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Chapter Three


Paulina screamed and jumped into me. I looked past her at the figure and even I didn't know how to react.

He was covered in some sort of dust, and by covered, I mean, covered. I couldn't figure out what it was either. And whatever it was… It looked up and I saw a glimpse of—blue eyes.

"Danny!" Sam suddenly shouted, rushing over to him.

I sighed in relief and wasn't the only one; Valerie and Tucker looked glad that it wasn't some psycho ghost and Paulina looked pure glad. I rolled my eyes. Whatever…

He stood up and shook himself off. Valerie beat her hands up against him, brushing off dust. "Danny, what happened to--"

"How about we get out of here, now?" he interrupted. Finally, at least someone who seemed to be in a hurry to get out. Everyone else seemed to be taking their dear sweet time.

"What's wrong?" Sam and Tucker asked at the same time.

"It's a long story," he said. "But it took me forever to find you again. You went the wrong direction."

"Oh, great," Paulina grumbled. "I'm glad you found us Danny, we could have been wandering here forever." She smiled sweetly, ignoring all the looks she was receiving, one including from me.

This was nauseating.

He laughed uneasily. "Let's just get out of here." He started walking, and Sam followed close behind, still brushing the dust off of him. At least I could start to glimpse his hair. It looked black and silver all at the same time. That was weird.

"Don't," he muttered low to her, looking down at his hand. She stopped, her eyes widening as she looked at his hand as well.

"What?" I asked along with Paulina.

"Nothing," he replied shortly. "Come on, we'd better get moving."

"Do you really know the way out of here?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "Come on. The sooner we get out of here, the better."

Finally, something we could agree about. I was starting to like Fenton a lot better. And if he got me out of here, I guess he could get a free day.

"Danny, tell me what's going on," Valerie suddenly said. She softened her tone as he glanced back at her. And I really doubted she knew we were all listening. "If it's something dangerous, I can help." She proved her point by holding up her weapon.

He sighed. "Do you know what day it is?"

"It's Thursday, why?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I meant the actual date," he corrected. I was starting to get a really bad feeling about this.

"April first," she said slowly.

"April Fools Day," Tucker said. "Hey, I knew something was special today, I just couldn't remember." He grinned, but then stopped. "Why?"

"Unfortunately, the ghosts know the date too," he said.

"And…" Sam asked, her eyes wide.

"They're in the fooling mood," he blurted.

There was a moment of silence and then I burst into laughter. "Dude, no way. How can ghosts play pranks on us?"

"It's quite easy when you have the power to become invisible, intangible, or you have guitars that make you do strange things," he said. Sam snorted for some reason I didn't catch.

"So let me get this straight," Valerie said, stepping forwards. "The ghosts are trying to mess with each other."

"I'm guessing it won't be long until they discover us either," Sam said.

"Yeah, which is why we need to get out of here," he said.

"What's wrong?" Sam and Tucker asked at the same time.

"It's a long story," he said. "But it took me forever to find you again. You went the wrong direction."

"Oh, great," Paulina grumbled. "I'm glad you found us Danny, we could have been wandering here forever." She smiled

Wait a second…

"You just said that," I told them.

"Said what?" Valerie asked.

"Like five seconds ago you were swooning over him," I just blurted.

Paulina glared at me in return and I ignored her. "Five minutes ago Danny wasn't even here," she insisted.

"Are you okay Dash?" Danny asked me.

"I…I'm fine," I grumbled. I wasn't insane, that was for sure. She had said that before. Before I'd interrupted, we'd been through all of it.

He laughed, almost sounding nervous. "Let's just get out of here." He started walking again and Sam continued to brush her hand down him, getting the dust off of him even though he'd said—"Don't," he muttered low to her, looking down at his hand. She stopped, her eyes widening as she looked at his hand as well.

What was going on?

We'd barely started walking once again when suddenly a figure leapt out of nowhere and crashed into Danny and both of them nearly toppled off the edge.

"Danny!" Valerie and Sam shouted.

I jumped backwards as both of them rolled towards me and I saw a glimpse of black hair before they fell completely off the rock, wrestling with each other.

"I AM THE BOX GHOST!" shouted a voice.

"What is going on?" Valerie asked, turning around, a weapon in her hand. She shouted as suddenly something blue surrounded her, closing her body into a large, strangely glowing box.

"Valerie!" Tucker shouted, accidentally dropping his PDA. (I was shocked, among many other things at the moment.)

But then it did something very odd and remained in the air, hovering there eerily. It then took off, zooming out of control and flew off on its own.

"Uh oh," he said.

"BEWARE!" said a voice.

"We're surrounded!" Paulina shrieked.

I looked down, starting to panic, and saw Danny fighting off—himself? No way. "Hey!" I shouted.

Both of them were flying in the air. I saw the dust covered one laughing, the black haired one kicking out—but missing oddly. That was the thing though. He hadn't missed; his foot had gone right through him.

I didn't remember taking a step forwards, but the next thing I knew, I had stepped off the rock, stepping into thin air. I yelled in terror, waving my arms out to no use to stop me, but it didn't help. I felt myself drop—not.

I stepped right onto pure air, and didn't fall. It was like I was walking on a thin sheet of glass. Paulina gasped.

"How did you do that?" she asked.

"I don't know," I told her.

The two fighting figures nearly dislodged me as they floated back up and I really did feel myself start to fall this time, my feet suddenly unsupported by whatever it was that had been holding me up.

"Help!" I screamed, dropping lower. A hand grabbed mine and I looked up to see Danny above me and he pulled me back onto the rock.

"Thanks," I said after a minute. "Who were you fighting?"

"Danny, help me out here!" Tucker shouted, trying to get the box opened that Valerie was apparently still inside. He rushed over and they pried it off together.

Valerie stood up, her cheeks red, with both anger and exertion. "I swear, I am going to murder that--" She looked around and jumped out of the box. "Danny, what is going on?"

"Did you know that today is April first?" he asked, looking at all of us.

I sighed. "You said that before."

"When?" Paulina asked. "He just said it."

"No, never mind," I stated, dropping it.

"It's April Fools Day," Tucker said.

"Yeah, and unfortunately the ghosts know that too," he said. "Dash might have a point."

"A point about what?" I wondered.

"The ghosts are having a little too much fun pulling pranks," he told us. "We need to get out of here before anything else happens."

"Who attacked you?" Valerie asked. "And where did all the crap you have on you go?"

"That wasn't me," he said.


"What?" Tucker asked finally.

"It was Technus. Well, it was me, but it was really Technus…does this make any sense?" he asked.

"No," Sam and Valerie said in unison.

"Technus's prank is creating clones or something. But I think they're holographic images, because they're really strange," he said.

"Wait, so how do we know it's the real you?" Valerie asked, her eyes narrowing.

"Ask me a question that you think only I would know and not some clone," he challenged.

"Sing the Tigger song and maybe I'll believe you," Tucker said.

Okay, that was funny. Even I laughed, and Danny looked down, shaking his head. "Bite me," he said.

"Oh, that's Danny," he said.

Valerie seemed convinced, but she kept out her weapon anyway. "So…the person we were speaking to…earlier?"

"That was a clone," he said. "So basically…in some strange way, I was the one who sent us here in the first place."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, confused. "I thought it was a ghost who sent us in here. How are you here, anyway?"

"It—It was," he said, sounding nervous again. "I mean, it's…really complicating."

"Don't worry Danny, we understand," Paulina cooed.

"Now, let's go back the other direction," Danny said. "Because my clone led you the wrong way."

"Ha, told you!" Valerie said triumphantly. She had to duck as something came flying at her face and yelled.

Whatever it was, it was small and fast and it slammed into the side of Sam's head. "Ow!" she yelled, ducking too late. It raised back up and aimed for her again.

"Hey, my PDA!" Tucker shouted.

"Do you have it on attack mode?" she asked, swinging at it with her hand as it pelted towards her.

"No, I didn't download that--"

"Tucker," Valerie insisted.

"Get this thing away from me!" Sam said, bending over again.

"Don't move," she said, raising her arm.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Tucker shouted.

Too late. A blast of energy fired from her weapon and aimed straight at the PDA, hitting it squarely above Sam's head.

Tucker looked mortified. "You…you…"

"We'll have a funeral when we get back," Valerie told him, giving him a look.

"Thank you," Sam said, brushing blasted electronic off of her.

"That was my favorite…" he said, almost sounding close to tears. I raised an eyebrow.

"Okay…then, can we go now?" I asked.

"Possessed PDAs, clones…what else can go wrong?" Valerie asked.

"Don't…say that," Danny warned. "It's April Fools Day, remember? Let's go."

We followed him back the other direction and I shook my head, thinking. I had to agree with Tucker on one thing he'd once said. It was experiences like this that caused people like me to need therapy.

"Awkward silence," Tucker stated after about five minutes of walking.

There was a laugh from someone different and I stopped in my tracks. "Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" Valerie and Sam asked.

"It was a laugh," Paulina said. She'd heard it too?

"Come on," Danny said. He looked like he'd heard it, but didn't want to.

"It was a child's laugh," she insisted.

"Which means it's Youngblood, come on," he urged.

"Youngblood?" Valerie asked. "Who's Youngblood?"

I soon found out.

It was a very small ghost and like Paulina had said, looked like a small child. He had a pale, freckly face and wore an odd, red jumpsuit.

"What are you a Power Ranger now?" Danny asked, holding out his hand suddenly. But then he saw me looking and swallowed, putting it down.

The ghost, obviously this Youngblood, laughed. "Not."

"Who are you talking to?" Valerie asked.

"Danny, I can't see anyone," Sam said.

"Me neither," Tucker said.

"How can you not see him?" Sam asked, as if surprised.

"Why can't you see him?" I asked them.

"Too many questions," the kid said. "You guys never get anything done."

"Where is he?" Tucker asked.

"Where is who?" Valerie demanded, holding up her weapon.

"It's just a kid," I told them.

"And only kids can see him," Danny said.

"What?" I asked. "I'm not a kid. I'm almost seventeen."

"Go away Youngblood," Danny said, ignoring me. Which, I didn't understand. I was old enough; why did I see him?

The ghost suddenly swished around and looked like an Egyptian mummy. "What about this one?"

"Oh, fabulous," he said sarcastically.

"Hey, it's better than "King Tuck's," he whined.

Danny's glance flickered over towards Tucker, who went, "What?" confused.

"What do you want Youngblood?" he snapped, looking annoyed.

"Danny, where is he?" he asked.

Youngblood laughed and suddenly disappeared. Valerie, Tucker, and Sam all looked at their friend for an answer. And they weren't the only ones who wished for an answer.

"Who was that?" Paulina asked, her hands wringing nervously in front of her as she crept towards Danny.

"Youngblood?" It was more of a call than a reply. Would someone please answer a freaking question? This was getting ridiculous.

"Hey, Fenton, start talking," I said. "What's up with him?"

"Don't move," he replied, not answering my question.

"Why?" Valerie asked.

"Because I can't," he answered, frozen in place.

Something moved behind Valerie and started rising up behind her. Whatever it was, she didn't seem to notice, but I did. Youngblood was hovering above her head, grabbing a silver object that was shaped like a coffee thermos.

Paulina screamed. "He's behind you!" she pointed frantically towards her.

"It's true!" I agreed.

"Valerie," Danny said, his eyes wide, still paralyzed. "Shoot him, now!"

"Shoot who?" she asked, looking around.

The ghost laughed and I don't know what made me do it, but I lunged towards him and grabbed the thermos thing from him quick and he gasped. "Hey!"

Valerie swerved around, flailing out her hand, but missing him. Why couldn't she see him? He was right behind her still, laughing his head off at her failed attempts to hit him.

I looked down at the object. "What is this?"

The answer never came because the next second he was flying in my face, grabbing it away from me.

"Watch this dude!" he said, pressing the button on the side.

It was pointed straight at Danny and it looked like the thing suddenly exploded, emitting a blue—white light. He yelled and then disappeared into thin air.

Youngblood tossed the thermos to me and I caught it, but just barely. All of them gasped and I looked up.

"Dash!" Sam exclaimed.

"Oh, no…" Tucker said, his eyes wide.

"I didn't do anything," I told them. "He did."

"Who?" Valerie asked. "That Youngblood guy?"

"He--" I looked around, but there was no one else there. Of course he'd disappeared. "I swear, he was right there."

"Well, you just got rid of the only thing that could get us out of here alive," Paulina said.

"He's not a thing," Sam said.

"Girls, not now," Valerie said. "How do we get him out?" She looked like she was trying to fight back a laugh, and so did Tucker.

"What?" Paulina asked.

"Danny's gonna be ticked…" Tucker replied. "Do you know how long it's been since he's been in there?"

"Do you know how to get him out?" I hoped.

"He's been in there before?" Valerie asked, finally bursting into laughter.

"So…I didn't do something wrong?"

"No…we know how to get him out," Tucker said. "But boy you better run."

"I didn't do it," I repeated.

"I still vote on getting Danny back and getting out of here," Paulina suggested, stepping in.

I handed Valerie the thermos and she burst into laughter again. "Don't tell Fenton I was laughing at him."

"Oh, we will, don't worry," Tucker assured her. "Let's go back that way, shall we?"

We didn't get far at all.

There was a flash of light and another laugh, but this time different. And female. The light turned into a girl with flaming blue hair and green eyes. I recognized her immediately.

"Ember?" I asked along with Sam and Valerie.

The pop star smiled. "Hey, my lucky fans! Who's ready to rock?"

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