My Sweet Quatrina

Chapter 6

Missie is finishing this fic! Just a quick note, some people complained about the medical possibilities of Quatre getting so sick after being taken off the pill. I am not a doctor, I'm not even very good at Home Economics. I just needed something to set the scene, so please forgive me. If I promised you a lemon in this fic, it'll have to wait for the sequel. I need feedback to determine if there will be a sequel. Thanks!

Seven year old Quatrina Winner waited patiently at the door for her brother to stop talking to his friends and walk her home. Quatre was the most popular boy in the school, but seemed almost devoted to his sister. It was very unusual for a fourteen-year-old boy to be seen with a seven-year-old girl, but they had been constant companions since Quatrina was born.

Quatre and Quatrina's mother had died giving birth to Quatrina, something that showed in how the rest of the family acted around the little girl. Today was her birthday, but herself and Quatre were the only ones who celebrated.

Quatre finally stopped talking to the other boys and grabbed his little sister's hand.

" Happy birthday, my sweet Quatrina. We have to walk home today, Irea's working from home."

" It's starting to rain."

" Don't worry, we'll take the shortcut through the woods. We'll be home in no time."

The hurried to the forest trail at the edge of town, going faster when they saw the older boys smoking by the side of the road. Quatre gripped Quatrina's hand tighter. These boys sometimes did odd jobs around the Winner mansion, and often made lewd comments about Quatrina, who was unusually pretty for her age.

" Hey, baby fox, wanna come sit on my lap?"

The group burst into loud guffaws and Quatre hurried his sister past them.

" Just hold my hand and don't let them know you're scared."

They reached the edge of the forest and started to run as the rain got heavier. Thunder crashed through the grey sky and a jagged streak of lightening tore through the clouds. Both drenched figures turned when they heard a crash in the bushes behind them. The boys they had seen earlier stepped out onto the trail and grinned at Quatrina. Quatre whispered urgently to his sister.

" Run as fast as you can and don't look back."

" What about you?'

" Don't worry about me, just run!"

Quatrina ran as fast as she could, with the sound of the older boy's feet coming after her. She felt a sharp yank at her hair and found herself being dragged back to the clearing, where the boys were beating her brother. She was thrown to the ground and held down by the biggest boy.

" Let her go!"

" Now we're gonna have some fun."

Two of the boys held Quatre back as the others approached his little sister. Quatrina's clothes were cut away by a switchblade that one of the boys produced, then they forced her legs open.

" Leave her alone!"

Quatrina screamed in pain as she was being torn apart on the inside by each boy, one after the other. A dark pool of blood stained the lush forest floor and sank into the ground.

" Stop it! You're hurting her!"

When the last boy had finished with her, the leader once again pulled out his switchblade. Quatre broke free from the arms holding him back and tackled the older boy. He was soon overpowered and hoisted to his feet. Quatrina could only stare in horror as they held the blade to his throat.

" My sweet Quatrina...."

His words were cut off as the leader slashed open his neck and drenched him in his own blood. Quatrina tore off into the forest, clutching the shredded cloth around her abused body. When she finally reached the house, she fell to the ground and started to scream. Irea came running in from the kitchen.

" What's the matter with you?"

She looked down at her younger sister, and to the traumatized little girl she seemed ten times bigger than usual. Quatrina was hauled to her feet and quickly inspected. Irea took note of the ripped clothing and semen staining her small frame.

" Playing around with boys already? At your age? I didn't expect you to start so soon. You should be ashamed."

Quatrina was too shocked and upset to respond. Irea dragged her to the bathroom, sat her in a bath of scalding hot water and scrubbed her mercilessly with a brush, nearly tearing the skin off of her.

" Father won't hear of this. He'd die of the shame. And wait until your brother gets home! What will he think of this? Where is Quatre, anyway?"

Quatrina found her voice.

" Forest. Boys."

" What? Where is he? Was he with you? WHAT HAPPENED?"

Without waiting for an answer, Irea ran out of the bathroom and out the front door, towards the forest. Quatrina sat huddled in the bath, trying not to think of what had happened.

Irea returned a few hours later, and shot an angry, tearful glance at Quatrina, still huddled in the now freezing cold bath. Irea marched in and hauled her out, dried her roughly and put her to bed, without saying a word. Before she left her sister to sleep, she spoke softly into the room.

" Your brother is dead, and it's your fault. You killed him like you killed your mother. It should have been you!"

She slammed the door, leaving Quatrina to the tears that had finally found their way to her eyes.

Quatre woke up shaking next to Trowa. Two months had passed since they had found out that Quatre was a girl, and since then, long forgotten memories had been forcing their way through her mind. But this was the first time she had seen the whole thing happen. Trowa sat up and wrapped his arms around her.

" What's the matter, angel?"

" I saw it. I remember what happened. All of it."

" Are you alright?"

" I'm fine. I got over it a while ago. It doesn't explain some things, though."

" Like what?"

" Why Irea drugged me. Why I was forced to become my brother."

" We haven't been able to contact any of your sisters. I'm sorry."

" It's okay, Trowa. I appreciate everything you've done for me. It'll all come back to me eventually."

All the pilots were sprawled out watching television one rainy afternoon, Quatre included. Under Trowa's insistence, she had started wearing skirts and dresses. At the moment she was wearing a pale blue baby doll dress with a white cardigan. It made it a lot easier for the other pilots to accept the fact that she was a girl.

The doorbell rang suddenly and Duo popped up to get it. A thirty-something-blonde woman stood at the door, wearing a sharp business suit and a haughty expression.

" Can I help you?"

" I'm looking for my sister."

Quatre snapped to attention at the sound of the woman's voice and ran to the door.

" IREA?"

" We need to talk."

She walked calmly into the house and motioned for Quatre to follow her, which she meekly did. Presently they reached a study in the house and Irea locked the door. She looked her sister up and down before speaking.

" Why did you stop taking the pills?"

" Why did you make me take them in the first place, Irea? You're the one who has to explain, not me!"

Irea scowled and brutally backhanded the girl.

" You are such an idiot! You took them so Father wouldn't find out that you were a girl!"

" But he's dead!"

" Thanks to you! You killed your mother and our Father!"

" And you blamed me for Quatre's death, too!"

The doctor's eyes widened and she sank into a chair.

" So you remember."

" Of course I remember, but I've only started to remember now! Why can't I remember the rest of my childhood? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"

" It was Father's idea! I would have left you alone, but he wanted his son!"

" What?"

" After Quatre was killed, Father decided to make you into his son. It wasn't easy, though. We had to make you forget."

" How?"

" We gave you tranquilizers whenever you had a headache. Once you woke up, we'd make you think a week or month had passed. You were convinced that what happened in the forest was just a dream, and eventually you forgot it."

" How could you do that to me?"

" Like I said, it was Father's idea. His son wasn't meant to die in the forest, YOU were! Those idiots couldn't follow my....."

At this point Irea seemed to realize that she'd said too much and stopped. Quatre's eyes widened in disbelief.

" Y-you ARRANGED to have me raped and murdered?"

" Yes, that's right."

" But why?"

Irea let out a small sigh and looked out the window.

" I took care of Quatre from the moment he was born. He was more like a son to me than his own mother. I was his favorite sister."

She glanced back sharply at Quatre, hate in her eyes.

" Then YOU came along, little sister! Quatre thought you were like a doll, his little doll. You became his favourite sister. You had everyone eating out of the palm of your hand. But I knew you were bad news, so I had to get rid of you. But those idiot boys couldn't follow instructions, and they killed my poor, innocent baby brother."

" Why wasn't I given treatment afterwards?"

" Father found out, and he needed a son. So he decided to make you his son. He believed it right up until he died. He was a stupid old man. You had him eating out of the palm of your hand, too."

She stood up, a malicious smile on her face.

" At least I know I've beaten you now, Quatrina. You killed your mother, your brother and Father, who died ashamed of you. Are you happy that you have your memories back, little sister? Now that you remember what a mistake you are and always will be?"

Irea smirked and turned to leave. Quatre was staring at the floor, tears running down her cheeks.

" Goodbye, my sweet Quatrina. I hope I won't see you again."

Irea left the house then, still gloating. The other pilots watched her leave, then went to find Quatre. They found her huddled in the corner of the room, crying as though her heart would break.

Later that night, Quatre was lying across Trowa's chest, to emotionally drained to cry any more.

" Are you going to tell me what she said to make you cry like that, Quatre?"

" I'd rather not. Don't worry about me, Trowa, I'm good at forgetting."

Trowa went to sleep after trying in vain to get some answers from her. Quatre got up and stole over to the window, reflecting on what had happened.

" I'm good at forgetting, but I won't forget this. May Allah have mercy on you, Irea, because I certainly won't. I think you forgot that I'm still a Gundam pilot."

The End.

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