Hi! this is my first story I actually wrote myself. So please go easy on me.

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A little girl was running in the woods. "Help! Somebody help me!" This little girl was running away from wolves. I'm gonna die. As soon as she thought that, the wolves pounced on her, breaking her neck preparing to devour her. However as they were going to bite into her body, they heard man with a tail call "Hey wolves, we need to keep going. Huh? All you caught was a little girl, that was hardly worth the kill, let's keep going." Then the man left in a whirlwind followed by two guys and a pack of wolves.

Why would father give me such a useless sword? thought Sesshomaru. He slashed through a tree with his Tensaiga. The sword went through the tree, but the tree instantly healed itself. Sesshomaru put away his sword and continued to walk followed by a small green imp named Jaken. "Wait my lord! Wait! Shouldn't we find Inuyasha and get revenge for him cutting off your arm? Well, if we're going to do that we'll need to find that Naraku person and perhaps take his arm and then… Why is there a dead girl here, she smells like wolves?"

"A girl? Huh, I wonder…" Sesshomaru then pulled out his Tensaiga. The sword pulsed. Then Sesshomaru saw these little demons ready to pull the girl's soul into hell, as soon as he saw them he slashed them and they disappeared. However the girl didn't stir.

The sword can't even save a life? Worthless. He then sheathed his sword and began to walk away. "Wait my lord, shouldn't the girl be now alive? What happened, shouldn't we take her with us, even to use as a slave or something?" Jaken said to his master.

"Leave it." said Sesshomaru.

"Yes lord Sesshomaru." And then they were off to travel lands in a never ending search for something.

What they never noticed was that the little girl's hand moved and she took her first breath.

(6-12-06) A/N Sorry to tell you this but the first three chapters of this story sucks. I tried my best at editing them but it didn't help much. So please just stick with it. It gets better after chapter three.