How to love a hanyou in 30 days

Chapter 1, Normal

Kagome was your everyday popular girl; she was 15 and had dark-brown hair. She walked slowly down the crowded street towards her school. "Kagome! Hey! Kagome wait up!" she heard Songo her best friend running up behind her. She turned around and smiled, "hey!" they continued walking to their school in silence.

Inuyasha sat in his desk leaning back while her played cards with his friend Miroku, though they weren't really playing because Miroku was to busy talking to a girl who sat in the front row, Songo was her name. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and took a peek at Miroku's cards, it wasn't cheating, it was… No, it was cheating.

Kikyo, his ex-girlfriend, walked into the room. She turned to Inuyasha and sat down next to him. "Hi! I was wondering if you want to—""No" Inuyasha cut her off, he had no interest in Kikyo, they had gone out freshman year and she ended up cheating on him with some guy named Naraku. "Well, you don't have to be rude!"

she stood up and was about to walk away when Kagome walked into the room and walked over to Songo, Miroku looked up at Songo, she was to busy talking to Kagome to notice his hand sneaking up to her bum, Songo's eyes widened as she was in mid-sentence, she swirled around and smacked Miroku on the face, smirking they walked away leaving him with two large on his head.

Kagome was walking through the halls when she felt a sting on her neck, instinctively, she swatted at it and her teacher Mr. Myouga, a flea demon. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" He puffed himself out and landed on Kagome's nose. "Kagome, you're missing an assignment in my class, I need you to stay after today to make it up…" "WHAT! I can't have a detention! My mom will kill me!" "It's not a detention, it's just until you finish the paper, ill see you after school."

The flea hoped off her nose and was out of sight. Right then her arch rival Kikyo walked out of the bathroom. 'Great, this is just what I need!' Kagome thought grimly. "Kagome…" Kikyo sneered, "nice to see you here, Kikyo" she didn't feel up to a verbal battle today. "I heard you got detention, its okay, I always knew you were a bad seed, not everyone can be perfect, like Me."

She smiled, "Oh Kikyo, it's just a stay in, but I wouldn't put it past you, you always get things wrong." Kagomes sarcastic smile was plastered on the whole time, unlike Kikyo's which was nowhere to be seen was.

"You think you're really great don't you! You think you can get whatever you want! Well you can't!" Kikyo spat. "And what can't I get?" Kagome knew she sounded down-right bitchy, but Kikyo just knew what buttons to push!

They had hated each other ever since they were four; Kikyo had shot her with an arrow on purpose. "Hmmm, a life!" Kikyo loved making Kagome mad, "and one other thing," an idea had popped into her head, she could challenge kagome…

"Inuyasha, I bet you can't get him to love you" "What! Puh-lease! Is that the best you can do kikyo? Of course I can, but what's in it for me?" Kikyo thought, "I'll leave you alone forever..." "Ok, you're on!" "But, if you don't get him to love you, and admit it, then you have to be my slave and do whatever I say!" Kagome bit her lip, that sounded a little far-fetched.

Kikyo was smiling like a crazy person, oh she would do anything to wipe that smile off her face, "You're on! In 30 days Inuyasha WILL love me" Kikyo frowned; she turned and walked away to her bus.

Kagome slowly turned the doorknob to Mr. Myouga's room, she walked into the room and saw almost all the seats were taken, she sighed, there was an empty seat next to some half-demon. She sat down and looked around the room nervously.

She turned to the hanyou next to her, that wasn't a hanyou that was that one perverted guy that liked Songo. He leaned over, "I hate to be rude, especially since you're so cute (he winked) but my friend is going to sit there." Kagome smiled, "well, he isn't here right now, so I'm going to sit here. Okay?"

right then Kagome spotted something red in front of her. She turned forward and found that Inuyasha was standing there, she fell out of her and on top if him in surprise, Inuyasha was fast and caught her before she hit the floor, blushing, she stood and brushed herself off, "Thanks" she said. "That's my seat you're in…"

Kagome blushed even more, "Ohhhh" 'Great! I'm supposed to get this guy to love me and I start out by falling on him then taking his seat!' "Here, you can have it" Kagome walked away before he could say anything else. She found a seat all the way across the room from him and a made point of looking in any direction then his.

When Mr. Myouga dismissed everyone Kagome was the first one to leave, as she darted down the hallway she heard a noise behind her, she turned around and found herself looking at Inuyasha. "Hi" She smiled up at him, he actually was pretty cute, and she'd even say hot, he had long silver hair, golden eyes, and cute dog ears to top it off.

Inuyasha just realized he was sitting there staring at this girl, "Uh, hey." He brought his hand up to scratch his ear ,after a long silence she said something about having to go home, after she was gone he thought to himself, 'that was awkward, I wonder what it is about her, I can't seem to get her out of her mind.'

He saw Miroku at the end of the hall and went to talk to him, "Hey, there's this party on Saturday at Koga's house, do you want to come?" Miroku said, "I don't know, I don't like Koga, I don't want to be in the guys house." "Yea, but it'll be fun man, c'mon! You could ask that chick that wouldn't get out of your spot, and maybe she could, I don't know, bring a friend…"

Miroku had a special friend in mind, Songo, "I, what makes you think I want to invite her!" Inuyasha got mad when people assumed things. "Okay! Do it for me! C'mon man! I want to make a move on her friend…" Inuyasha was silent. "Okay, I'll give you 20 bucks" "Make it 30 and I'll buy her a rose." Miroku smiled, "Okay"

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