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Drifting off in Thoughts of You

Chapter Fifteen – Affection

Ai stood in the kitchen, humming quietly while washing the dishes.

"I should get back," Kiyoshi said as he stood up from his seat. Ai stopped washing the dishes and turned off the running water.

"Will you come back…?" Ai asked as she looked at her older brother sadly. Kiyoshi grinned and wrapped an arm around Ai.

"Of course I will," he replied happily. Ai smiled up at him and walked him to the door.

"See you later, Temari-San!" Kiyoshi shouted.

"Bye-!" she shouted from the shower.

Ai and Kiyoshi embraced once more.

"Take care, Onii-San," Ai said quietly as she continued smiling. Kiyoshi nodded.

"You too, Imouto-Chan. The Old Man will come by tomorrow to see you." he said as he turned and walked out the door. Ai waved to him and reluctantly closed the door.

Kiyoshi hummed quietly as he walked down the street. Another man in black came up and strolled past him quickly, sending a nod towards Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi stopped and looked back at the dark figure. His eyes narrowed. After a moment of watching the man, he disappeared into the night. Kiyoshi turned and walked back to Natsumi and Arisu's house.

Ai began humming again and continued washing the dishes. The light sound of someone's hand rapping against wood rang through the house. Ai looked up at the door and turned off the tap once again. She dried her hands and quickly walked to the door. She pulled it open and smiled.

"Kankuro-San, welcome back," she began. "How are you?"

"Good, thanks," Kankuro said quietly as he walked inside.

"I'll get some dinner for you," Ai said, still smiling. Kankuro plopped down on a chair and sighed heavily.

"Welcome back, Kankuro," Temari said as she dried her hair with a towel. "You just missed Kiyoshi."

Kankuro raised his eyebrow and looked up at his sister.

"Kiyoshi? The red-head from Konoha?"

Temari nodded towards Ai.

"Kiyoshi's her brother," she replied.

"No way," Kankuro said quietly.

"Yes way- he might be back tomorrow, you can meet him then," Temari added as she threw her towel into a laundry basket.

Ai walked to Kankuro and put his tray of food and glass of water on the table before him.

"Thank you, Ai… Itadakaimasu," he muttered before he began eating.

"You seem tired, Kankuro-San… I'll get your bed ready so you can rest," Ai said with a small smile. Kankuro opened his mouth for a moment, but before he could talk, Ai ran to his room. Kankuro sighed and shook his head.

"She's too nice; people will take advantage of her…" Kankuro said as he looked at Temari. Temari glared at him.

"If you're implying that-…"

"I'm not implying anything!" Kankuro said quickly as he put his arms up defensively.

"Hmph…" Temari muttered as she took a seat beside him.

Ai hummed quietly as she fluffed Kankuro's pillow and looked down at his bed.

'I wonder what would happen if Gaara-Kun were to spend the night here… Would he be sleeping in the same room as- No-! What am I thinking? He wouldn't be sleeping with me-… Wait, he doesn't sleep so it wouldn't matter…' Ai shook her head.

"I'm being silly…" Ai muttered to herself as Gaara's pale face ran through her mind. She began blushing lightly as she gripped the pillow tightly.

"Ai- San?"

Ai jumped at Kankuro's voice.

"Kankuro-San…" she sighed in relief as she looked back at him. "I was just finishing up…" Ai fluffed his pillow again and put it on his bed carefully. She turned to him and smiled.

"Good night, Kankuro-San," she said quietly as she walked out of the room.

"Good night," he called back.

Kankuro shut his door as soon as Ai left and scratched his head.


"You think something's going on…?" Kankuro asked, putting his empty glass away.

"Not sure…" Temari began. "How's Gaara?"

Kankuro smiled faintly.

"He's fine- just catching up on some paper work."

"You know…I've always wondered about Ai and Gaara…." Temari said.

"What do you mean?"

"Never mind," Temari replied, grinning slightly.

-End flashback-

'….Hmm….I wonder…' Kankuro shook his head and crawled into bed.

Katashi pushed her roughly into the room. She sighed angrily and glared at Katashi who was now leaving her.

"Forgive me, Sobo… Hotaru-San…" Katshi's quiet words rang through her ears. He had called her by her name. The very name she hadn't heard for years.

"Ah… Hotaru-San… It's good to see you again…"

Hotaru jumped slightly and turned to face a man standing in the shadows. He stepped forward with a smile plastered on his lips. His eyes narrowed slightly- they were not smiling at all.

"Taro… What is going on here…?"

His smile twitched into a frown.

"Now… Hotaru… It would be respectful to call me by Taro- San or even Taro-Sama…"

Kiyoshi rapped the door with his knuckles before taking a step back. He waited for a moment, hoping someone would open the door.

He raised his eyebrow and turned the doorknob. The young, red-haired man walked inside the house.

"Imouto-Chan…? Okaa-San…?" Kiyoshi called as he walked towards the kitchen. He stopped in his steps while watching Hiroshi with his arms wrapped around Arisu from behind. Kiyoshi grinned and folded his arms as he opened his mouth.

Before Kiyoshi could speak, he felt a small object hit the back of his head. Kiyoshi rubbed the back of his head as he swung around with a glare set on his face. He noticed Natsumi sitting on the staircase, motioning for him to sit beside her. Kiyoshi continued rubbing his head as he walked towards her.

"Imouto-Chan," he mumbled. "That hurt."

Natsumi grinned as he took a seat beside her. She raised her hand and pointed at Arisu and Hiroshi.

"Okaa-San hasn't looked that happy for a long time…" Natsumi began quietly as she and Kiyoshi looked towards the couple in the kitchen. "Don't spoil this moment for her," she ended with a small smile.

A grin returned to Kiyoshi's lips.

"I know what you mean, the Old Man's been moping every night back in Konoha."

Natsumi turned and smiled at Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi continued grinning as her messed up her hair and slung his arm around her shoulders. The turned back to watch the happy couple in the kitchen.

Moments passed in silence before Kiyoshi began to get bored.


Natsumi turned to him as she felt his boredom grow.

"Onii-San…? Is something wrong…?"

"Yeah," Kiyoshi muttered as he looked at the pile of pebbles beside Natsumi. He grabbed a pebble quickly and stood up before Natsumi could object. She looked at her parents and then at Kiyoshi.


Kiyoshi threw the pebble at his parents' feet and watched them snap out of their loving daze. They blinked and looked back at Kiyoshi and Natsumi. Kiyoshi grinned as Natsumi smacked her hand to her head. Hiroshi began glaring at his immature son. Kiyoshi gulped and pulled Natsumi up by her arms.

"Run for it, Imouto-Chan!" Kiyoshi shouted as he and Natsumi ran up the stairs.

Hiroshi looked down and shook his head as Arisu giggled quietly. Arisu held his hand gently and continued smiling. Hiroshi looked at her and blushed.

"I've missed you…" Arisu said quietly.

Hiroshi wrapped his arms around Arisu and put his forehead against hers gently.

"I've missed you too…"

Kiyoshi and Natsumi fell onto the ground of Natsumi's bedroom and burst out laughing.

"O- Onii-San! I told you not to bother them!" she shouted as she continued laughing. Kiyoshi tried to reply but his words merely turned into laughter as they tried to escape his mouth.

Minutes escaped and the laughing siblings soon calmed down with smiles stretched across their faces.

'If only Nee-Chan was here…' Natsumi thought as her smile faded away slightly.

Kiyoshi turned to Natsumi as he sat up. Natsumi chuckled and sat up as well. They looked at each other for a moment before they burst out laughing again.

"S- Stop making me laugh, Onii-San!" Natsumi said in between her laughter.

"It's not my fault!" Kiyoshi shouted back as, he too, continued laughing.

Soon after, Kiyoshi and Natsumi dropped to the ground as sleep overcame them. Arisu and Hiroshi turned the bedroom door slightly and poked their heads in. Hiroshi grinned as Arisu smiled faintly. They looked at each other once before leaving the sleeping siblings on the floor.

Hiroshi wrapped his arms around Arisu as they yawned and looked at each other through their half-open eyelids.

"I love you…" Hiroshi whispered.

"I love you too," Arisu replied as they fell into a dreamless sleep.


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