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Title: Surprise my mind

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance?

Summary: AU, Sesshomaru has always been a cold business dealer in England, so when a young girl named Rin was found on his doorstep in only rags, he had been thinking of the words: "Get off my porch!" but what came out had been: "What happened to you, girl?" It was only the start of what began. Sesshomaru, who has cared nothing for anyone, was suddenly seeing young Rin as his daughter...Or maybe something more?

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha

Notes/Warnings: Two-shot or chaptered; AU; Set in Medieval England; Sesshomaru/Rin?

The low down: Sesshomaru is the controller of demons and keeps them from getting in trouble and saves them from execution from the king, James I. England has blends of half-breeds, demons, and humans. The lesser are half-breeds and surprisingly, humans. All demons originated from Japan and went to England after an over population. Our story starts at the date of December 17th, 1610...


Part I

The day was growing to its peak, Sesshomaru realized, the fur hanging along his neck and arm. Winter seemed more cold than usual. What annoyed this certain male was that the snow was falling gracelessly on him and others. It was merciless to its victims and seemed to care nothing for the ones it hit. Sesshomaru had been waiting for his carriage for far to long and when it arrived, the driver was going to get his ass chewed for being very, horribly unfashionably late. He heard the clops of a horse and he glanced through the corner of his eye at his carriage that approached. The driver swallowed, seeing a small pile of snow on his master's head and knew that Sesshomaru hadn't moved from the spot for nigh (1) an hour. He jumped down from his seat and opened the door, trembling for fear of his punishment. The demons in England were more ruthless than the human nobles. Luckily, the driver thought, demons didn't possess as much greed as humans did. He felt his back stiffen when Sesshomaru paused by him. His master shoved him into the snow, his face remaining blank, but his eyes flashing. Cold snow impaled his face, making his whole body become near to frozen. At last, Lord Sesshomaru released him and stepped into the carriage, shutting the door behind him. Shivering, the driver, rubbed his face rapidly, hopping onto the seat. This, he reflected, is the reason I hate working for Lord Sesshomaru.


The night was drawing forward and Rin had been kicked out of her working quarters for the umpteenth time without food. She wanted to go and sleep, but then she might die, considering how cold she was. Her feet pressed into the snow and she shivered from the frost. The chilly wind shot against her body, almost throwing her against the ground, but she refused to surrender her life simply because of the winter. Rin had, of course, known that something like this would happen. She had suspected that she would be left to be eaten away by hunger, frostbite, and sickness. Every mistress and master she had seemed to resent her. She stumbled in the snow and landed near a gate. She blinked and crawled through it, wondering if there might be a shack or something on the property. If she was found, Rin would surely be turned into the authorities and put to work for another heartless master/mistress. Dragging herself towards the castle, she slumped onto the porch and felt warm air passing over her. Curious and hopeful, she turned around, before she found the vent that was coming from the basement. Curling up next to it, she rested her head against the railing, before she felt sleep overcome her...


Damn that sun, Lord Sesshomaru thought, first thing as he woke up. The sunlight streamed into his bedroom, nearly blinding the demon. He cursed the mortal that had opened his curtains as he stormed out of his room. There was one servant that was caught in his path that had been thrown down the stairs in his bitter attitude. He brought the fur against him, keeping him from the coolness of the castle. Fires had gone out and were just now being rekindled. It seemed stuffy inside of the castle, so Sesshomaru made the decision of getting a breath of fresh air – however brief it was. He unlocked the door and opened it, feeling brisk air thread through his silken hair. As he was about to turn and shut the door, he caught a glimpse of something near the basement's vent. He paused and walked forward, his slippers sinking into the snow. Taking no heed, he nudged it – whatever it was – and almost instantly it awoke.

"Mm...?" Two eyes blinked groggily, then a gasp was ripped from Rin's throat and she stumbled onto her feet, her brown eyes shooting wide. Her memory rushed to her aid as she felt her heart pumping adrenaline to her veins, fear covering her whole being. The male that was staring coolly down at her was most assuredly the lord of the house, which meant...Which means I'm as dead as ever. When she caught the marks on her face, she felt as though her heart had burst from terror. A demon! Ever worse!

"Girl," he spoke at last, making Rin swallow. "...What happened to you?" Those were not the words either of them expected. He had been thinking, Get off my porch and she was thinking of him saying, What are you doing here? Answer or I'll have you for breakfast. Rin felt her whole body shaking and she wondered just what this demon wanted with her. Surely he was just playing around with her? Rin had no idea, for she was not familiar with this demon lord. Others, the ones that she had served, she was, but this one...Who was he?

"I...I beg your pardon," she sputtered out at last, her jaw shivering from the cold and anxiety. "I was kicked out of my working quarters and...and...and I was numb from the winter's wrath, so I...I came here in hope for a hut or something and I found this vent, so I...I...I must have fallen asleep on your porch. Please forgive me!" At those three words, she threw herself at his feet. The lord's eyes followed her impassively. "I just was so – so, so, so cold!"

"Get up," he ordered her. This Sesshomaru expected to be obeyed and the young girl sensed so. Rin came to her feet, her nails digging into her thighs, feeling worthless in her dirty rags and the soot covering her. "...What is your name, girl?"

"M-my name...?" She swallowed, glancing around nervously. "Rin...my lord."

"Rin..." Sesshomaru eyed her, and then considered what to do with her. He wasn't very pleased with having to stand out in the chilly air and freezing snow in only slippers and a robe. But, as he thought on it, she was only in barely concealing rags and had slept outside with only the vent and it's small puffs of air keeping her warm. As his mind dug deeper into what she had told him, he supposed that she might be a well working girl and could be a servant of his. After all, he had just disposed of one that morning. "You shall be a servant of mine, Rin."

"Servant, my lord?" She repeated, hope blooming in her. Rin's whole face lit up at the notion. Was he serious? She certainly hoped so! "Really?"

"Yes. Now come in. I'll have someone get you cleaned and a suitable...Outfit," he ended, shooting a disgusted glance towards her rags.

"Thank you, my lord...Um."

"Sesshomaru, but you will not have any need to speak my name without formality," he assured her without a smile or even a soft look. After she hobbled in, he shut the door, shaking the chill off him. "You," he pointed to an elderly maid that paused and turned to him, giving a questionable look. "Clean this girl up and give her some clothes."

"Yes, milord," she curtsied, and then took Rin by the wrist, glancing at Sesshomaru as he moved towards the kitchen. "Come, young one, we'll have you all cleaned and pretty, now won't we?" As they went up the steps, Rin felt happiness bring her heart up. Perhaps some demons that she had worked with her bad, but not her new lord, Lord Sesshomaru.


I should have left the girl out to die, he thought with a glower. He had his most loyal servant, Jaken, dispose of the previous servant's body. Sure, he had meant to shove her down the stairs, but he hadn't expected her to be so fragile that she would die. He snorted to himself, drawing his coat around him more securely, holding the fur just below his chin. At last, he downright gave up and sat near the fire. He cursed winter and it's weather. He originally liked winter, but it was freezing this year and he hated the cold more than anything. He heard a knock on the door and he knew it was the girl, Rin, and the elderly maid, Julia. He had told Julia that when she was finished with Rin, he would be taking the girl with him out to the market so she would get used to the business he dealt with. If not, she would probably go around his house, screaming, MAN! Sesshomaru thought her just that innocent.

"My lord," Julia cleared her throat. "Would you like anything else done?" He turned with his hands in his pockets and shook his head.

"No, leave," he told her, then eyed Rin thoughtfully. She cleaned up rather good. She had a heavy coat over her that Julia had given her and a dress that no doubt had more than three petticoats beneath the kirtle. Her boots looked thick and her scarf was wrapped around her neck securely. He approved of the small ponytail her hair was in and he nodded to her. She stopped tugging on the fingers of her gloves, then curtsied, almost hesitantly. "Let's go, Rin." She padded after him and Jaken nearly slammed into Rin. "Jaken."

"Are you ready to depart, milord?" He asked, glancing almost curiously at Rin.


"The carriage is out in front, shall we?" Jaken hobbled ahead of them, just as thickly protected from the cold as Sesshomaru and Rin. "I can't help but ask, milord...Who is this girl?"

"Rin," was the response he the toad-like demon was gifted with. Curiously, Jaken eyed Rin.

"Well, Rin, I suppose you're not used to milord's household, are you?" Jaken asked her and she tilted her head to the side in question. "I mean, milord has a different business then others. He is the one that keeps the demons satisfied here in England. I'm surprised the king himself hasn't thanked Lord Sesshomaru! If it wasn't for milord then England would be overthrown by demons."

"There are many demons in England..." Rin murmured softly.

"Have you been to many parts of England, Rin?"

"I have to."

"Mm?" Jaken waved a hand in silence as he hopped down the stairs and opened the door for Sesshomaru and Rin. When the two were in, he gave orders to the driver, then settled himself beside Rin across from his lord, shutting the door. "What do you mean by that, Rin?"

"After my parents died, I've been working for all sorts of nobles – demons and humans alike," she explained. "I think...I think the human nobles are worse than the demons. They're more greedy, more selfish and much more power hungry."

"I agree!" Jaken piped up with a fierce look in his huge eyes. "Humans are larger barbarians than us demons. But Rin...You are a human, so why do you speak so towards your race?"

"They don't care much for me, Master Jaken. Demons, nor humans." Sesshomaru, having stayed silent during their conversation, eyed Rin thoughtfully. She wasn't a half-breed like his brother, Inuyasha, so he supposed that it was because she was an orphan that no one wanted her. People in England were harsher than the ones in Japan. He turned his attention back to the window, watching the snowflakes begin to dance across the window and the roads. Once again, the detestable substance was showering down.


"Lord Sesshomaru," the male demon smiled at him lightly, his eyes glinting. "I have not seen you for long, my friend. Have you been busy lately?" His eyes flickered to Rin, then drew around the crowds casually. It was because of those glances of many demons that humans did not expect to be attacked. Sesshomaru, however, knew better, especially when it came down to Jarnec. He seemed to be consistently in trouble with the king, no matter what it was.

"Staying out of trouble, Jarnec? I'm not about to defend you once again. They'd be in their right mind to have you executed." In response, Jarnec smirked smugly.

"They'd have to catch me, first, my lord." He paused, then glanced around, frowning. "No, I've kept low and I don't intend on giving demons a bad name. Humans are the more barbaric ones, if you ask me." He snorted then, glowering at a nobleman who was laughing with his fellow mortals. "Tell me, Lord Sesshomaru...What have you think about the rumor that is being spun about us?"

"I have not heard a rumor, Jarnec. I've told you all ready, I've been busy with other matters. I don't have time to listen to petty rumors."

"Oh, no," his eyes narrowed and he glanced at Rin, as though scorning her. "You see, because of Habra's...incident, the mortals are telling each other that us demons are rapists and are aggressive. Many have their been of divorces between human and demon, my lord. You must put a stop to this." Sesshomaru lifted his gaze to the sky, a flake of snow hitting his nose. His week, it seemed, was getting no better.

"I'll see what I can do, Jarnec," he answered after some thought. "I can't stop what the mortals say to each other, though, so whatever they do say after I consult the king's chamberlain, I cannot control." The other demon seemed to be about to disagree, but he shut his mouth and nodded slowly, his eyes moving across the ground.

"Yes, I see...Do your best, my lord. And, ah...Who is this young lass you have with you?" He bent forward slyly, but Sesshomaru moved his cloak, concealing Rin. Jarnec frowned and straightened, peering at Sesshomaru with a wary eye.

"Don't start trouble with someone you can't defeat, Jarnec. It wouldn't be wise." At those words, Sesshomaru turned, his hand firm on Rin's shoulder. Jaken cast a disapproving look at Rin, then at Jarnec, who was glaring at them. "Take no notice of him, Rin. He's had trouble with blending in with humans ever since our kind have arrived here in England."

"Is that why there are so less of them, my lord?" She inquired. "Because of demons like him?" A mere nod was her response. She absorbed that, before sighing and watching the crowds around her. She had not thought of how their was such a small amount of humans until now, in the service of her new lord, Sesshomaru. It seemed that nothing could bring him to his knees. A smile curved her lips upward, then she caught herself and glanced at her master, who had been watching her. His eyes narrowed at her almost thoughtfully. Sesshomaru, Rin reflected, was no different from her other demon masters. Smiling was not permitted in his presence...At least, she assumed so. "Where to, my lord?"

"...The castle of the king."


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