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Chapter 11:A pain to love

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"aw, man this sucks" Dearka complained slipping on his new pair of orange heels and started walking, trying to get a hang of his new shoes.

"urk!! " Yunna yelped tripping on a rock while walking with his purple heels while Everyone bursted out laughing at him. 'damn! This is too embarassing for a prince dammit! I must request for a different kind of shoes. I cant be humilated like this, not infront of everyone!' he said to himself

The blue lad stared at the others as they try to walk properly with the heels Some tried walking while moving and swaying their butts along as they step. Kinda freaky for Athrun while the others tried to walk so slowly with their thighs glued together and their feet were quite far from each other. Honestly they looked like a letter 'Y' turned upside down.

The blue haired lad silently stood up carefully maintaining his balance. "whoa, easy Athrun..." he said to himself as he tried to walk slowly

From afar, Princess Cagalli and Prince Kira watch the candidates struggle with the shoes.

"I guess giving them the heels were a great idea sis!" Kira said looking at some of the candidates who fell on top of each other

Cagalli lightly chuckled and nodded "yeah, I was thinking the obstacle would be a little easy for them if they were wearing their normal shoes. Its better to add a little difficulty in every thing. " She replied" I guess you should tell them its about to start"

"its seems like the words 'little difficulty' sounds suspicious" He looked at his twin

"Oh, just tell them to start!"

Kira nodded and approached the candidates "Alright men, time is up!"

"Wah woah! WTH!!" the young candidate said tripping infront of Kira

Kira slapped his forehead "aya-yay-yayay" he sighed as the young man gave an apologetic bow and walked off slowly." As I were saying, the challenge is about to start. All candidates should start in their proper places and wait for my signal to go"

Cagalli walked to Kira's side and smiled at the candidates "I pray for your safety my dear candidates. May the Haumea guide you"

"now that the princess had given her blessings, gentlemen get ready"Kira commanded

"W-wait!!"Cagalli said stopping the gentlemen

"what is it now sis??" Kira asked looking at his blonde twin

" I just remembered I hid 15 jade roses inside the course, I forgot to mention this earlier but before you guys leave and finish the course, I must remind you that the each candidates will require 1 each. when you reach the end you will have to show this to me, the jade rose would represent your loyalty and determination in finding the flower for me. Also this would be your ticket to pass this test." Cagalli said clasping her fingers

"but there are only 15 roses and we're 20 men, your highness" Athrun said looking at her

"That is correct Prince Athrun "Cagalli smiled at him "This means 15 candidates will have to past this challenge. Im afraid the wedding date is nearing, the council had adviced me to hurry up with the challenges, Im afraid. "She said lowering her head " I am deeply sorry for the 5 candidates who will be dismissed later" She said sadly, bowing her head

"Raise your head Princess Cagalli" Dearka said "you dont have to apologize, your highness"

"Yeah!"the others chorus

"Being able to compete for your love is enough for us hime-sama" the others said smiling at her

Cagalli raised her head and smiled at them. "T-thank you. my dear candidates" she said wiping a few tears forming in the her corner of eyes

"So its understood then. Gentlemen, I will remind you again creatures are lurking in this course. It may seem to be an easy task but it isnt" Kira warned them "Well may start!" He declared

As on as Kira declared the start each of them entered swiftly but cautious although some of them immediately tripped as soon as they started walking.

Athrun ran cautiously to the first obstacle, a brick wall. He looked at it and smirk "this one is pretty easy" he jumped over the wall easly since it wasnt too high "hah! that wa--"Athrun gasped and jawdropped as soon as he faced another brick wall but this time higher. why didnt he notice it? he sighed and tried to climb to the otherside with his heels on. But the wall was a little slippery due to the moss that were sticking and growning on the wall. "how the hell am i suppose to find the rose at this state"

Yunna on the other hand walked strait from the start "gah!" he yelled as he almost tripped for the tenth time "damn shoes!!" he cursed them


"huh? wha ?" he unsheath his sword and looked around and found a goblin behind him smirking evily at him

"wha-what the hell?" Yunna fell back and started at the creature"what in the world are you!!"

"ngee ngee!!"the goblin said walking towards him grinning

"waahhh!! no NO!!"Yunna yelled crawling away immediately on the ground while the goblin ran to him and grabbed the end of his pants

as the battle continued each of the candidates struggled . At times you would hear battle wails and such while some plain yells of getting scared.

Cagalli sat on tha chair sipping tea with her brother as they stare at the end of the course

"arent you a little getting overboard with the challenges Cagalli?" Kira asked as he hear another scream from the course(ah, music to my ears hehe :P)

Cagalli took another sip and set her cup down on the table" I guess not dear brother." she said " You ARE looking for a RIGHTFUL man for me are you not? A man who posses strength, wisdom, gentleness,love, and bravery A man who is capable of protecting me and being by my side, serving the country for a better future?A man who ---"

"Alright I get it "Kira said cutting her off and sighed 'she has a point' "but putting goblins and other creatures...? Where the hell did you get those?"

Cagalli smirked " That, my brother is the magic of the item that Professor Dullandal has prepared for me..."

"and what is that?" Kira asked suspiciously

"its a se-c-ret!" Cagalli winked at him and pursued drinking her tea

Back to the candidates

Athrun let a breath of relief out as he crossed over the last wall..."geez!! climbing those walls made me tired enough..." Athrun said walking with ease. Thankfully he got a hang of the heels though his feet were starting to kill him. "shit.." he mumbled as he stared at the course he walked into. Yet, another set of walls but this time he has to go under the first wall then on the second wall he must go over then under then over.

"Remind me later to kill Kira..." Athrun muttured to himself as he went under the hole on the wall. "I just need to think of Cagalli...thats all I need to do to finish this course and win this.."he said to himself

"dammit!! when will this mud path ever end!!Dearka complained as he continued to crawl on the muddy path. He has been crawling there for about 25 minutes already. "aha!! finally the end!" Dearka smiled in relief as he reached the end and stood up but then his face fell immediately..."nooo! another mud path!!" the tanned blonde pulled his hair in frustration and mumbled a few curses. This time he isnt gonna crawl. He is gonna walk with his orange heels "oh Lady Mirr give me strength" he sighed and continued his course "My feet are already killing me!" he complained looking at his sinking feet.He tried to move his feet but failed, it was kinda stuck. In the end of trying to pull his feet out of the mud, he lost his balance and fell face first on the mud thus creating a chocolate monster look-a-like.

Yzak as well was having a hard time crossing the small river. He wanted to swim to cross the river but Unfortunately, piranas were swimming in it. The only way to cross the river was the small steps of rocks. He hopped on one rock the to the other while holding his heels on his hands.Finally, he reached the last rock...and slipped.

Cagalli stared at her golden pocket watch just an hour left and still no one hasnt come out of the course yet. "Maybe I was too harsh...I did asked Professor Dullandal to put creatures that may be highly dangerous" She said to herself loud enough to let Kira hear it.

"You mean like a baby Dragon sis?" Kira asked pointing out a small dragon flying around the course while a young man was holding on his dear life on the dragons tail.

"D-Dragon??" Cagalli yelled, shocked at what had appeared before her eyes.

Then the baby dragon flew down, back inside the course. Cagalli stood on her place still stunned by what she saw. While Kira just stared at her.

Back to Yunna

"H-here...I will give you this gold watch...You give me that jade rose " Yunna said playing bargain games with a group of goblins

"No no ngee... Flower give by magical lady ngee ngee no watch" the green goblin said refusing the purple mongkeys offer and glaring at him with his devlish eyes

'sides(besides), we have goldy watchie ngee" the other goblin said showing his rolex and swiss branded gold watches

Yunna sighed in defeat as he was tightly roped by the happy-go-lucky goblins "okay..what do I need to do to get that jade rose?"

the goblins thought..."hmm..we play..."he said "we play egg game..."

"the egg game..? wazzat?" Yunna asked

"its like this.." the leader of the the goblins snapped his fingers and his fellow goblins came and stood beside him "we play egg game with mogkey..."he pointed at Yunna "okay guys...we show him first how we play egg" he said as the others nodded "uhhmm animal okay? ngee"

"bat!" the leader said then looked at the next goblin beside him " uhh...toad!"

"Dove!" the other said looking at the last goblin. "uhh..."The goblin with wearing a blue bandana scratched his head a thought hard "e...e..." he cocked his head "egg?" then the leader whacked his head."idiot that not animal! Tha egg is food!!"

Yunna sighed that last goblin was nothing but an airhead, the other ones still have brains"Well just a little" he thought.He needed some kind of distraction then he can grab the rose and run for his life. Yunna looked at the goblins who were fighting against each other and yelling at each other. This was his chance. He tried to reach his pocket behind his butt and pulled a sharp object, a swiss knife. They're really pretty handy nowadays.

The purple man look at the goblins who were still yelling at each other and he swiftly cut the rope lose. Not a second more he was free, he silently sneaked to where the rose was and grabbed it."Yes!! now I finally have it!!" he said to himself as he was about to escape


'oh no!' Yunna just stepped on a small tree branch making a crunchy sound. Instead of looking back, he ran immediately...bare foot. His shoes were cradle on his arms he sped up and ran to somewhere safe.Not knowing if the goblins were after him or not

Cagalli paced round and round the finish line. She was growing impatient. The candidates exceeded their time limit and yet no one has opened the final door leading to Kira and Cagalli

"Cagalli..."Kira looked at how worried Cagalli was. He was about to open his mouth when...

Finally, the final door opened. Cagalli stopped and looked at the door, ready to hug whoever the first Candidate was... who do you think?

"My honey!!" he screamed out...

'I think I'll take back what I said that I'll hug the first candidates who will step out of the course victoriously' Cagalli backed away a few steps and smiled forcefully.

Yes, it was Yunna Roma Seiran who else did you think it was? (hehe Athrun). He kneeled infront of Cagalli and handed her the jade rose. Luckily for Yunna the place where the goblins dragged him was quite near the final door. thats how he was able to finish it.

"Ah, uh.."Cagalli coughed "I congratulate you for being the first one to accomplish the task I asked you...Prince Yunna" Cagalli said putting a hand on his shoulder .

"it was nothing my dear..." Yunna's eyes slowly fell and he fell flat on the ground lying on the grassy field, unable to place the flower on Cagalli's palms.

"what!? Yunna!" Kira and Cagalli yelled walking towards him as he snored...loudly.

"He fell asleep..."Kira snickered. He called the guards to take the sleeping man to his quarters to rest. He did pass...thats the only word left to say to him.

Soon the second ,third up to the twelveth Candidate emerged from the door,aching and moaning in pain about the hell that the heels had given to them. Swollen foot, blistered toes, sprained ankles and more. Some were lightly injured from underestimating the course. The twelveth candidate who finished was Dearka the chocolate monster. Dearka was lying flat on the grass near Kira and Cagalli, he was waiting for Yzak to come out.Hopefully he isnt gonna be dismissed.

Then two men came out. A silver headed man and an orange haired man. It was Yzak and Heine. Heine was helping Yzak to walk since he twisted an ankle. He was able to grab hold of Yzak's hand when he slipped on the rock. Dearka ran to Yzak to help him out while Heine gave his and Yzaks rose to Cagalli.

"Yzak, please go to the Medical Wing to get treated immediately"Cagalli said walking towards them looking at him worriedly."Heine and Dearka kindly accompany him."

"hai" the two mentioned men nodded their head

Thats fourteen. One more left and the course will be done. The remaining five will be searched by the castle guards and bring them out of the course.

Fifteen minutes passed and the other candidate were starting to wonder who will be the last candidate to step out of the course.

Cagalli crossed her fingers and stared at the door.

Another minute passed. The door creaked lightly.Slowly a blue haired young man stepped out of the course injured. He had a hand on his shoulder which was bleeding. the other hand which was bleeding was holding the heels and the rose.

"a-Athrun??" Kira blinked several times and ran to his friend followed by Cagalli.

Athrun smirked weakly and lifted the rose " I feel off the last wall...I was unconcious for a few minutes..." He said weakly as he walked towards the shocked Princess " when I woke up I found a small bush with this fully bloomed jade rose, Princess.." Athrun said giving her a weak smile "I, Prince Athrun Zala, present this flower you have required me to collect..."he bowed and handed her the rose which Cagalli gratefully accepted "ah!" Athrun winced in pain as he fell on his knees and clutched his wounded shoulder.

"Athrun!" Cagalli kneeled and touch Athrun hand which was covering the wounded shoulder

"You should not worry about me Princess...but I do appreciate your concern"Athrun said smiling at her touching her hand before wincing in pain once again

"Kira, take Athrun to the Med Wing too.."Cagalli ordered. Kira nodded and helped Athrun up "Someone please accompany Kira and Athrun to the Medical wing" she said to the resting candidates. Nicol volunteered as he stood up and walked towards Kira and Athrun and helped them.

Cagalli sighed and sat on her seat. 'I've caused so much injuries to my Candidates' she massage her temple and sighed.

The Candidates stared at Cagalli and decided to cheer her up a bit with some of their corny jokes.

"you guys..." She smiled at them as they continued to cheer the depressed Princess up.

Medical Wing

"Prince Athrun is doing fine Prince Kira..." The brown haired doctor said "Although he is required to rest. I suggest he could rest in his room for the time well as the whitey kid here..."

"Thank you Andrew-san " Kira said

"Im just doing my job Kira..." Andrew said smiling at him

And so, Athrun, Yzak and some other candidates who were injured were immediately taken care by the Medical Wing. While the other candidates who were still doing well were resting. The following tests were postponed for awhile due to the injuries of the candidates. Right now they were needed to rest and recuperate their lost strengths.

"wait for me Ran-kun!!"

"Hurry up Kari!! I want to show you the new place I just found" he yelled happily waving at her from a far

"Wait!!..Mou!! I told my little brother to come but no!!" Kari said sarcastic tone "because Ra-chan was there.." she pouted then tripped "ah!!"

"Kari!" Ran ran to the wounded girl and kneeled infront of her"Hey"

"it hurts..." she sniffed. Her knees were bleeding and she had some small bruises on her palms, her green dress was slightly dirty too.

"Dont cry!!" Ran said comforting the crying girl

"Its your fault...You said hurry up so..." She sniffed again while Ran just smiled at her.

"Hai" Ran turned around and squat "Im giving you a piggy back ride...We'll visit the place i found next time..together with your brother and Ra-chan ne?"

Kari nodded and wiped her tears. She gently hopped on the back of Ran "Lets get your wound treated immediatly or eles your nanny will yell at us again " he chuckled while the girl behind him giggled "Im gonna make sure theres no more pain on your wound ne?" he said while Kari just hugged him.

"Kari"...Athrun opened his tired eyes and looked at his surrondings'a dream huh?' Just then he felt something move beside him on the side of the bed. Heat started to rush up to his cheeks. The princess was in his room. Yes, Cagalli had her head lying on the side of his bed, her arms crossed beneath it, supporting the head like a pillow.

He snickered as watch the sleeping goddess beside him, before he could even touch her. His door swung open reveal two people. Kira and Lacus

"Hey Athrun...morning "they both greeted

"Good morning to both of you too..." he greeted back

"I have to bring Cagalli back to her room before she wakes up beside you.." Kira winked at him while Lacus giggled.

'huh?' Athrun looked at them utterly confused as Kira carried Cagalli in his arms and exited the room followed by Lacus.

"what was that??" Athrun asked before wincing in pain again

Lacus opened the door for Kira as they entered Cagall's simple designed room.

"Do you think Athrun got what we meant?" Lacus asked him.

"I dont know Lacus" Kira replied tucking the sleeping blonde" Cagalli might yell or something if she finds out she slept in Athrun's room last night while taking care of him ...But what he doesnt know yet is that Cagalli stayed beside him the whole time he was asleep..."Kira smiled at her 'that lucky man..'

"oh, Love is in the air I suppose" Lacus giggled as they exited Cagalli's room and let her rest

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