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A Cat's Love

Kagome quickly ascended the steps of her family's shrine, and ran into her home.

"Mom, Grandpa, Sota! I'm home!"

Kagome's mother was in the kitchen. "How was school, Honey?"

"Ugh, I was so embarrassed! Remind me to tell Grandpa not to say I've been absent because of crippling plantar warts!"

Kagome ran down the hall to her bedroom, slinging her backpack off her shoulder. Now to put my books away, grab some supplies, and then it's back to the Feudal Era. She opened her door—and was greeted by the sight of her cat Buyo being teased by Inuyasha.

Kagome blinked. "What on Earth are you doing here?"

"I got tired of waiting, so I came to get you." Inuyasha held Buyo's paws in his hands. "Hey, I think your cat really likes me."

Inuyasha went to pick Buyo up, and received a slash from the calico's claws.

"Yow!" He dropped Buyo instantly. "Feh, stupid cat."

Kagome giggled and picked Buyo up. He purred contentedly in her arms.

The sight perplexed Inuyasha. "Hey, how come he didn't make a fuss when you tried to pick him up?"

Kagome stroked Buyo's head. "That's easy, Inuyasha." She started carrying Buyo out of the room, leaving the half-demon behind.

"He trusts me."