AUTHOR'S NOTE Welcome to my latest story of weirdness! Yes, it is a crossover, and yes it will be crazy. I do hope you enjoy!

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The sign in the door of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes read "Closed." The store's twin proprietors, 20-year-old Fred and George Weasley, were going through the closing motions before heading off to their apartment in Hogsmeade.

It was only a short time before the money was counted and the doors were locked. It was time to go home. After the security charms were placed, the identical twins disappeared with a loud crack and the store was left dark.

The two reappeared in their living room. Traveling had become so much easier after they'd become licensed to apparate. "Home sweet home!" Fred said appreciatively.

"Mmhmm," George agreed. He paused a moment before, "I'm going to work on something." He left for his bedroom.

"Remember we have an hour before we have to leave!" Fred called to the empty door. "If we're late again, we're dead!"

"Okay!" came the muffled reply.

Fred shook his head. He and George were normally so close, but lately George had been keeping very much to himself. He spent most of the time in his closed bedroom, not talking about what he was doing. This was the first time in their life that the twins hadn't shared a bedroom, which was hard enough without George's secrecy.

The apartment was nearing a state of disaster. Fred idly began cleaning, flicking his wand and sending objects soaring to wherever they were supposed to be. His mind wandered, musing over the things that had changed.

He and George were making a killing with their shop and had finally achieved some form of independence. Hogwarts was a fond but distant memory. The wizarding world had fought its most savage and brutal war in history and won. Fred desperately tried not to think of the war, burying the memories deep though it had only been the year before.

It was hard to believe that the Weasleys were almost done at Hogwarts. Ginny was due to leave for the beginning of her seventh and final year of school within the week. The family was so proud of her.

Fred glanced at his watch – down to twenty minutes. "George!"


"Twenty minutes!"

"I'll be ready Fred, don't worry!"

Fred just shrugged, then went to change out of his business robes.

George was ready on time just as promised. He locked his bedroom behind him, piquing Fred's interest.

"What are you working on?" Fred asked.


Fred glared at his twin and sighed. "Fine. Let's go." George just grinned. In the blink of an eye, the twins disappeared.

The bedroom was small, considering that it had, for years, housed two boys and was the site of innumerable experiments of pranks. The two beds were untouched and the few Quidditch posters were the only wall decorations. Various moving photographs sat framed on shelves and bureaus.

One such photograph was placed in a position of prominence in the center of a shelf. The two identical boys who shared the room waved and grinned. They were surrounded by a smaller boy with unruly black hair, a tall brown-haired boy, and three girls: two dark-skinned and one blonde. The inscription on the frame read, "1994 Quidditch Cup – Gryffindor."

With a loud crack, Fred and George apparated into their old bedroom in the Burrow. With barely a glance around, they bounded down the stairs into the kitchen. "We're here, Mum!"

"Hello boys!" Molly Weasley gathered her twin sons in a quick hug. "Come sit down to dinner. For once, you're not late."

Fred and George grinned at each other and sat down at their usual places at the dinner table. Their siblings gathered as well and Arthur Weasley took his place at the head of the table.

"Thank you, good Lord, for my family. Thank you for Molly and Ron and Ginny and Fred and George and Bill." His voice caught. "Please take care of Charlie and Percy for us and let them know that we miss them very much."

The Weasleys never used to say grace. But when the war on Voldemort had claimed the lives of Charlie and Percy Weasley, Arthur and Molly felt the need to do something in order to feel close to them. The family was quiet for a moment, thinking of their lost brothers and sons.

Finally, Molly spoke. "Well, let's eat!" Although the moment was broken, thoughts of Charlie and Percy still lingered.

"Ron, how's your job at the Ministry?" Bill asked.

Ron nodded, meaning good, until he swallowed a mouthful of food. "It's great! The Department of Magical Games and Sports is just where I wanted to work. And there's plenty of time for professional Quidditch later." He grinned.

"Oh Quidditch!" George said nostalgically. "How we miss you!"

"Well if you hadn't been fighting…" Molly grumbled.

"Aw Mum, he deserved it!" George said.

"Besides," Fred added. "That overgrown slug would have found some other way to kick us off anyway."

Molly fixed her twin sons with a glare, but didn't say another word. She shared their opinion of Hogwarts' temporary former Headmistress Dolores Umbridge.

Dinner passed quickly in the Burrow that night. Molly and Arthur had become more withdrawn since the war, as had Ron. And the more Fred thought about it, the more worried about George's secrecy he became. They were identical twins. They were best friends. Secrets did not exist between them.

Fred was uneasy all evening. He kissed his mother goodnight, bid goodbye to his father and siblings, and left the Burrow feeling far too troubled.

The twins apparated into their living room. Fred decided to confront his brother about all the secrets. But before he could open his mouth, George grinned at him mischievously. "I have a surprise for you!"

He dashed into his room and came out with something hidden behind his back. Fred craned his neck, trying to see what he was hiding. "No, no, dear brother," George scolded. "Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise." He snickered. "Close your eyes."

"Bloody Hell, George!" Fred rolled his eyes.

"Uh-uh! Close 'em."

Fred grumbled and reluctantly shut his eyes. Pulling the object from behind his back, George let it swing on its chain. "Okay."

Fred got quite a shock when he saw what George was holding. "No way!" He gazed intently as the small object swung gently. "How in Merlin's name did you get a Time Turner?" George just grinned. "Never mind, I don't want to know." Fred grinned just like his brother. But when he reached out to touch it, George pulled it away.

"No, no, no!" He said urgently. "I wouldn't touch that if I were you!"

"Why not?"

Fred recognized the look in George's eye from a mile away. It was very often in his own eye as well. George was so excited that he was trembling. "I bewitched it!"

Waiting for his brother to continue, Fred was quiet. "Well?" he asked finally. "How?"

"I made it a portkey!"

"You did not!" Fred's eyes lit up dangerously. "I thought you could only turn Muggle things into portkeys?"

George shrugged. "The spell seemed to work. It didn't say anything about being restricted to Muggle things." He shook the chain and it swayed gently. His eyes were absolutely glowing. "Should we try it out?"

Fred thought about it for all of two seconds. "No time like the present!"

"I set it to go in one minute."

Fred felt around in his pocket for his wand. "All set."

The twins both put their hands around the hourglass. After a minute had gone by, the portkey pulled at every pore in their bodies, centering in a hook behind their navels, as they felt themselves hurtling through time and space. The quick journey ended and dumped the twins unceremoniously on the ground.

George sat up and looked around. "Uh-oh."

Fred blinked. "Mum's gonna kill us."