Chapter 6: A Simple Leather Book

Lydia picked up the television remote and flipped through the channels in a bored manner. She usually kept herself busy, but she usually didn't have someone else to deal with. She glanced at the ghost who was giving her strange looks, almost like he was going to eat her like some horrific monster or drag her off to do something that was probably equivalent to looting.

"Stop looking at me like that" Lydia quipped. She turned off the television and stood up. She stretched and kept an eye on Beetlejuice. "So what am I suppose to call you?"

"BJ" Beetlejuice replied with his eyes glued to her.

"Oh yeah" Lydia replied. "I remember you saying that."

"So what does a dark and dreary girl, such as your self, do?" Beetlejuice asked. Lydia shrugged.

"Take photos…draw…read…" Lydia said in her usual tone that mingled near depression.

"Bo-ring!" Beetlejuice sang. He stood up and looked around the room, stopping to poke a finger at one of Delia's sculptures. "Sounds like you need to juice things up, babes."

"I don't know" Lydia said. "What about--?"

"Forget it, babes" Beetlejuice replied. He gave her his biggest smile and managed to look devious. "Water under the bridge…just like the Maitlands."

Lydia rolled her eyes.

"I think I'll just go take a bath" Lydia said heading towards the stairs. She stopped as she bumped into Beetlejuice, who was blocking the stairs.

"A bath? You'd take a bath before hanging out with me!" Beetlejuice asked. Lydia's eyes went from wide to narrow. "Wait. Can I watch you take this bath?" Lydia pushed past him. "What! Did I say something?"

"Can't you go bug someone else?" Lydia whined as she climbed the stairs. Beetlejuice floated alongside of her on his back.

"I think you like my bugging you, babes" Beetlejuice replied. Lydia marched into her room, slamming the door. Beetlejuice just followed, walking right through the wooden door.

"Oh god" Lydia groaned.

"Hey, nice room" Beetlejuice said checking out her room. He perused a shelf of books. "Let me know if you want a roommate." Lydia fell upon her bed and stared at the ceiling. "Hey, nice mirror!"

"It was my mothers" Lydia said without looking towards him. Beetlejuice posed in front of the very tall mirror. He then inspected it as if he was looking for something.

"I think I have an idea, babes" Beetlejuice said. Lydia sat up and waited for his idea. Beetlejuice simply pointed at her bed. Lydia looked to her side and saw a book. It was a simple, leather bound book with no title.

"What is this?" Lydia asked. She picked it up and flipped through it.

"I think you're looking for…" Beetlejuice said pointing at the book again. "That page!" With a small zap of energy from his finger the book turned its pages by itself until it stopped at a particular page entitled 'World Beyond Enchantment'. "Just read it out loud, babes."

"This will take me to the Neitherworld" Lydia said after reading the passage.

"Yeah" Beetlejuice said. "What do you think? Sound like fun?"

"I don't know" Lydia said thinking over the situation. The book she held had a return passage that she could say at anytime if she needed to return. "How do I know this return spell will work?"

"You'll just have to trust the book" Beetlejuice said with a grin. "This mirror'll work out nicely for that spell."

"This is ridiculous" Lydia said standing up with the book in her hand. Beetlejuice brushed off invisible dust from the mirror frame and acted as if he was adjusting the mirror.

"This'll link up with my mirror at the roadhouse" Beetlejuice replied. He was obviously in his own world. "We're not supposed to have our own mirrors. But, I've never been one to stick to many rules."

"I want to be back here before midnight" Lydia said taking one last glance at the book before setting it down. Beetlejuice looked at her as if he had just won their personal battle.

"Sure" Beetlejuice replied. Lydia nodded and took a deep breath.

"Though I know I should be wary" Lydia said. Beetlejuice grinned like a madman. "Still I summon something scary." Beetlejuice adjusted his striped suit jacket. "Ghostly hauntings I turn loose…" The mirror started to glow with a faint blue light. "Beetlejuice…" A wind came from the mirror. "Beetlejuice…" Lydia closed her eyes as the strong wind hit her. "Beetlejuice!"

"It's showtime!" Beetlejuice cackled. Lydia gradually opened her eyes and found her self wearing a red spider web print poncho. Before she had time to question it, she was yanked towards the mirror. "Don't tell me you're chicken, babes. The adventure is just about to begin!"


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