Gallen, if they owned me, you wouldn't be afraid, would you? Good day," she said with extra emphasis as she walked away from the concerned other. The conversation bothered Relena for almost a week afterwards, but nothing happened; then the laws passed, and nothing happened. Relena realized that worrying about it was a waste of time; it was also a waste of time to make a fuss over it. The conversation was not forgotten, but it no longer concerned Relena. Had she made a big deal out of it, it would only give everyone another excuse to be distrustful.
She closed her eyes almost painfully. The people chose peace. The people had the real power… Then why was she needed? Why couldn't she be free? Was money everything, and if it wasn't, then why is it that any one with enough money can have power. And anyone with money based power can be bought… Did the people have the power? Please, oh please, make this peace last…

Souryu Tenshi helped wave in another supply ship safely. It landed hard and a loud CLANG vibrated throughout the docking port. The back slowly opened up to reveal stacks and stacks of crates. He could tell that almost everything asked for wasn't there, which happened often, but when he first heard about it and wanted to take action he was shocked when told that it happened all the time and the rebuilding of old, poor colonies was not as high on the tax distributors list of priorities. In other words, this community didn't have any bribe money to give.
'War is good for the economy,' impossible. Because of this war the colony was rationed, the people were already poor… Disease ran rampid and has for years. People lost their jobs and then after the war ended, they were bombarded with taxes they couldn't pay for. Since they couldn't pay many taxes… they got almost nothing that they asked for.
Capricia came over and looked in as well. She sighed. "You think if we asked for ridiculous amounts, we might get what we need?" she asked. Tenshi glanced at her wordlessly.
"Hn," was his only response. He saw her eyes flicker.
She wiped her hands off on her roughly made ration pants that were originally probably a tan but were now stained with grease, dirt, weather, bleach and some other unknown substances. He wore a dark green tank top that cluung to her sweaty body and as his gaze met her eyes he encountered dark brown. Her wavy black hair was up in a band and loose pieces fell around her face. Tenshi briefly wondered what he looked like; at least all this labor was keeping him in shape. She had nice strong arms and legs from years of work. He had some respect for her, as unlikely as it seemed.
She saw him eyeing her and smiled mischievously. "Well, let's unpack quickly so we won't have to pay extra." She ran up the metal gangplank and turned around to smirk at him. "Coming?" The way she said it caused his head to jerk up slightly, showing that he had eyes under those brown bangs, intelligent blue eyes. She reminded him of Duo sometimes.

"I don't want any of your bullshit! Where is she?!" Reice yelled. He pushed the gun further into the other man's temple threateningly, pulled it back and pushed it in again. His boss stood silently watching.
"I tell you, I don't know! She was a regular, then she suddenly stopped coming. I ain't seen her for more than a month!" He covered on his knee and held his bleeding arm, panting.
Reice bent over and got in the man's face in a snakelike motion. He held the broken wine bottle near the man's neck threateningly. "Maybe he'll talk with persuasion…" The other shook his head violently with fear.
Reice stopped when he heard a shuffling sound. "Enough Reice, this man knows nothing. When did she stop coming you said?" Donnovin asked. He hadn't moved since they entered the bar, Reice did all the questioning. He usually didn't make house calls, but this was different, this was family.
"About a month ago, right after the D Gang incident," the man bit down and couldn't speak from the pain. Donnovin had to laugh a little. Anyone who called it the 'D Gang incident' was too ignorant to have connections to anyone powerful enough to capture his sister.
"Let's go, have a nice day, we'll meet again." Donnovin left the run down bar and not a person in the room looked up. To the question, 'Did you see Donnovin at 94th's bar on that night?' they all wanted to be able to answer truthfully, 'No, I did not see Mister Donnovin.'
The owner cried out in pain when Reice squeezed his wounded arm as he stood up. The man collapsed from pain and relief immediately after.
"So where do we go from here, sir?" Reice asked. He took a disinfectant wipe out of a small packet in his jacket and cleaned his hands of the blood indiscreetly.
"We're going to find out who got knocked in that shooting. Call Jean and tell him we have to prepare for a take over," Reice stopped walking through the grimy back alley and looked at Donnovin with a shocked expression. "Get me Carla and Yuri as back up. Now."
At the tone of his voice Reice jogged to catch up and whipped out his cell phone, almost dropping it in a puddle of mud. It may not have had a video link but it was untraceable, even to the Preventers.
They came out of the alley, Reice was mumbling into the phone when a sleek black Lincoln pulled up silently. The windows were dark and the automated door slid smoothly to one side.

As soon as Donnovin and his flanking guards stopped at the corner they were met by high-ranking DK representatives. Each group had four people showing and neither was late. This showed that there was a temporary truce, Donnovin could have been late, but he was asking a favor so that was not wise.
The leader, Jacob, bowed his head before the Don as a symbol of respect. Donnovin wasn't technically a Don but it was an adopted title for the head of the powerful gang. Whatever Donnovin was, he was at a higher rank in the crime world than Jacob, of that he was sure.
"Gentlemen, and ladies" Donnovin nodded at the female guard. "We come here simply asking for information. Can you possibly help us?" Donnovin offered his hand to Jacob, who lifted his head and shook it.
"We may be of service to you, what did you have in mind?" Jacob replied, the handshake was a cue for him to lift his head; it was a ceremony of a sort.
"I was wondering about the D-gang incident. I have friends in this town so I was worried if some one got hurt. How were casualties?"
"From what I've heard, no one you know was involved, so I don't think your friend was hurt. However, many other civilians were caught in the crossfire, I could get you a list…" He put one hand into his pocket and pulled out one data pad of a dangling mass in the shadow; then it was gone.
"That would be wonderful, these people are like family to me and it would be a shame if I didn't even know if they were hurt," Donnovin hinted. Translation, 'This is some one important and you'll get into big trouble if you don't hand over that data for free.'
"I think I happen to have a list right here! Look at that! You know what, I don't even need the pad back, it's yours," Jacob took a step back. "It was great seeing you again, I hope that you find what you're looking for." He handed Donnovin the data pad and his flanks retreated, he then turned and left. Translation, 'When you put it that way? Have it for free and I wish you luck!'
Donnovin immediately put the pad into his own coat and turned to leave. Again, as they reached the next corner the same car as before pulled up and they got in. As soon as all four were settled in and the driver started the car Donnovin opened the data pad. He handed it to Carla, the computer expert.
"Sir?" she asked for what she was searching for.
Although Donnovin had long since dropped his first name, the rest of the family kept theirs. Masia had adopted her husbands name and when not working for him, used it. "Donoski. Search for casualties." There was tenseness in his voice that he dispelled immediately, Carla ignored it and started typing. Ten seconds in silence.
"Found it, there are three. Gregory, Richard and Lisa. Masia is not among them. She was last seen at the mass memorial service. They were killed in one of the bombings. She was off colony at the time-"
"Enough, Carla. I know where she is and what she is thinking. When she is ready for revenge she will come to me. As always, she will need supplies, will be mentally instable but would never dare to kill a PAX agent without my permission. We're not ready for this war yet. Let's leave, no more information is needed." Donnovin trusted these people with his life. If they weren't trusted then they would already be dead. Reice was too stupid to betray him, and too greedy, Carla was much too smart to betray him and Yuri was smart enough and loyal.
Silently though, Donnovin wondered where his father had gone wrong. It was all very obvious, but so hard to think that the most influential and powerful organized independent, standing, political company had dwindled to this.
Masia already resented the clean up crew for taking away their father, the last Emperor of what was now called SM respectively. It was a bit of a joke, that was why it was abbreviated, few knew the name, Space Mafia. His father had been a dictator and started what could be referred to as an Empire. He decided to pass it of through generations instead of elections. Otherwise it may have been considered a parliament. The Don inherited it about three weeks into the war.
It was definitely a government, of that he was sure. It was unique though, unlike any other. It wasn't large; more of a company with a caste system. The Don had full absolute rule, but he had to complete his many duties correctly for fear of being assassinated. Donnovin's father had been assassinated.
The Don had to make sure that SM was making enough money to pay the higher ranked officials, they in turn were responsible for paying their subordinates. There were many different trade sections, each one were primarily owned by the dawn simply because of his right as heir. He in turn distributed the money after expenses. The clean up crew was individually paid and their actions were fully justified. In order to assassinate some one as powerful as the Don (Or Emperor) needed the full support of the company.
The mistake that his Father had made was to get involved in the war. He felt that soon the company actually would become an emperor and in fact has three very well established colonies under thumb. Two of those had very poor conditions, almost as bad as L2.
Before that the company was neither politically nor regionally based except within itself. When forced to choose between it's origin, Romafeller, and it's invested future, the colonies, the Emperor chose the colonies. When the colonies declared independence and allowed themselves to be taken over by OZ SM lost a good amount of money. They wouldn't have been able to defeat OZ and no longer could sell weapons to the colonists against the Foundation. They lost most of their power as well. They were left with only those three colonies and their benefits. Their trade was limited to an insignificant area of space.
That's is how the Don was left, with a crumbled empire and no money. It would have been more easily fixable if not for PAX. PAX happened to be a well known supplier of OZ and SM's main rival. They took the advantage to take over territory and trade and although no serious wars had broken out there were many bombings against both sides. Recently, some of the last licks Donnovin had been trying to set up had been noticed and cut off by a certain Vice Foreign Minister.
Because of this Pax took another step forward and almost started a war. They defected a smaller gang that was unofficially part of SM and initiated the D-gang bombing. Now there were gang wars going on all over the colony and several deaths.
He didn't want these people to die. They were innocent… but he did have one last duty as a Don. Protect your family. His sister's family had been killed during the D-gang bombing. She would want revenge… and he would help her get it. On Vice Foreign Minister, Miss Relena Peacecraft.

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