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It's a Nanny's job

When Sasuke's wife divorces him, and leaves him their children, it's up to him to get a nanny. But nobody is right for the job. Except for this blonde, who refuses to leave his property until he gets the job.

Disclaimer- I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. But the two characters, Sarel and William, I have made myself and own.

Sasuke sighed exasperatedly, brushing his pale fingers through his thick black hair. He crossed out yet another name on the list, before slamming the already abused pencil on the desk, silently fuming. He leaned back in his old leather chair and buried his face in his hands.

That was the seventh nanny he had interviewed, the seventh! No matter what he did, he just couldn't find a right one! They were either inexperienced or just plain crazy.

His children had had three different nannies so far, and he had fired all of them (because his kids had not liked them, for one reason or another).

The least crazy of the nannies had been Ms. Steverstine (his first interview, it all got worse from there). She had waddled in, neon pink dress, gray hair with orange streaks and purple dots, three inch heels and all, opened her purse, slipped a sock puppet on her hand (that was missing a button eye), and began talking to him as if he were the children she wanted to take care of (in one of those annoying baby voices).

He had immediately shoved her out the door. He made sure to lock it.

Sasuke got out of his chair as the doorbell rang. He checked his watch, noticing that the next interview wasn't for another thirty minutes. Wondering who could possibly be at the door, he made his way to it (taking his list of nanny names).

The person on the other side had begun banging on the door, loudly as they could. Sasuke threw open the door, and what he found on the doorstep surprised him.

A teenager (couldn't be older than seventeen), about three inches shorter than he, with spiky sun-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek stood there, tapping a foot impatiently.

Sasuke almost had to close his eyes, the guy was so bright. He wore an orange shirt that said, 'The voices in my head know what you did' in large bold letters. He also wore baggy dark blue jeans held up by a spiked leather belt, and on his arms were three cuffs each (four black, two red). He had three piercings in the shell of his right ear (two small silver studs and on with a round red jewel), and an earring was pierced through his left lobe (a stud with a small fang dangling down). Sasuke didn't know wether he had any other piercings somewhere else on his body (nor did he want to know).

What the hell? Sasuke checked his list. This guy definitely didn't look like a Mrs. Nethers, unless she had gotten sex change (and if she had, he definitely wouldn't be hiring her anyway).

"Who the hell are you?" Sasuke asked (rather rudely).

The blonde woman-turned-man blinked, then looked offended (if the glare was anything to go by), "The name is Uzumaki Naruto, and you must be Uchiha Sasuke, right?" He answered slowly.

Ah, so he wasn't a woman-turned-man! Thank goodness! But what did he want? He wasn't on his list….

"I'm here for the nanny position." Naruto answered, as if he had read Sasuke's mind.

It was Sasuke's turn to blink. Didn't he know he was supposed to call to schedule an interview first? And didn't he know that usually nannies were women? The idiot.

Sasuke grabbed the edge of the door and began shutting it. "Sorry, you don't have an interview. Make one and I might actually consider you."

Before the door could close all of the way, the blonde shoved the tip of his sneaker between the door and the door jam with a light growl.

Sasuke threw the door open again, "What?"

"I need this job. I know I'm the best one for it, and I'm not leaving until I get it." The blonde snarled, blue eyes narrowed and gleaming in anger.

Sasuke stared at the blonde for a moment, "No." He tried to slam the door shut, but Naruto's foot got in the way again (Naruto put a hand over his mouth to muffle his curses of pain).

"Look, I'm not going anywhere until I get that job!" Naruto yelled.

Now, if Sasuke were a lesser man, he would've told Naruto he had the job just to get him to go away, and then lock the doors until he went away the next day, but Sasuke liked to be a man of his word, and he wasn't that desperate to get rid of this idiot.

"I already told you no! You don't even look older than seventeen! And do you really think that anyone with a brain stem would hire you when you look like that? Goodbye!" Sasuke promptly kicked the blonde's foot out of the door jam, and slammed and locked the door before he could protest.

He leaned against the door, waiting for the blonde on the other side to start screaming and pounding on the door, and was surprised when no sound came. He slowly made his way to the window and peered out.

Naruto was sitting on the doorstep, searching through an orange backpack (that Sasuke hadn't noticed he'd had), brow furrowed in slight concentration.

Then with a triumphant grin, he produced a very worn-out looking sketchbook from the eyesore of a backpack, along with a pencil. He set the backpack on the steps below him, placed the sketchbook on his lap, and began drawing.

Sasuke couldn't believe it. He was stunned. That idiot had been serious… He actually wasn't going anywhere until he got the job! Did he actually believe that he would just give him the job for sitting on his doorstep like a stubborn mule? Well, he could just think again! Two could play at this game!

With a huff, Sasuke angrily stomped away from the winow and into his study, internding to wait for his next interview to come. She never did come.

Outside, Naruto smirked. He wasn't going to let anyone but him get this job. He really, really needed the job.

So, for hour upon hour Naruto sat there, making sketch after sketch, humming to himself, waiting and waiting.


The next morning


Sasuke awoke, and (in a state of half-consciousness) did his morning routine.

When he was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping his morning coffee and reading the newspaper, he wondered if Naruto was still out there. He probably wasn't, nobody was stupid enough to sit outside someone's house during the night.

He absently refolded the newspaper, got up, and made his way to the window and peered out. His eyes widened almost comically. That blonde was still there! Was he really that desperate, or just extremely stubborn?

Naruto was lying stretched out along the concrete pathway, curled around a worn-out white pillow, a small dirty dark blue blanket covering him. Where they had come from, Sasuke didn't know, he doubted they both could fit in that little backpack.

Well, the blonde could just rot there for all he cared. He would never hire that idiot, no matter how long he sat out there.

Besides, there were still a few people to interview. He'd find someone suitable to be the nanny for his kids.

Speaking of his kids, they needed to get up for school…

Sasuke stroked the pale blonde hair of his daughter, Sarel. Strange name, hm? It was his wife's idea, and he thought it was beautiful.

He shook her shoulder gently, watching her brow furrow while she turned over. Sasuke sighed, and shook her shoulder harder. This time she sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning tiredly.

Eyeing her father, she whined, "Dadddyyyyy! I'm tireeeddd! I dun wanna go to school today!" And with that, she lay back down and pulled the covers over her little head.

Sasuke smirked, shaking his head. They did this almost every morning. He pulled the pink covers down to her shoulders, "Well, once we get some food in you, you'll be awake enough to go to school. But first you need to get some clothes on. And you better get up and ready for school quickly, or you won't get chocolate chips in your pancakes."

She was immediately up and across the room, looking through her dresser in a heartbeat.

Next was his little boy, William. Sasuke ripped the comforter off of the bed, and the dark haired boy that had recently been underneath it groaned and curled into a little human ball.

Sasuke shook the boy's shoulder roughly (it was the only way to get him up), but the boy growled and stubbornly kept his eyes shut.

Sasuke scowled, and whispered into the boy's ear, "If you don't get up and get ready now, I won't put chocolate chips in your cupcakes."

Like his sister, he was up and searching in his dresser for clothes in a second.

Sasuke smirked; his kids would do anything for chocolate chips.

Once they had all had their breakfast, he took them to his car (he took them to school every morning).

Bit of a problem there, hm? That little problem was still outside his door.

Guess he forgot, didn't he?

Both children gaped at the sight that lay before them. Sasuke's coal black eyes widened, before narrowing dangerously.

He had forgotten that Naruto was still out here. Still curled around his pillow, a corner of the dark blue blanket fisted in one hand, smiling slightly. It might've been cute if Sasuke didn't want to kill him.

William picked up a random stick, marched over to the blonde, and began poking him in the side with it. The blonde grunted, brow furrowing. He rolled over onto his back, twitching when his head hit the hard concrete. William abandoned the stick and started poking him with his finger. The blonde groaned, eyes drifting open. He lifted his hand out of the blanket and grabbed the boy's finger, before releasing it and pushing the small hand away.

He released the abused pillow (which was a little wet from drool) and sat up, the blanket pooling in his lap. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms over his head, arching his back a little. He then looked at the little boy sitting in front of him with curiosity.

"Who are you and why were you sleeping out here?" The boy asked, suspicion gracing his pale features.

"I'm Naruto, and I'm here for the nanny job. But you're daddy doesn't want to even consider me." Naruto pouted, before smiling, "What's your name?" he asked.

The boy hesitated before answering, "William. Why won't daddy let you be our nanny?"

Naruto scratched the back of his neck, "Well…"

"Because he isn't capable of doing the job." Sasuke growled, fists clenching and unclenching, glaring death at Naruto.

Naruto was immediately on his feet, "I am too!"

Sasuke snorted, "Sure."

Naruto took a few steps forward, fists on hips, "Alright, you give me an interview. You'll see I can do this."

William nodded, staring pleadingly at his daddy, "Please daddy? I like him." William's sister stayed hidden behind her father, peeking out at Naruto.

Sasuke faltered. If William already liked him, Sarel would probably like him too. And a nanny that his kids liked was definitely good. He felt his protests die in his throat. He heaved a tired sigh, "Fine. When I come back from taking them to school, I'll give you an interview." He went to the car and opened the side door, beckoning William (Sarel was still attached to his leg).

"Hey," Naruto called, "Just for future reference, what's your name, pretty lady?" He asked, while smiling kindly at the pale blonde girl that was glued to her daddy's leg.

She blushed scarlet, and was silent for a minute. Then, in an extremely quiet voice, "Sarel." Naruto easily heard this (having been best friends with an extremely quiet girl most of his life), and grinned.

"What a beautiful name you have, Sarel." He said.

Sarel's face, if possible, got even redder. Sasuke ushered her into the car and buckled her up, then got into his seat. William easily got in by himself. He started up the car and backed out of the driveway, driving down the street and out of site.


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