"Is this what you want?" The female voice questioned with doubt.

"…" The girl remained quiet, lost in thought

"Do you wish to forget them…forget him?" The female questioned with some resentment and admiration.

"No." The young girl simply answered.

"Then why do this?" The woman needed to know what made this girl want this burden.

"I want them to be happy." The girl answered with a soft smile.

"Even if you are left miserable?" The female taunted the girl, she wanted her to break and back down.

"I've always wanted them to be happy." The girl's dark green eyes shone with tears.

"They won't remember." The female stressed with unease.

"I'll remember." The girl firmly said.

"This will be your curse." The female's dark teal eyes flashed in warning.

"I know." The girl sadly assured.

"You'll carry it alone…you'll always be alone." The female harshly said as she brushed her plum hair behind her shoulder.

"I'll have my memories." The girl assured with sadness flowing from her.

"And you wish to do this for them…for me?" The female questioned with slight awe.

"Why must you keep asking, I told you that I would do this!" The young woman snapped as she glared at the older woman

"You know that you'll never be happy again…you may end up bitter and hateful. Just like me." The female wistfully said.

"Just give me the curse already!" The girl shouted as her eyes watered.

"If this is your desire." The older female stoically said as she reached for the girl.

"MS. HONDA!" An annoyed voice yelled.

Bored green eyes continued to gaze out the window as the teacher fumed. She knew the students were whispering about her, giving her weird stares. The whispers softly made their way to her ears and she smirked. The teacher's shoes clicked against the tile floor as he stood in front of her desk.

"Ms. Honda!" The teacher growled. "Are you listening?"

"What?" Tohru simply asked as she stared out the window.

"Go wait in the hall this instant!" The teacher growled.

Tohru rolled her green eyes and stood from her seat. She brushed her auburn hair behind her shoulders as she glanced at the teacher. The teacher froze under her empty gaze before she blinked and weaved her way to the door. She glanced at Yuki and found him involved in a book. Kyou was gazing at her and his eyebrows were furrowed with aggravation. Tohru looked away and stopped her travel when she felt a hand on her wrist. Hana's dull purple eyes stared into Tohru's own dull eyes.

"Tohru," Hana-chan simply whispered.

Tohru sadly smiled at her friend as she pulled her wrist away. Her bracelet clinked as the beads traveled under Hana's fingers. Tohru slid the door open and walked into the hallway without looking back. She walked to window across from the door and gazed out at the falling Sakura blossoms. She leaned her head against the window and listened to the student's loud whispers.

"Why is she so weird?"

"She's been so quiet…so dead."

"She's lost her spirit."

"What happened to Tohru Honda?"

Tohru slid down the wall and buried her face into her palms. She bit back the tears and internally wept. Tohru felt the beads from her bracelet brush against her face as she stopped her breakdown. Footsteps echoed to her ears and she looked up to see Momiji walking towards her. His brown eyes held worry as he kneeled next to her. His blonde hair shined in the sunlight as she looked away. His hand reached out and he grasped her hand in his own. Tohru felt the bracelet shift as his fingers brushed over it. It had been one year since she had last hugged or touched Momiji. It had been one long year of pain and misery.

"Tohru, why are you sad?" Momiji's soft voice asked.

"I'm not sad," Tohru assured. The only reason they talked was because she still worked for his father. They had a tense friendship that left her feeling happy and jealous.

"Do you want me to call father and tell him you're sick?" Momiji questioned.

"I said I'm fine!" Tohru snapped as she stomped away from him.

She didn't want to look back and see his hurt face. Tohru ran from the school and off of the campus. Her feet led her to a brick wall. She leaned against the brick wall and took comfort in its sweet coldness. The fall chill left her feeling numb, like everything else.

"This is your curse."

'I feel so bitter…so full of resent,' Tohru thought.

"You'll always be alone."

'I know I'll always be alone, but I'm happy if they're happy,' Tohru thought in sad resolution.

Her watery green eyes traveled to the school building. She smiled and walked off into cool breeze. Leaves and Sakura blossoms fell around her as she sighed. Today was the first day of the last day they had truly seen her. Today was the anniversary of her curse and the day she lost everything. May first was not the best day in her life. Everything bad that ever happened to her in her life had happened on this day. Tohru sighed; it was time to go visit her mother again. It had been two years since her death and it didn't hurt as much as her own curse.

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