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Part 1:Childhood Chromas

I remember her...her cerulean blue hair...her love and caring for no matter who I was...the one who made me accepted.

In Terra Firma,the town center was crowded with people trading and the young yet inconsiderate mayor grinning about at the prosperity of the small town.Small owl childs running playing tag with no care.

At a wooden fence and a small house,there was a small boy with dark blue hair and red eyes shining.He seemed very pale and his outfit was too...unexceptional.The metal bands around his hand,the red scarf and rings hanging on his small suit.

He sat there on the fence being depressed.This boy was different.He always go out and beat up monsters that invade Terra Firma.And to be with one friend.

I remember her...she found me...even if I wasn't suppose to be...where did she come from?Why did fate take her away?

"Ash!"a girl waved from far away running.Her white dress shone and blinded him and her laughter coming to him.The girl slowwed down and walked up to him.

"Jasmine?You seem happy today..."the young Ash smilled at the girl."Yes remember the promise you made with me?"she giggled.

"Jasmine..."Ash sighed looking down."I know you're very confident but sometimes you have to face the cold hard facts..."

"I'm different.And there is nothing to do to change that."he stopped.

"Ash..."Jasmine looked at him worried."We've been friends for long...like a year...and I know you can find other friends because you have me as a friend."

Ash sighed again knowing he could not make her face it.He is an orphan who is living alone.Disrespected,unappreciated.What was the meaning for him?

"Ash?"Jasmine waved a hand infront of him."Come on.I promise I won't leave your side."she smilled offering a hand

I remember her...her guidance to make me show the way.To show that I could be the same like everyone else.

"Okay everyone is here.Let's see we needed seven players for this field game."A girl with long blonde hair and a shirt and shorts said looking at everyone."By the way you guys heard of the new kid here right?"

"Right..."everyone said.A boy with a white silk jacket and blue shirt with chartreus hair was staring at everyone.

"Well this new kid is called Haze.His family are a bunch of chromas so we should respect him.Everyone welcome Haze!"


"Nice to meet you!"

"Your parents must be really strong!"

Jasmine looked at the green haired boy and blushed.Haze seemed really quiet...But then snapped out of it remembering she had to help Ash.She looked at him right by her staring at the girl.

"Okay let's count!Haze...Jasmine...Me,Coronet...Basse...Jonet...Nick..."

Coronet paused...

"We're short on one player..."Coronet stared around.

"Um I'm afraid you have miscounted Coronet."Jasmine smilled."Ash is here to come play with us too.So that makes seven players!"

"HIM!"Coronet pointed glaring."That reject!"

They both paused.Ash looked down.

Nick the purple haired boy pointed and laugh."Ha!Play with him?Jasmine since when you have hanged with Ash?He's nothing but...ashes?"he joked.

"Leave him alone!"Jasmine glared.

"I don't get it...an orphan playing with us...how humiliating..."Jonet sighed waving her long blonde hair.

"But...I..."Ash tried to speak but was so heartbroken.

"Jasmine shouldn't you be hanging with us instead of that...rejected child!"Basse snickered scratching his orange hair.

"Please...leave him alone..."Jasmine looked down defenseless.

"Stop it!"the new kid spoke up.Everyone stared.

"What!Don't you even know this kid!He's nothing but a spec of dust to Terra Firma!"Coronet glared at Haze.

"I don't know him but...You can't insult him like that!I won't even let you!"Haze clenched his fists.Ash looked at him thinking what he was doing.

"Pffft!Why defending him?You want to go in the dust like him!Like you would play with us."Nick grinned.Haze laughed back.

"You know what?I guess I wont..."Everyone stood shocked.Haze walked up to Jasmine and Ash.

"Oh by the way...you're Ash right?I've heard alot...that kid who called you nothing but ashes?Why not make your name meaning you make them into ashes?"

The rest of the kids backed away.But then stopped.

"Humph.Who needs him."

"His parents are probably weak anyway."

"He's going down just like that child."

Last of the voices that were heard.

Jasmine looked at him.Haze smilled back at both of them.Ash was just staring at him...as if he was some guardian angel or something.

"I'm sorry about that...erm Jasmine...right?"Haze said.

"Yes.I'm Jasmine.Pleased to meet you Haze."Jasmine couldn't help blushing because of what he did...like a hero...

"...-O-Oh and I'm Ash.Thank you very much Haze."Ash said nervously.

"No need.I just couldn't stand those jerks bossing you around like that."

"Hey since we're all acquainted...can we go play tag?"the cerulean haired girl said.

"Tag you're it!"Haze tapped Ash and he started running.Ash stared at him...could it be...he made another friend.

"...Not for long!"Ash laughed and chased Haze,his new friend.

I remember him...The one who respected how I felt about her...the one who sacrificed himself.


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