All I Have To Do Is Die

Summary: Voldemort defeated, Ginny is ready to enter her final year at Hogwarts as Head Girl. However, things will change, now that there's a transfer student who looks exactly like Tom Riddle.

A/N: I've opened myself up to yet another fanfiction, while I have 4 unfinished ones. Wow, am I an idiot! But I came up with a really good idea here! This part is just the prologue; an explanation of what's happened so far. Well, I hope you enjoy it!


It had been a month since Dumbledore's death. Harry had gotten over it rather quickly, in some people's opinions. It wasn't that he didn't miss the old headmaster, there was just no point in mourning. It was a waste of time for the boy – now a young man. His focus was on finding the horcruxes, especially the locket.

Over the summer, Harry and his close friends searched 12 Grimmauld place for the locket. When they did not find it, they confronted Mundungus Fletcher. But the locket was not to be found. It wasn't until they cornered Kreacher that they found the locket to be in his possession. "Dirty little elf, stealing from me…" Mundungus had said. Harry hadn't bothered to reprimand him. He destroyed the horcrux; that was all that mattered to him.

His friends could tell you that there was a definite change in Harry's behaviour. No more was that young boy, the boy-who-lived, so eager to defeat the man who killed his parents. Now he was the "Chosen One," not out for revenge, nor for glory. He was out for blood. He knew he was the only one who could do the job, and all that mattered to him was to get that job done. The boy-who-lived had grown up.

The school year started, but Harry did not attend. He spent the entire year searching for the horcruxes, and he had insisted on doing it alone. His friends were okay with it at first, but then it bothered them. Harry could get himself killed very easily. He needed them, whether or not he would admit it.

Ginny Weasley especially missed Harry. Sure, she had broken up with him so that he could go on to fight Voldemort, but she knew that something was not right. Where her friends and family had not shown her much attention before, they now were there for her; however, she would always refuse to talk to any of them about the situation. She wanted Harry back, and that was all.

A lot had changed in Hogwarts, besides the headmaster's passing on and Snape's running away. Slughorn had retired, and a new Professor Gray had become the Potions teacher and head of Slytherin House. McGonagall was in charge of the school as headmistress, and had given the responsibility of Gryffindor House to Hagrid. The new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher was one Professor Blue, who was the only "normal" DADA teachers Hogwarts had seen in years.

Towards the end of that year, Harry had destroyed the last of the horcruxes. Weakened and realizing what had happened, Voldemort searched for Harry. Thus begins the duel, the one that will change everyone's lives forever. Harry's victory is an easy one, as the war is ended, and freedom is retained again. Harry goes on to become an auror like he wanted, and his two best friends join him in doing so.

Voldemort's body was burned in a fire that many had come to see, to make sure the dark wizard had truly been defeated. It was too good to be true. Some people refused to believe it, considering the fact that Voldemort had come back once before. Those who believed strongly that Voldemort was still alive soon found themselves thinking otherwise. And as the truth sank in, everyone was able to breathe easier.


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