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Sunlight dappled the street. With a loud crack, Fred and George apparated into an exceptionally thick patch of trees. They walked out onto the road and looked at the mailboxes as they passed.

"So this America, is it?" Fred asked as they walked.

"Mmhmm. A place called Maine. One of the northern states." George looked around. "It's pretty."

"Yeah. Come on, the book Dad got us said he lived on this street."

They wandered down the sidewalk, idly looked at names on mailboxes. "I wish we could have seen Dr. Freedman again," Fred said sadly.

"Yeah," George agreed. "But at least he kept his promise." Sidney Freedman had been murdered by an American Death Eater after openly fighting Voldemort from overseas. The twins felt both sad and guilty over his death.

Finally, they stopped. Looking at a small white house, George asked, "Are you ready?" Fred nodded and together they knocked on the door.

A middle-aged woman opened the door. "Oh! Hello boys," she said. "Can I help you?"

"Uh…we're looking for Dr. Pierce?"

Suddenly they heard a deep laugh come from inside the house. Let them in, Molly!"

Molly eyed them for a minute. "Dr. Pierce is my father. He says come in." She led them into the living room. A much older Hawkeye Pierce sat in a green armchair.

He grinned when he saw them. "I've been waiting for you two!"

They grinned. As soon as Hawkeye's daughter left the room, they sat on an old couch. "You named your daughter Molly?" George asked. "Did we ever tell you that that's our mother's name?"

Hawkeye shrugged. "You might have mentioned it." He turned somber. "I wasn't sure if I'd still be around when you two were really around and I wanted to make sure you knew I remembered you."

The twins smiled. "That's nice."

"So, how was the trip back?" Hawkeye asked excitedly.

Fred and George laughed. "Pretty short," George answered. "A hop through time, a quick apparation, and we're home."

"How are you?" Fred asked. "Whatever happened to everyone?"

Hawkeye leaned back. "I haven't spoken to Trapper in years. He was sent home not long after you left. Frank finally went crazy after Hot Lips got married and was sent home."

The twins snickered. "What a pity," George said. "What about Klinger and Radar and Henry?"

Hawkeye smiled a little. "You'll never believe this, but Klinger stayed in Korea."

"You're right," Fred said. "We don't believe it."

"No, he married a Korean woman. And Radar was discharged after his uncle died."

"What about Henry?" George pressed.

Hawkeye sighed and looked sadly at the twins. "Boys, you know that the sad thing about war is that not everyone makes it home." The twins were quiet as Hawkeye continued. "Henry was discharged for how long he'd served. But as he was flying home, the enemy shot his plane down." Hawkeye's eyes filled with tears. "He never made it."

Fred and George were silent. They remembered the kind, jovial Lieutenant Colonel, with his fishing hat, as though he had just been there. In reality, he'd passed away before they were born. "He was a good man," Fred said.

Hawkeye nodded. "That he was."

The twins stayed with their old friend for most of the day. But as the sun sank behind the pine trees, the twins knew it was time to leave. "We're so happy to see you again, Hawkeye," George said.

"I'm glad to see you boys, too. You remind me of my youth."

The twins smiled. "Thanks, Hawkeye," Fred said.

"For what?"

"For teaching us how to get through a war," George answered. "Even a few that are already over."

Hawkeye nodded. "Don't mention it." He grinned. "You boys want a drink before you go?"

"No!" the twins cried immediately. Hawkeye laughed heartily.

As the twins went for the door, Hawkeye stood up. He retrieved a book from the couch. "Boys, I've been reading this book and I was wondering if I could see you leave, you know, your way?"

Fred and George looked at the book in Hawkeye's hand and burst out laughing. "Where did you find that?" George asked.

"eBay!" Hawkeye replied proudly.

The twins shook their heads. "All right," Fred said. "Here we go. Good-bye Hawkeye!"

"Good-bye boys."

With a loud crack, the twins disapparated and disappeared. Hawkeye laughed gleefully. "Amazing!"

Molly came running in. "What was that noise? Dad, are you okay?"

"Yes, yes dear. Don't worry." Then Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce settled himself in his armchair and opened Hogwarts, A History to page 394.