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Chapter 8 Epilogue
Kagome sat next to Inuyasha at lunch, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek as she set her tray down, they had been kissing a lot lately, but that's just what happens when your in love.

She saw Koga glaring at her from across the cafeteria, he was chewing on a chicken leg and sending ice spikes her way. Her thoughts slipped back to the night she had found Inuyasha on her doorstep, with a large gash on his stomach.

She couldn't remember the night that clearly, but she did remember hearing someone in the bushes, and the day after when she was on her way to school she had found fur caught in her bushes.

Wondering what it all meant, after lunch, Kagome waited in the hall for Koga, who she had been planning to interrogate about where he was the said night. As if on que, Koga began to walk down the hall.

Kagome hurried to catch up with him, he walked pretty fast so this task wasn't as easy as it sounded. She took two steps for every one of his own, but she did manage to catch up to him.

Koga eyed her and sighed, "Shouldn't you go be with dog breath over there?" He nodded in the direction of Inuyasha who was glaring at them both, wondering what Kagome would be doing with Koga?

"Oh… Uhh.. No? I mean, no!" Kagome stuttered, Koga snorted cockily, "So, you've finally come to your senses and decided I was the better choice?" Kagome raised a brow at the wolf, "Uhh… No…" She said, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"What I really want Koga, is to, Uhh… Ask you, if--" Then Koga cut her off, "If I'll go out with you to Miroku's party this weekend?" His voice was full of hope, 'why can't he get that I'm WITH Inuyasha?' Kagome thought, she sighed as she turned in front of Koga, time to be tough.

"Look, Koga, you're a great guy, but I'm with Inuyasha and I'd really appreciate it if you would STOP coming on to me, OK?" Kagome's voice sounded stern and it echoed over the suddenly silent hall.

She looked over to Inuyasha who was smiling and nodding at her, then to Koga who looked hurt and angry. "Is that the only reason you're over here, to make me seem like a fool?" He asked, glaring at her with pure hate in his eyes.

"No, I want to ask, where were you three days ago? That night, around eight?" Koga stepped back, clearly thinking, "I was.. Uhh…" Kagome's eyes widened, 'He did it didn't he!' She took a deep breath before doing the one thing she could, slapping him with all her might.

Her hand glowed pink with power as it made contact with Koga's taken back face, he was knocked back onto the floor and suddenly everyone gasped and formed a circle around them.

"You ASS! Koga, you have NO right to be alive you little ball of SLIME! I know what you did and I want YOU to know that I will hate you with the fire of A THOUSAND SUNS! I hope you burn in hell while being torn limb from limb!" Kagome turned on her heal and took Inuyasha by the arm, Leading him through the crowd with her head held up high, not caring about the whispers.

"No! Kagome wait!" Koga yelled, a large imprint of her hand on his face, he stood to follow but she turned and glared at him, clearly wishing him death, he mouthed the words 'I'm sorry" But she turned her back and continued to walk away with Inuyasha, who was looking more than confused.

The next day

Kagome and Inuyasha sat together under a cherry tree, its blossoms floating in the wind around them, he turned to her, "So.. Are you ever gonna tell me what that thing with Koga was about, he didn't try to feel you up or something did he?" Inuyasha asked, his tone neutral.

Kagome smiled at him and brought her face to his own, kissing him for a moment, then pulled back and flipped her hair in the wind, "You don't need to know, all you need to know is that kiss, and it should be enough."

Inuyasha leaned against the tree, for a moment everything was still, and peaceful. He wished this moment with Kagome could last forever, and tugged her back into his arms, kissing her forehead.

Kagome laughed and placed a kiss on his lips, he smiled at her and said, "It is."


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