Summary: Gaara finds the one person who never turned her back on him. Strange emotions begin to well up inside of them as they realize their feelings for each other. Can this mysterious girl help open up the last door in Gaara's heart?

This is a Gaara/OC fic. - It takes place when Gaara is 21.

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Drifting Off in Thoughts of You

Chapter One - Your Eyes

Gaara sat back comfortably in his chair, his eyes looking slightly soft. He looked over the pile of reports on the desk before him.

Someone knocked on his door gently.

"Come in," Gaara called, not raising his head from the reports.

"Ah, Gaara, we're back," Kankuro said, closing the door behind him and walking forward. Gaara looked up and nodded to the chair closest to Kankuro.

Kankuro took a seat on the chair and sat comfortably as he talked to Gaara quietly.

The young woman looked up at the crescent moon and sighed. A soft breeze swept past her slowly.

"His eyes are different…" she said quietly.

"Whose eyes are different?"

The young woman turned around quickly to see her younger sister looking at her questioningly.

They stayed silent for a moment.

"Nee-Chan… I'm telling you- forget about him and move on, he's not worth it."

The older girl looked at her younger sister blankly.



Ai and her younger sister looked at their mother.

"Yes, Okaa-san?" Ai asked quietly.

"You're supposed to be making dinner," her mother said angrily.

Ai bowed slightly.

"Forgive me, Okaa-San… I'll start right away," Ai said, standing straight while walking past her sister and mother.

Her mother sighed and shook her head.

"Natsumi, go help your sister," they elderly woman said with another sigh.

"Yes, Okaa-San…"

Natsumi bowed and ran into the house.

"Nee-Chan…" Natsumi began quietly as she set the table.

"Yes, Imouto-Chan?" Ai asked, looking over the pot of rice.

"I'm serious… Okaa-San and O-tou-San are going to find out sooner or later… I'm telling you… You can't like Kazekage-Sama-"

"I made a promise that-"

"What are you two talking about?"

Ai's father walked into the kitchen.

"Nothing," Ai and Natsumi said in unison.

Their father looked at them strangely.

"We're having guests… Finish setting up the table- and you," their father began, looking at Ai sternly. "Hurry up with the cooking and be on your best behavior or else-"

He was cut short as he heard someone knocking on the door.

"Hurry up," he muttered as he walked out of the kitchen.

Natsumi sighed quietly as she finished setting up the table. Ai stayed silent as she began putting the food on the table.

Ai and Natsumi walked out of the kitchen, side-by-side with their heads slightly lowered.

An old woman smiled and embraced them tightly. Ai and Natsumi grinned slightly.

"Welcome home, Sobo," they said in unison.

"You two have gotten bigger… it's time to start finding suitors for you," their grandmother said with a wink. Natsumi rolled her eyes as Ai smiled faintly.

Their grandmother moved to the side and motioned to a young man behind her.

"This is my friend's son, his name is Ichiro," the elderly woman said with another wink towards the two girls.

Ichiro looked at them smugly with his nose high. Ai resisted the growing urge to glare at him. Natsumi looked at Ichiro strangely. She turned around and walked into the kitchen. Ai followed after her quickly.

"Imouto-Chan… Is something wrong?" Ai asked, concerned.

Natsumi burst out laughing.

"What a weird guy, did you see his face?"

Ai smiled faintly. Their father walked into the kitchen, glaring at them.

"What the Hell do you two think you're doing?"

Natsumi stopped laughing immediately.

"Forgive us, O-tou-San… I needed to speak with Imouto-Chan for a moment…" Ai began quickly.

Natsumi looked at through the corner of her eyes.

Ai stood silently, looking at her fuming father. He glared at Ai threateningly.

"Go sit with the rest of them, both of you- Now." He said, his anger rising slightly.

Ai and Natsumi walked out of the kitchen quickly. They looked at everyone sitting at the table. Natsumi and Ai looked at each other for a brief moment, noticing that they had to sit on either side of Ichiro. They walked forward silently, knowing that their father was waiting for them to take a seat. Ai sat down first, not looking at Ichiro. Natsumi sighed and took a seat on the other side of Ichiro. Ichiro smirked at the two silent women.

Ai's mother, Arisu, was talking to the elderly woman beside her. Ai's father took a seat on an empty seat and joined in their conversation.

Ai began to tune out the conversation.


Ai looked shyly out of her window at nighttime. Gaara sat on the ground silently with his teddy bear. He looked up at the window curiously. Ai blushed and waved shyly. Gaara smiled faintly and waved back.

Ai's mother came up beside her grabbed her arm roughly.

"What are you doing? Don't look at that monster! Stay away from him!"

Her mother's shouts could be heard from inside the house. Gaara looked down sadly as he felt as if someone had stabbed his heart. He got up and walked away sadly, dragging his teddy bear behind him.

Tears began streaming down Ai's eyes.

Natsumi walked into Ai's room to see her mother hitting Ai. Natsumi ran up to her mother and slapped her hand away. Her mother froze and glared at Natsumi.

Natsumi took Ai's hand and walked into a different room. They slept on the ground together that night. Ai stayed up a little while longer.

'He's no monster…'

-End Memory-

"Ai- Ai, are you listening to me?" her father asked, his temper rising. Ai snapped out of her thoughts and nodded.

"Yes, O-tou-San?"

"I said… your engagement is in three months," he said, calming down.

Ai's eyes widened.

"My… engagement?"

Her father nodded, grinning widely.

"With Ichiro," he added.

Natsumi looked at Ai's shocked face. Ai's eyes began to get watery. She got up and silently walked to her room.

Ichiro smirked as Natsumi got up and ran after Ai.

Natsumi opened the door slowly and walked into Ai's room, closing the door behind her.


Natsumi stood quietly. She turned on the light switch and noticed Ai looked out the window, up at the crescent moon. Natsumi walked up to her and came to a halt after a few steps. She noticed a bit of red shining on Ai's neck. Natsumi moved Ai's raven black hair gently and looked at the back of her neck. She raised her eyebrow.

"Nee-Chan… this is-…" Natsumi stopped talking. Ai turned and looked back at Natsumi, her electric blue eyes gleaming in the light. Ai raised her hand and rubbed the back of her neck.

'A tattoo… on her neck… just like… the one on Kazekage-Sama's forehead…'

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Okaasan mother

O-tousan father

Oneesan - elder sister

Imouto - younger sister

Sobo grandmother

Ai Love

Natsumi Beautiful Summer

Ichiro First Son

Arisu Japanese form of Alice.

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