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SO: I warn you now, this is a dark tale. It's not your happy, light, bright, lovable BumbleBee you're going to see here. Nor the bright side of very many people. It's not a happy fic. People are going to die, in the first chapter even. And blood will be spilt. I'll try my damnest to keep Slade in 100 character, but he's liable to get away from me.

I am unsure whether or not some of his comic history shall appear in this fic. But if it does, I'll warn you ahead of time. Some of you might enjoy that belief that Slade is Batman or Robin from the future. And I'd hate to shatter your dreams.

Another warning, this probably won't end well. I won't know for sure myself until I write it. But it's not likely. I can tell you now, contrary to the other Titan/Slade romances, and I am most certainly not bashing, some of those I think are quite good, he will not be giving up his evil-ness for love. If you even want to go so far as to call it that.

I'm sure some of you wonder: Why? Why Bumblebee? Why Slade? Why together?!

Simple. Why not? She's under-used. He's a great character. It's never been done, and I like challenges and diversity. Plus, ever since Wavelength, I've always wanted to see Bee fight again.

So here it is. A different type of Titan romance. Again, put the kids to bed before you indulge in this one.


" It's...him..."

" What is he doing here?! "

" BumbleBee get away from him! "

" Vamos BumbleBee! "

It had started a rather nice day, I couldn't complain. For one thing it wasn't raining. That's always a plus. And it wasn't too bright when I woke up. That was great. No whiny boy had anything to do with my waking up either. Or an equally annoying city alarm. And it was still great outside now. It was wonderful. The sun is warm on my back. My wings are shimmering in the light and ready to be used. There's only a few fluffy clouds in the sky.

It's hard to believe such bad shit can happen on such a beautiful day.

" It's okay guys...really. "

I didn't think he'd come so quickly. I mean, I knew it was coming time. He told me himself, but I thought he would attend to the other business first.

But then again, priorities have changed since our beginning and this end.

I had to put my hand up in a closed fist to keep Aqualad and Speedy from attacking. They don't understand. They probably never will. But this isn't something I can, or will explain to them. Taking a step forward towards him and away from my teammates, I could feel their confusion and anger growing.

" Come. "

I nodded my head. " Yes sir. "

Speedy's jaw dropping had to be the loudest sound I'd heard in a while. His temper would flare next. And he would disregard my command to not attack. Aqualad would be slow to anger, but it would still happen and he would attack right behind. Mas y Menos would be somewhere in between. But I didn't want them to get hurt. Not yet. And I didn't want them to hurt him either. Not that I believed they actually could, but still. It was a matter of time and place. These things had to be taken care of properly. That required planning and careful observation. Copulation of data and knowledge.

Then the fruitation of such efforts in a glorious climax.

" Mas, Menos, go inside and notify the other Titans. Tell them Slade is here. "

Aqualad was quick, his hand on my arm and yanking me back before I realized he had moved that much. When the shit hits the fan right before your eyes, you tend to lose track of little things like that. With hesitation, the high-speed duo disappeared inside to call for back-up. I shook my head and gently slid his arm off. " Fall back Titans."

Slade hadn't moved from his position at the end of our essential concrete porch. His arms folded over his massive chest in the most blatant display of disregard for the other Titans. He didn't think enough of them to sneak in or take me away. I knew he wasn't here to attack. If he wanted them dead, us dead, we'd all be that way. And despite our best efforts, our pride and our training there wasn't much we could do about it.

His extendable staff remained hidden in the back of his utility belt. That's how I knew they were safe. For the moment. He wouldn't attack unless they attacked him first. But not to kill or harm.

No, this was about me.

The air coming off the ocean was chilly and it made my wings shudder against my back. Chill bumps rose on the exposed skin of my midsection and arms. Suddenly I wished to be anywhere but here. Well, almost anywhere.

" Apprentice. "

Again, I nodded and stepped forward with careful, sure steps. Even with my natural height and heels on, he was still taller than me. I didn't have to crane my neck so much to look up at him, but I did have to lean back. Coming to a stop at his side, I turned to face the other Titans. Speedy's bow was shaking as he aimed a bright red arrow at Slade. Aqualad was staring hard at the both of us.

" I believe your commander has given you an order. "

I swear, I could hear Speedy's teeth gnash from here.

" Shut up! Get away from him Bumblebee, I don't want to hurt you! "

Aqualad still remained silent, this time, his eyes on me. I don't know what he was expecting. If he was waiting for me to burst into tears and spill a story about how the Big Bad Slade was holding something over my head to make me come to him like he had done with the Boy Wonder in Jump City, though Robin was probably less than half a click away from us by now, he'd have to keep right on waiting. Because that wasn't the case.

I suppose I should start at the beginning...


The earliest memory I have, would probably be of my family tearing apart. You'd be surprised how fragile even the strongest of family bonds are when a child is born differently. A mutant. With insect wings.

I was the only female in a family of eight. Five boys. Two parents and an uncle to help with the up-brining of the boys. For the first part of my life I was taken from doctor to doctor. After that, I was hidden away like the family shame. The one time I was in the newspaper, my father was enraged. Only my mother's maternal instinct kept me from recieving it. Though she wasn't too generous with that either.

My brothers, they were so cruel, as children tend to be. Pulling on my wings. Spraying me with bug killers. Demanding I make honey, when I could do no such thing, to my knowledge. The attitude of a Queen had been pinned on me, and I was constantly knocked down for it.

My uncle, my father's brother. He thought nothing of me at all. Literally. I didn't exist to him. If I spoke to him, he ignored me. If I was in the way, he moved me. If I wanted something, he usually got to it first or took it from me. I daresay he bought into the ' Queen ' theory too. Maybe he was trying to keep me from getting an ego over my title. But how could I? It's awful hard to look down on someone when everyone else is above you.

So that was how I lived.

A kingdom of cruelty for a title I didn't even want to have.

I dare not speak to my parents. For they would place the blame on myself. Why should they, help the child, not even a child to them, with wings? So very different. I am not so sure that they didn't believe I wasn't their child. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that was why my mother left. When she did, my father's intolerance for me grew. At the time, I hadn't an idea whether I was bringing it upon myself or not.

But I soon tired of being the butt and smoldering cinder of their jokes and pranks and bag for their violence. I hear stories of violence in homes and on children, people, women and men. From my stage, they learn to get used to it. It becomes a part of daily life. They deal with it until they can't. Some are fortunate enough to leave. Others aren't. Suicide, growing up, they all escaped. But in their cases, the parents were the ones with the problem. Not them.

My case was not the same.

I was not the same.

Therein lies the problem.

I wasn't human. My survival instinct was greater. Not to mention my other instincts. I would later come to find, that animal, rather insect instincts lay in me too. Much like Beast Boy and his instincts and Raven with her demonic instincts. I would include Starfire, but I'm not sure if you would call her quirks instincts or just plain bizarre.

I would later come to learn also quite a bit about bees. For instance, drones have no stingers. Workers do. Queens do also. However, a queen bee can sting more than once. Where a worker, unless it's a honeybee, cannot. They sting, they call for backup, they die. Queens however, only sting when a rival is present. Otherwise, the protection of the hive is left to the workers.

The drones were rebelling. I was not in control of my hive. They were trying to control me. Rivals...Queen bee...

Everything told me to attack.

So I did.

My oldest brother was killed.

And I was without a home.

SO: What'd I tell ya? So...compared to my others it's short. I am unsure whether or not to continue on with this. It is a challenge, but it might not be the challenge for me. Then again, rewritting is always a possibility. If you see more chapters, you'll know. If you don't see this again, you'll also know.