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Neville's Birthday Party

Harry put on some black dress robes and tried to tame his hair before walking out the door and into the hall way where Ebony and Emory were leaning against there door waiting for him. Ebony was wearing a purple dress robe and Emory was wearing a red dress robe.

This would be the first time the children mingled in pureblood society. Neville's party was to be a formal affair with many powerful purebloods and there families. It was also the perfect time to forge alliances and make friends. Unfortunately it would have nothing to actually do with Neville except to show him off for future marriage proposals.

Ebony and Emory walked towards Harry. Emory ran a hand through his hair and Ebony straightened his robe, causing Harry to scowl.

"Now my hair is even messier" Harry scowled as he swatted Emory's hands away and pulled back from Ebony.

"Yes but now it looks like it's suppose to be messy not like you went to war with it and lost." Emory said as she turned to go down the stairs. They went to the travel room only to find Sirius waiting and alone.

"Where's Uncle Remus?" Harry asked causing Sirius to give a slight pout.

"He said he had other things to do but he wouldn't tell me what he's doing." Sirius said sadly and the kids looked at each other confused.

"What's he got to do?" Emory asked.

"I don't know he said it's a last minute thing" Sirius said

"Oh…Well let's go" Ebony said grabbing some floo powder and throwing it into the flames "Longbottom Manor"

One by one they came out of an old looking fireplace and into a brightly decorated room with finely dressed house elves at the door.

"I'm Kiffy sir, and I will be leading you to the ballroom." An obviously male house elf said and Sirius cracked a small smile.

"Lead the way Kiffy." Sirius said and they were lead to the ballroom

The ballroom was huge and nicely decorated. There were many people there and many more on the way in. The manor in itself was nearly as big as Black Manor and was much brighter with off white walls.

The children were immediately led to a side of the room with many other pureblood children while Sirius was lead to a circle of adults. Sirius quickly put up a proud pureblood façade and fitted in rather well with the other powerful light purebloods. Harry, Emory, and Ebony quickly decide to act like the perfect pureblood children as they walked over to the other children who seemed to be separated into groups. Looking closely Ebony and Emory noticed that the light and dark pureblood children were separated from each other.

Sighing in disgust Ebony turned away and looked at Emory and Harry. "There not even ten yet and are already being taught who to be friends with." She said

Harry looked at Ebony with a raised eyebrow causing Emory and Ebony to explain how they were separated according to their families preferences to light or dark magic.

"So what group should we try to make connections with first?" Emory asked

"Let's deal with the children of light families first; it's going to be a pain to deal with the children of dark families so I rather deal with them last." Ebony said

"Why would the children of dark families be harder to deal with?" Harry asked

"Ironically the dark families tend to be incredibly loyal to each other and very close. They are also extremely untrusting of anyone who isn't allies with them. Add in the fact that you're the boy who lived, my dad turn his back on the dark, and Emory's dad is a light sided werewolf we're kinda screwed when it comes to the dark side." Ebony said

"While all that is true, they're still kids Eb, they might not have all the pureblood ideals ingrained in their heads yet. Remember meeting Pansy." Emory said

"True but it seems Draco has leader status already. We could use that." Ebony Said

"I hate not knowing as much about this as you two… How the hell does that help us?" Harry asked clearly getting irritated

Ebony smirked "Draco, if he's anything like the one from the book, will introduce himself to us the minute he finds out the famous boy who lived is here. He seems to think he needs to be at the center of attention for the world to go round.'

"Great, someone else who wants to use my fame." Harry said rolling his eyes

Emory and Ebony smiled at him "I never thought Draco was too bad, just ambitious and I certainly can't blame him for that." Emory said and Ebony nodded "anyway let's go introduce ourselves to the birthday boy and let Draco come to us."

Harry and Ebony nodded and the group walked over to Neville who looked like an outcast at his own party as he faded into the background. Ebony and Emory nodded to Harry to take the lead when they reached Neville.

"Hi Neville, I'm Harry" He said before motioning toward the girls, "and these two are Ebony and Emory. We just wanted to wish you a happy birthday."

"Thank you" Neville replied timidly

"Are you having a nice birthday?" Ebony asked kindly trying to start a conversation.

"Yes, thank you for asking." Neville replied looking at his feet. Than as if he suddenly realized something he looked up with shock on his face "Your Harry Potter."

Harry gave him a kind grin "Yes I am"

Neville then turned to Ebony and Emory and said "and you two were in the Prophet, you're the Seers"

"According to the Prophet we are" Emory answered

"Are you really Seers" Neville asked excitedly yet at the same time you could tell he was nervous

"Actually we don't really know if we are. Sometimes we just know things." Ebony answered. "Like how we know that, despite what people think you will get your Hogwarts letter" She said with a smile

Neville looked at her wide eyed then grinned. "Than..." Neville started to say but was interrupted.

"You're Harry Potter aren't you?" Draco asked as he walked up with an attractive dark skinnedblack boy with high cheekbones, long eyelashes and slanting blue eyes.


"Yes I am and you are?" Harry asked already knowing the answer

"I'm Draco Malfoy and this" He said motioning to the dark skinned boy "Is Blaise Zambini."

"It's nice to meet both of you." Harry replied then, motioning to Emory and Ebony, he said "This is Emory and that is Ebony"

Both Ebony and Emory gave polite smiles and nodded but it was obvious that Draco's attention was on Harry; that is until Blaise spoke.

"You both are the seers correct?" Blaise asked in a curious tone

"According to the paper we are" Emory answered a small smile playing at the corners of her lips as Draco's attention quickly shifted to them.

"You two were recently made famous by that paper" Draco said

"Famous?" Ebony said "No people will forget all about us after a few weeks with no predictions."

"Your wrong" Draco said with a superior voice "True seers are rare,rare; people will be hounding both of you to make sure your real seers"

"You seem very knowledgeable on the subject." Ebony said.

"I enjoy reading unlike most of these idiots" Draco replied.

"That's good." Harry said then looked at Neville who faded into the background. "Have you met Neville yet?"

"Oh yes the birthday boy" Draco said glancing at Neville, shortly before looking away as if Neville wasn't really worth his time.

"Happy Birthday Neville," Blaise said courteously before giving Draco a short glare which Draco preceded to ignore

"Thank you" Neville said shyly causing Blaise to smile politely and nod while Draco rolled his eyes.

"Draco!" a girl's voice called suddenly causing the group to turn towards the girl "I was wondering where you went"

"I was just introducing myself to Harry Potter, Pansy" Draco replied gesturing toward Harry

"Oh" Pansy said turning toward Harry "Hello Harry, I'm Pansy Parkinson" she said before turning toward Emory and Ebony a wide grin spreading across her face "Hello Ebony, Emory" she said

"Hi, Pansy how have you been?" Emory asked as Ebony smiled a Pansy

"I'm fine and how have you two been?" Pansy replied politely

"We're doing okay" Ebony answered

"You three know each other?" Draco asked looking at the girls in confusion

"Yes, we met at Madam Malkins" Emory answered "Pansy, have you met Neville?"

"No I haven't actually," Pansy said before turning towards Neville "Nice to meet you Neville are you having a nice birthday? She asked smiling.

Neville blushed slightly and smiled back at Pansy "Yes I am having a nice birthday thank you." He replied shyly not use to so many people talking to him.

"I hope so," Pansy said "I hate when my birthday comes around, my parents parade my around like a piece of meat to be sold to the highest bidder" she said with disgust and a roll of her eyes

"Pansy!" Draco hissed with a glare that Pansy returned

"What! I'm not going to pretend like it's okay; I hate it" she replied angrily

"If your father hears you talking like that, and in present company too" Draco said causing everyone around him to roll their eyes.

"Like I care if he hears" Pansy replied childishly crossing her arms and turning her head to the side.

"No once to be treated like a possession, so it understandable that Pansy hate when her birthday comes around. Maybe one day we can help you celebrate a birthday you'll enjoy Pansy," Ebony said smiling at Pansy causing Emory and Harry to nod.

Pansy grinned widely and said "I'd like that" before looking above Neville's head with a soft frown causing the others to turn and see Neville grandmother coming towards them

Neville's shoulders drooped a little as his grandmother looked at the group he was with disapprovingly and dragged Neville off and toward some pureblood light parents.

Ebony, Emory, and Harry looked at each other annoyed 'Did that bitch just look at us like we weren't worth shit or was it just me?' Emory sent to Ebony causing her to snort in disgust.

"Do they all do that?" Harry asked frowning at Neville's grandmother

"What? Look at us like we're some dung they accidentally stepped in and couldn't scrape off. Yea all the light parents do that" Blaise said wryly

"…Isn't that ironic" Ebony said "since they seem to think they're more kind and forgiving then there dark counterparts yet they treat children like crap"

Draco snorted in disgust "They all seem to have highly inflated egos which they don't deserve" he said causing Emory, Harry, and Ebony to snicker at him while Blaise and Pansy outright laughed "What is so amusing?"

"You of all people insult someone's over inflated ego, when you have the biggest ego ever" Blaise answered still chuckling.

Draco just glared at him and Pansy smiled "aww we still love you Draco, over inflated ego and all." She said pinching his cheeks and the others laughed

"Pansy!" Draco said embarrassed as he swatted his friend's hands away from his face. "For the love of Merlin we're in public act like the pureblood you are"

Pansy huffed slightly and turned away annoyed and Blaise glared at Draco who turned to look in a different direction. "Excuse I see some people I know" Draco said walking away from the group and towards the dark purebloods as the others watched

"Forgive him; he's not usually like this" Blaise said shrugging

Ebony and Emory smiled secretively and said "We know. Draco has been forced to wear his Slytherin much sooner then the rest of you."

Blaise and Pansy looked at them curiously before Blaise said "I wonder if you just told us the future by implying we would gain Slytherin mask."

The girls just smiled at Blaise and Pansy knowingly "Excuse us we're going to wander around the light group after all we weren't labeled as light or dark yet and we'd like to use that to our advantage." Emory said smirking

"We hope to see you both again before Hogwarts and Draco as well, but next time with out the mask." Ebony said

"Goodbye Pansy, Blaise it was wonderful meeting you both." Harry said charmingly before walking toward the light group. Once they were halfway there Harry said "That went well."

"For a first meeting it went great I think Pansy liked us she much sweeter then I would have thought from the books." Ebony said

"She is" Emory said nodding in agreement "Draco doesn't trust us but he's been raise not to he'll probably do his best to get on our good side on his fathers orders but he'll turn out to be a good friend"

"How do you know that?" Harry asked confused and Ebony and Emory smiled secretively again "Don't start that with me, what do you know."

"We know that in the books he didn't choose Voldemort, according to the books he ended up choosing the light though if you ask me he choose you seeing as he didn't like or trust any one in the order other then you." Ebony said before a calculating look came over her face

"What?" Harry asked noticing the look and Ebony shook her head and smiled

"Oh nothing" she answered "anyway the only unknown of the three is Blaise, he was just polite which could mean nothing and his friendliness was toward Pansy and Draco not us."

"I think he was watching us as much as we were watching them." Emory said shrugging slightly "So who do we talk to with the light families?" Emory asked and Harry turned to look at Ebony who sighed

"When we get home I'm making you remember all the important pureblood." She said annoyed "Anyway in the book Ameila Bones is head of magical law enforcement which should make Susan Bones, her niece pretty much in the middle of importance on the light side. Then there's Luna Lovegood, her mother is a rather famous spell inventor she's the one who invent a way to infuse magic into muggle objects to let electric object work in the muggle world and created the soapy water spell. Luna's father owns the quibbler a rather eccentric newspaper." Ebony said with a smile

"Luna's mother is the reason we have a telly…I love her already" Harry said smirking and Emory rolled her eyes

"Lets meet Luna, I love that girl she so cool!" Emory said and Ebony grinned in agreement and turned to search for the blonde six year girl. Emory elbowed Ebony lightly before nodding to the blonde haired blue eyed girl sitting in the corner looking at them dreamily.

"I swear that girl is a seer and a powerful one" Ebony muttered and watched as a smile grew on Luna's face at her words. Ebony, Emory, and Harry walked toward her and smiled

"Hello Luna, nice to meet you" Ebony said smirking

"Hello Ebony, Harry, Emory I see you wanted to meet me." Luna said dreamily "There was no reason though I was on you side before you ever even though of coming over here." She said

"I knew you were a seer, Thank you for you support Luna I'm sure you know what we are going to end up fighting for before we will." Ebony said

"You and I both know it will be for freedom." Luna said casting her unfocused gaze around the room.

"Thank for you confidence in us Luna" Harry said and Luna finally focused on them

Looking at them seriously she said "The future is not a given, things change all the time. Harry you could choose the path Dumbledore is making for you or make you own side but both have there dangers. The main future I can see if you choose Dumbledore are Azkaban, Death, or you living your life peacefully with you mate. But on your side your happy in each vision Ebony and Emory are with you always, you don't always live in all these visions but in your time alive you're happy. Unfortunately your happiness in either choice comes with many risks; people will die Harry, you can't save them all. Good luck with your choices."

"Thank you Luna I appreciate the insight," Harry said looking troubled "I know I won't choose Dumbledore, I can't work with someone I can't trust after all."

Luna smiled "And with that simple decision many possible futures were erased but others were made."

"Luna I hope you know we don't just want you loyalty" Emory said looking at the girl with a smile.

"Of course I know I just thought you knew with my loyalty comes my friendship." Luna said with a short laugh as she stood "My mother is ready to leave I shall see you again soon I hope."

"Of course you will." Harry said smiling

"Good, I expect to get some training before school" she said as she started to walk away but turned to Ebony "You won't end up liars, you'll get the ability by the time you go to school but it will be shared by Emory."

"Is that a definite future" Ebony asked with a smile

"Yes, it is" Luna said before looking at Emory "Good luck getting your mate, he is going to be very opposed to it, don't worry he'll love you but that man has very high morals. It will get quite annoying" she said and then walked straight towards her mother and father.

"Great I'm going to have mate trouble" Emory mumbled before looking at Ebony "what ability are we suppose to get?"

"We will be true seers as well, probably not a good thing though with all the different futures we might see." Ebony Answered

"Great more things you'll know that I won't" Harry said annoyed but Ebony and Emory just smiled. "Come on let mingle" he sighed walking back towards the crowd and more people who would be important to there future.

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