No nothings wrong

Kim was staring at Ron from a cross the plane they had gust come back from a mission Ron and the pilot where talking about GWA. Kim wasn't really interested in the conversation and took a seat. Her mind was some where ells. She stared at Ron and thought why can't I gust go up to him and say I love him O ye where just friends but where so close I mean people think that we are together. As Kim was thinking Ron walked over and sat down next to her.

"Hello Kim are you there" Ron said as he waved his hands in front of her face Kim suddenly snapped out of it

"O sorry Ron I was just tired"

"Well you have had a busy day you should get some sleep we've got a long flight a head" with that Ron put hi arm around Kim allowing her to use him as a pillow. He all ways let Kim caudal him when she was tiered as Kim got comfortable, and lent her head on to Ron's chest Ron thought. I love in when were cuddling hell I love her any way. Ron looked down Kim had drifted of to sleep just then the pilot came over.

"I suggest you tell her be for you loos her to some one ells" Ron looked up and remembered the conversation with the pilot

"I would love to but like I said be for where gust friends and I don't want to loos that"

"Yes but you might gain something better and the way she was looking at you earlier I think she fells the same way" Ron looked down at Kim and moved a bit of her out of her face

"It's to much to risk" Ron put some headphones on and listened to Aerosmith don't want to miss a thing as he watch Kim sleep a small soft smile creped on his face he started to lean ford to kiss Kim on the forehead when he reached Kim and did kiss her he realised Kim had moved and put her lips with his he suddenly shot back and looked at Kim ho smiled back at him Ron was lost for words

"Ron I'm sorry Kim whispered" not shore what to do she sat up and looked at the floor Ron after getting over the shock of it all looked at Kim

"No I am" and with that he genially put his hand on her chin and moved her lips to his and kissed her again as they pulled away nether of them said any thing . Then Ron broke the silence

"Are we still just friends" Kim looked at him

"I don know I mean what do you think. I mean where so close and I don't want to ruin it, but but you see I want to be more" Ron smiled

"Ye me to" Ron put his hand back a round Kim and pulled her in. Kim fell back asleep Ron soon followed.

"Ron woke up just as the plain landed in Kim's garden he looked down at Kim. I can't wake her. With that he pick her up said thank you to the pilot and wall towards Kim's house. He reached the front door Kim's family had gone to Florida for a week and they weren't in he looked at Kim and then at her pocket. He slowly slipped his hand in her pocket and pulled out the key he opened the door and put her keys on the side. He looked at Kim as he placed her on the bead and gave her a small kiss.

Ron was sting watching Kim's TV when her felt 2 arms rap a round him and he herd a voice

"Hi" Ron looked up to see Kim smiling down at him Ron smiled back at back and then pulled Kim over the couch Kim was now lying on her back giggling and Ron was just staring at her

"something wrong Ron" Kim asked worried sitting up and looking at him. Ron smiled

"No nothings wrong… not now and not ever" he moved forward and gently placed his lips on Kim as they both fall back on the couch.