DIS: I decided it was time to get this story done (sigh) How sad

DIS: I decided it was time to get this story done (sigh) How sad. I might as well make certain none of you suffer, lol. For the last time with this story, thanks to Kagura134, Chew Chew, Destineyrose18, Erika Darkmoon, IYGU, HawkAngel XD, New Fan, SessRin2003, and Secret Angel Forever21. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me during this story. It's appreciated and I had an awesome time writing this. Love every one of ya! Now...For the final chapter!


Part XIV

Jaken landed on the country of Japan and sighed wearily. He clutched the Jinto-jo and looked around, wondering if his Lord Sesshomaru had gotten to Rin in time. As he learned from his master, Naraku had once been a master Rin served and if it was true, then who knew what Naraku would do to her? I must find Naraku's castle, Jaken thought, patting Ah-Un.


Jinn wiped the blood coming from his eyelid and winced at the pain it caused. More blood poured from his severed eye and he looked around at the corpses of demons. Kagura and Kohaku had fled, which was better, he supposed. The large demon, Masao, had been taken down by almost ten demons. They lost three of those demons, but the others were fine with minimal injuries. Jinn heard soft footsteps and he jumped to his feet, clutching his sword, his remaining eye darting around, before landing on the coolly handsome male that was his master, Lord Sesshomaru. The powerful youkai looked as dashing and unperturbed as ever. It was odd, though, to see his master in English clothes instead of his kimono. The fluffy boa covered the place where his arm had once been. "Put your weapon down, Jinn, or I'll remove your other eye, too," Sesshomaru ordered in a soft tone. Jinn dropped his sword and fell to the ground, bowing. His body shook in fear and relief. With his master now here, perhaps things would go better. Perhaps. "Where is my pathetic brother and his humans?"

"They...they went ahead to Naraku, my lord," Jinn stammered. The only person that could bring Jinn to his knees, to strike fear in him, was Sesshomaru. "I told them that you wanted Naraku for yourself, but Inuyasha would not listen to me!"

"I didn't expect him to be as intelligent as to listen to your warning," the youkai said more to himself than to Jinn. His eyes moved over the corpses and the demons that were checking for any survivors. Those that saw him bowed or nodded in respect. "Stay here in case any more demons of Naraku come."

"Yes, my lord."

"When Jaken comes, tell him that I am in the castle and that he is to follow me."

"Ah...Yes, my lord," Jinn responded a bit more hesitantly. Sesshomaru gave a slight nod and moved forward, a light breeze sliding through his silken hair. Jinn sighed, leaning against a tree. The way his master looked was frightening. It was obvious that if Jinn had asked any impudent question or had disobeyed him, he would be long dead. Lord Sesshomaru was apparently furious - over what, Jinn didn't know and didn't want to know. However, any fool that stepped in the line of fire from Sesshomaru would be shown no mercy and the other demons of the Saigoku area knew that.


Rin huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth, sobbing in her knees. Naraku watched her with amusement. He struck such fear in her and it amused him. He had never seen a human - or demon, for that matter - so frightened of him. Then again, he had been rougher than usual on her. It would suit his purposes better, though. Her clothes were torn and she bunched the petticoats against her breasts and her womanhood. His smirk turned downward in irritation, remembering how she had murmured help from that idiot youkai, Sesshomaru. That she depended on him so much caused Naraku to become disgusted. She doesn't know it yet, Naraku thought, glaring at her trembling form, but she's head over heels in love with him. No female can depend on a man that much simply because they're his ward. He heard hurried footsteps and he glanced casually at the doors as they burst open. Inuyasha snorted, seeing Naraku. "I guess I should have expected you to be hiding away in your castle, Naraku," he sneered. Kagome caught sight of Rin and Naraku smirked, seeing her hurry to the young female.

"Rin?" Kagome whispered, touching her shoulder. Rin raised her head hesitantly, breathing heavily, bringing in deep breaths. "Oh, Rin..." Kagome brought her in her arms and Rin continued to cry, shuddering in her arms.

"Lord Sesshomaru..." Rin whispered, raising her head again. "Is he here?"

"I...didn't see him," Kagome told her. "Your dress..." Her eyes wandered to the ripped clothing and Rin shied away from her, clutching the petticoats to her chest, ashamed. Naraku laughed and Kagome turned to look at the demon, who was leering at her. Naraku did this to her? She thought, looking back to Rin, who was crying silent tears. No. Rin is too good for this to happen to her. "You did this to her?" Kagome demanded, standing up, leaving Rin alone for the time being. Naraku didn't reply as Inuyasha charged for him, his Tetsusaiga lifted above his head. The battle went on with Inuyasha using every attack he possibly could and Naraku dodging each with simplicity. Suddenly, when Inuyasha was going to send his Kaze no Kizu, a green whip flew towards Inuyasha, wrapping around the Tetsusaiga, preventing him from attacking. Everyone turned to see Sesshomaru, his eyes dark with anger.

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha exclaimed in surprise. "What the hell...?"

"If you're wise, Inuyasha, you will leave Naraku to me," his elder brother said in a low, fatal tone. Inuyasha's eyes widened at his voice and he lowered his sword. Sesshomaru released it, his eyes fixed on Naraku, before he looked to Rin, who was shivering, staring at him, unable to speak. His face hardened as he looked at the state she was in. He turned his attention back to Naraku, who was chuckling.

"So you've finally come, Sesshomaru," Naraku remarked with a smirk. "I was beginning to wonder if you were simply going to abandon your precious girl-child. I've been watching you, even before you took Rin in your household."

"...What have you done to her, Naraku?" The youkai asked in a cold whisper.

"I simply had some fun with her," he answered. The room went cold and Inuyasha backed away from Sesshomaru in realization that his brother could go over the edge. His eyes flashed and grew darker, before he halted, hearing a small murmur.

"Lord Sesshomaru..." He turned to see Rin staring at him with a sad, frightened expression. He didn't want to scare her and turning into his true form would do just that. Sesshomaru calmed himself, hoping to counsel himself from turning. He drew his Tokijin instead and turned his head slightly, looking at Inuyasha. Silent words formed between them and as Sesshomaru moved forward, so did Inuyasha. The youkai never expected to find himself working with his brother, but he wasn't doing it for himself. He was doing it because of Rin. Shock registered on Naraku's face as Tetsusaiga's Kaze no Kizu and Tokijin's hateful power formed together, striking Naraku. A white light blinded everyone in the room and they covered their eyes, except for Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. The moment passed and everyone looked to what once had been Naraku. The kumo no kizuato, which had once been on Naraku's back, marking him as Onigumo, was now burned in the wooden floor.

"...Wow," Miroku, Sango, and Shippo whispered. Inuyasha let out a sigh of relief, sheathing his Tetsusaiga. Miroku looked down at his hand and smiled. "It's over," he declared to them. "My wind tunnel is gone." Sesshomaru gazed at the mark for a moment longer, before moving over to Rin, who raised her eyes to him hesitantly, clutching at her petticoats.

"I'm sorry, Lord Sesshomaru, it's my fault you left England. I didn't mean to be a burden or - " He put two fingers on her mouth.

"Be quiet, Rin, this is not your fault." He reached beneath her, his arm sliding underneath her, his hand on her thigh. He covered her with his boa and she snuggled close to him, mindful of his armor. Inuyasha watched the scene with a slight smile. He never would have expected that his brother would be so caring and thoughtful towards a female, let alone a human. Sesshomaru moved to leave, and then paused, looking behind him at Inuyasha, who stiffened. "Inuyasha."

"Yeah?" The hanyou demanded, tense. Sesshomaru glared at him, his lips pursed.

"...This...Sesshomaru thanks you," his elder brother grunted at last. Rin opened her eyes and smiled over at Inuyasha and his friends as though thanking them as well.

"Um...Well...Your welcome," Inuyasha replied awkwardly, surprised by the sincerity in his voice. Sesshomaru took one more look at them, then moved down the corridors to the exit of the castle. Rin raised a hand and waved over his shoulder. Kagome smiled, her questions answered. She had always wondered whether she was just a ward to Sesshomaru, but now Kagome knew that she wasn't. Inuyasha's brother was in love, even if he didn't admit it. He had crossed much land and ocean just to regain Rin from Naraku. He could have simply told one of his demons to do it, but he came himself. Kagome closed her eyes and sighed. And I would bet anything that she loves him as well, she thought. She turned to Inuyasha and hugged him. He returned the embrace, still startled at his brother's actions. I guess that loving humans runs in the family, she thought, kissing Inuyasha on the cheek.

"Now that Naraku's defeated, what do we do now?" Shippo asked, blinking his large eyes at them. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo had never really thought about that. Footsteps made them whip around to see Kohaku staring at Sango. He bit his lip, looking embarrassed.

"Miss..." He began as Sango smiled.

"We should go to England with Inuyasha and Kagome," Sango said, going to Kohaku. She took him away to speak privately. Miroku looked down at his normal hand and glanced at his friends, a small smile on his lips. It was obvious that he agreed. The plans were made and they all had come to the conclusion that going to England would be the best of things. After all, there were too many memories in Japan and they certainly didn't want to go separate ways.

"Then it's agreed!" Kagome chirped, clapping her hands together.


Jaken paused in his running to see his master exiting Naraku's castle. Rin was covered with his boa in his arms. He could tell that she had been roughed up and at that time, the thing she needed more than anything at that moment was rest. It seemed that she was getting it, snuggled up against Sesshomaru with the boa around her petite body. Sesshomaru gave him one look and Jaken knew that they were leaving. Jaken hurried to get Ah-Un as Jinn limped over to the youkai. "My lord," Jinn murmured, bowing his head. "We have lost many, unfortunately. Is there anything else you wish us to do?"

"No," he answered, shifting Rin. She gave a small murmur of his name, a smile curling her lips. He didn't know what it was he felt for his ward. He had never thought about it too much. When Naraku had told him what he'd done to Rin, he'd almost become insane. He would have, too, if it weren't for her feeble whisper in that silent, cold room. He had made her fear him for that brief instant. He never wanted her to be afraid of him. As Jinn limped away, Sesshomaru sighed through his nose quietly, resting his cheek against her forehead. He didn't like having a weakness, but he would confess that if he had one, it was her. If he lost his Rin, then he would surely fall into madness. He had almost done that in Naraku's castle. Lifting his cheek from her skin, he glanced behind him, hearing footsteps. It was Inuyasha and his comrades. They passed him, though Inuyasha cast him a sly look, a corner of his mouth quirking upward. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed on him in malice and his younger brother ignored it, walking beside Kagome. I'll have to deal with him and his idiot friends in England, now, Sesshomaru thought irritably.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" He looked down at Rin, who was gazing up at him. She shifted against him and smiled.


"...I want to thank you, my lord, for saving me." She looked at her hands that were buried in his boa. "I never knew that Julia would harm me. I'm sorry."

"As I said before, it's not your fault."

"I know, but I'm still sorry. I don't want to be a problem for you. If you...want to send me away when we return to England, I'll understand." She raised her eyes to his face.

"No, Rin. I don't intend on sending you away. You may leave when you want to and until then, you will stay with me." She smiled at him and leaned up, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru." He was surprised at her, but supposed that every person became a little bolder in life. Jaken came hurrying back minutes later with Ah-Un. Sesshomaru settled on Ah-Un and Jaken scrambled up behind him. Rin sat in his lap, her eyes sliding closed.


Inuyasha and his friends boarded the ship and as they did, Inuyasha saw something in the corner of his eye. He smiled to himself, seeing Ah-Un gliding on the wind in quick movements. In only moments, he could no longer see the two-headed creature or any sight of his brother. Sighing, he wondered to himself what Sesshomaru intended to do about the newfound feelings he had for Rin. Sesshomaru wasn't dense and wouldn't ignore what he felt for his ward. Inuyasha knew his brother well enough to know he wouldn't be such a fool to do so.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just reflecting," he answered, going to her and winding an arm around her waist. Everything's over now, he thought almost mournfully. Naraku's dead and he was what started everything. He caused Kikyo to pin me to that tree, caused Kagome to come feudal Japan with the Shikon no Tama embedded in her, and he was the reason that Kagome remained in my world. He glanced at Kagome beside him and his lips twitched. It's almost...depressing...to know that everything is over now. We're finally settling down after so many years of hunting Naraku. He took in a deep breath, gazing up at the sky. Ah, well...There's nothing to do about it, I suppose.



Having returned to England, Rin immediately bathed and went to sleep. When she woke, Rin stared up at the ceiling that was streaked with sunlight. Life would never be the same, she knew that, but maybe she could change it for the best. Color rose on her cheeks as she remembered her kissing Sesshomaru on the cheek. It had been a mere peck, true, but she must have been out of her mind to do such a thing. She hadn't waited to see if he was repulsed. It would only break her heart. "Are you...smitten...with the master?" "Smitten means when you're in love with someone." Rin turned on her side in the bed, gazing across her room at the door. Am I smitten with Lord Sesshomaru? She wondered to herself. He's the only male that I really know and...I do like him a lot. Closing her eyes, Rin wondered if she was only asking herself these things because he had saved her from Naraku. No, she answered herself, it's not that. I felt like this even before Naraku abducted me. Getting out of bed, Rin padded to her long mirror, looking at her image curiously. She was a young teenager that was short with curved breasts and hips. Her hair was to the middle of her back and always had a small pony tail on the top of her head. But I act so immature, Rin thought to herself with a sigh. Maybe that's what's wrong with me...And I'm not very pretty, either. Dragging herself back to bed, Rin dropped on it, miserable. Even if I do love Lord Sesshomaru, he would never feel the same. "I wish...that I loved someone who loves me back."

It took a few more minutes for Rin to get ready for the day. She dressed in a pink dress that was modest and didn't have many petticoats. After putting on stockings and shoes, she moved to her vanity and took out her small pony tail and brushed her hair out. Gathering some hair, she put the small tail back on her head and hurried downstairs. She went to the kitchen and took a piece of bread and cheese as her breakfast. Julia had been the morning cook and since she was deceased, no one was cooking the breakfast - yet. Rin moved to the dining room and sat in one of the chairs, nibbling on the food. When she popped the last bit of cheese in her mouth, she felt someone's eyes on her. She got out of the chair, brushing her mouth off and blinked, seeing Sesshomaru in the doorway. He stared at her unblinkingly, before turning around, saying, "Come with me." Rin lifted her dress up a bit, following him. She fell into step beside him. For awhile, Rin said nothing, then looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

"Where are we going, Lord Sesshomaru?" She queried innocently. He didn't reply, nor did he look at her. Have I upset him? Maybe he wanted me to wait for him to eat. Or maybe he doesn't like me eating in the dining room. "Have I done something wrong?" He still didn't answer and she bowed her head. Lord Sesshomaru stops speaking to Jaken when he does something wrong. Sesshomaru opened the doors outside and ushered her outside. She went outside, ignoring the cold. He shut the doors behind her and moved around the manor with her following. They came to what used to be the greenhouse. It had been out of commission ever since Sesshomaru had moved in. He paused and glanced at her, pausing outside in.

"Look inside," he told her. Blinking, Rin went to the greenhouse and opened the doors. A gasp came from her throat.

"Oh, it's so pretty!" She exclaimed, clasping her hands together in excitement. "I love it!"

"Good." He entered after her and shut the door. Rin touched every flower and gazed at them with admiration. "Rin."

"Yes?" She turned to him, bright-eyed. He held a package out to her silently and she went to him, taking it gingerly. She opened it and took the music box out. She set the velvet box it was in on the ground and opened the music box. A gentle, soothing tune escaped the object, making Sesshomaru wonder if it had really been worth it. If he listened to that for any longer than necessary, he would fall asleep or end up smashing it to pieces. Closing the music box, Rin looked up at him curiously. "Why, my lord? I don't need gifts."

"That," he nodded to the music box, "was something I saw in a store's window. And as for the greenhouse, you've been harping about wanting to see flowers around the manor for ages, so I decided to use this greenhouse for something." She beamed at him.

"Thank you. It's very kind of you."


I don't know what to say to him, Rin thought to herself, returning the music box to the velvet case. Raising her eyes to him, her heart skipped a beat. Then...I guess I shouldn't use words. Setting the case aside, she hesitated, and then leaned up on the tips of her toes, kissing him on the mouth. He didn't react at first, before he pressed his mouth on hers more intensely, cupping the back of her head. Color rose on Rin's cheeks as she touched the side of his face tentatively. She drew away, blinking rapidly. Now I really don't know what to say...

"Rin," he addressed her, his eyes moving over her face.

"...Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Answer me this: do you love me?"

"...Yes, Lord Sesshomaru." She bit her lip, looking anywhere but him. Taking her chin between his index finger and thumb, he looked her in the eye.

"And this Sesshomaru loves you, Rin." She stared at him, looking for any sign that he was jesting, before smiling prettily and hugging him.



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