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This is a definitely newer version of Show & Tell. It has the same plotline – April fools day in the Ghost Zone, but I have edited it to fit newer episodes and to help with the text flow. I think the original moved too fast and didn't flow very well. So, this version might be a little easier to understand.

New ghosts, old ghosts, and a lot of romance, drama, humor, and action! Enjoy my friends!

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is owned by Butch Hartman & Nickelodeon Studios.

Show & Tell

Chapter One – Practice Rounds

"Casper Ravens, win, win, win! Rock 'em, sock 'em, hit 'um again! Show those wimpies what we're made of, rock 'um, stomp 'um, take 'um, break 'um!"

Paulina Sanchez floated high into the sky, supported by her fellow cheerleaders. They tossed her gently once and she soared back down, her black hair billowing out beneath her head. The seven girls caught her, helped her to stand, and then they struck a pose together, ending the cheer.

"Great guys!" Trina, the cheer coach shouted. She clapped her hands together. "Go ahead and take five."

Paulina grinned as she grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from the bench, spotting three familiar faces up in the bleachers. She'd made many plans earlier, but she couldn't do anything at the moment; not with his watchdog hanging all over him…

She turned her gaze to the football team and watched the boys take off their helmets and head for the water hoses. Looked like they were on break as well.

She quickly caught quarterback Dash Baxter's attention by waving her pom-poms. He was standing close range to her, on the sidelines. She leaned over the fence separating them.

"Hey Dash!" she greeted.

"Hi," he said, downing a bottle of water.

"And what have you been up to?"

"Practice." He grinned.

"I see that. How much longer do you have? Until you have to go back."

"We just finished," he replied. He wiped sweat from his face, smearing the black paint he had underneath his eyes.

"Cool. Want to do me a favor?"

"What now?" he asked, dreading the answer.

"Oh, relax," she assured him. She glanced back over in the direction of the bleachers. "Let's say you owe me."

"I don't owe you anything Paulina."

"Well then, do it for a friend," she snapped. She put on the sweetest act, hoping it would convince him, making circles on his bare-skinned arm with her fingers. "For me, please?"


"How about you get rid of the Goth-geek for me so I can work my magic, mess with his head for awhile," she said.

"How about no?"

"Ugh, why do I even bother?" she asked, more to herself.

"Hey, this game you got going on is your own," he said. "You want Fentina, I'm not going to have any part of it whatsoever." He rolled his indigo eyes and turned towards the bleachers. Something had caught his attention and whatever it was, it was still there. "What's that?"

"What's what?" Paulina asked, following his gaze.

Floating in midair, both suspended, were two figures. One was male, floating without help and the other was female, gliding on some sort of glider.

Paulina grinned. She took Dash's hand. She was going to drag him along whether he liked it or not. "Come on, let's go find out shall we?"


"Soy, eres, es, Ud., es…" Sam Manson listed, searching her head for words.

"What are you doing?" Tucker Foley asked.

"Thinking of things to sort of say in Spanish so that Paulina might actually understand English," she replied, leaning lazily against the bleachers.

Danny Fenton made confused look cute. "That…doesn't make any sense."

"I don't know how to describe it other than that," she said, shrugging. She smacked his knee playfully.

"Ow," he said in mock pain, not even moving.

"I'm so bored," Tucker said. He automatically brought out his PDA and began playing with it. Faint noises emitted from the itty bitty speakers, but his two best friends were so used to it by now that they completely ignored it.

"You're the one who suggested we come here," Sam challenged.

"The cheerleaders got shorter skirts…" He grinned and raised his eyebrows at Danny, who hid his grin as soon as Sam looked at him.

"I have an idea," Danny said suddenly.

"Ding, light bulb," both Tucker and Sam said in unison.

"Seriously, would you guys lay off that?" he complained, running his hands through his jet black hair in annoyance.

"Oh, come on, you set yourself up for that one," Tucker said, laughing.

"We only tease you because it's funny," Sam added.

"And because you don't remember makes it even funnier."

"I fail to see the humor, really I do," Danny said. "And besides, I'm not the one who went streaking through the school screaming like Tarzan."

"There's something about wearing loin cloth that makes a boy feel free."

"You weren't wearing anything."

"And I still felt free. Besides, I bet Valerie enjoyed the show."

There was a blast of energy fired towards Tucker, landing hardly a few inches away from his hand on the bleacher. He jumped in shock, turning around to see a familiar figure dressed in a maroon jumpsuit, riding gracefully on a glider, weapon in hand.

"You only know half the show I'll enjoy."

"That didn't sound right," Danny muttered.

"Go kick her butt," Tucker said, nudging his best friend.

"She's your girlfriend."

"Hey Phantom! Want to get in a little practice rounds? I'm tired of fighting the Box Ghost. If I see another box, I'll go crazy."

"…er…" Tucker whispered, grinning.

Valerie had heard. Tucker after all, wasn't the most discreet person on the planet. She fired another shot, this time aimed for his other hand. He moved just as a jet of green energy smacked into the metal.

"Next time I won't miss," she warned with teasing eyes. "Come on Danny, I'm bored. Please? Come play rough with me."

"Wow, that really didn't sound right either," he replied. "But I suppose."

"You two play it safe now," Tucker said.

Danny sighed, jumping to his feet and then slid under one of the bleachers, transforming before he'd come out from beneath it and appearing behind Valerie. Hand glowing with ectoplasmic energy, he asked, "What's the point of practicing when you know I'm going tow in anyway?"

"Fat chance," Valerie called back. She swung around on her glider and aimed, pressing her finger down hard on the trigger. He jumped up, turning intangible as he flipped in midair.

"Cheater!" she shouted.

"Gotta be faster than that!"

"How's this?" She pulled out another weapon and aimed for him. Pink energy flew from the beam and almost hit him, but his own blast of ectoplasmic energy caught the shot. The two energies met in midair and collided, shattering on impact to create a colorful rain that showered onto the ground where Sam and Tucker were watching. They weren't alone anymore – Dash and Paulina were now below, enjoying the show as well.

Danny threw out his hand, deciding to ignore them, and a streak of electricity flew from his fingers, trailing towards Valerie's glider. She dodged, but just barely.

"Show off!"

Her fingers pressed against another trigger just as a streak of air came from Danny's mouth. He shivered. "Uh oh."

Valerie's glider slid to a halt in front of Danny. "Ghost?"



"Above you," said a voice. The two teens gasped, both turning towards the voice.

A few feet above the horizon, a ghost hovered, white cape covering most of its pale visage. "Hello Valerie."

"Who are you?" she said. She glanced at Danny when the ghost didn't answer, but the half-ghost's eyes were wide with fear, a shiver running down his spine. "Danny, what's wrong? Who is that?"

When Danny didn't respond, Valerie kicked up another weapon to double-wield. "I don't care who you are, you're going down."

"You should care. But go ahead and try me," the ghost said. "Unless you're too busy saving your little friends."

"What?" Valerie looked down, but her four friends were safe and sound. "What are you talking-"

A scream erupted behind her and she instantly covered her ears, gasping. The noise was awful, as if someone was wailing – in pain – and all she could do was block out the noise, hands pressed against the sides of her head.

The glider beneath her vibrated and then jerked and she fumbled for footing. Out of the corner of her eye she watched waves of energy hit the earth, one after another, until the ground split, protruding fork like, and a portal opened, catching Sam, Tucker, Paulina, and Dash inside.

"No!" she heard Danny shout, still beside her. He dove towards the ground and Valerie tried to follow, but her glider seemed to be faulty suddenly, whirring haphazardly as she soared towards the portal.

Danny dodged falling rocks as he flew down deeper into the eerie, luminescent abyss that the portal had led to. Gaining speed, he whizzed into the oblivion where he'd seen Sam and Tucker fall.

As he darted around another rock, he spotted Sam and Dash in front of him, shouting as they continued to fall. He raced towards them, grabbing Dash by the arm and Sam around the waist at the same time. He avoided more falling objects as he flew upwards.

"Look, a ledge!" Sam said, pointing.

Danny flew to where she pointed, setting the two down on the narrow ledge. He gazed up, but the portal closed with a snap.

"We're in the Ghost Zone," Sam realized.

"I'm going to find Tucker."

"Paulina's down there too," Dash said.

Danny nodded, running towards the edge. He leapt at the last possible second and disappeared out of Sam's sight, flying amidst the rocks and dirt.

"Are you guys okay?"

Sam jumped, turning around to see Valerie standing a few feet away, lowering both Tucker and Paulina onto the solid ground of the ledge.

"I'm fine," she said. Dash looked too frightened to reply.

"That ghost locked us in here," Valerie said, glancing around, her eyes dark through the screen of her suit. "Where's Danny?"

"He went to look for you guys," she answered, gazing down into the abyss again.

"We've got to get out of here before that ghost comes back," she insisted.

"Not without Danny."

"I can steer us out of here, but I'm going to need your help," Valerie said, too lost in her own plans to hear Sam. She turned to Tucker. "Would you guys know-"

"No freaking way am I going to follow you out of here. I don't even know you. Give me a reason to trust you. You'd probably run me off a cliff."

"Wouldn't that be nice?" Sam muttered.

"Where exactly is here?" Dash asked, rubbing his arms.

Valerie didn't answer, lowering her hood. Her curly black hair unfurled behind her and she sighed. "We're in the Ghost Zone. This time without a shield."

"And without the rest of the city," Tucker added. "No food, no shelter, no Specter Speeder. And no food."

"Tucker." Sam's warning gaze shut him up.

"So, if you were fighting Danny Phantom, where is he?" Paulina wondered, an odd look on her face.

Worried, Sam pressed her hands around her mouth, calling "Danny!" to the abyss below. Despite how badly she'd wanted to hear a response, there wasn't one.

Valerie made a motion to put her hand on the Goth girl's shoulders, but hesitated. "Come on, we need to get out of here."

"Wait, we're not going to leave Danny Phantom behind if he is down there," Paulina said, forcefully shoving past Sam.

"Do you want to stay here?" Valerie challenged. "Phantom's a big ghost now, he can handle himself. He knows how to get out, we don't. The only thing we could possibly do is follow those rocks and see if it leads out."

"Through the Fenton Portal," Sam said.

"Yeah," Valerie agreed.

"Otherwise we're ghost food," Tucker said, shivering. He glanced at the small trails of rock – their feeble hope of escaping the Ghost Zone and sighed.

"Anyone else have any better ideas?" Valerie asked, staring mainly at Paulina, who made a face, but didn't say a word.

Tucker cleared his throat, sighing heartily. "Move out troops."

Valerie pulled out a weapon, holding it close to her side. "We'll be protected against a few ghosts this way."

Paulina and Dash followed her hesitantly, still staring around with paranoid eyes, their breaths coming in short puffs of air. Sam also glanced back behind her, begging to see Danny somewhere – but she couldn't see a thing.


Small summary for chapter one – Valerie/Tucker romance; Danny/Sam romance; "Phantom Planet" has not occurred yet for this one, but it is the only one that does not take reference. Meaning, Dash and Paulina do not know Danny Phantom's true identity. Remember that this is the third in a four-part series and some plotlines are preceded by the first two.

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