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Here are the profiles

Lily Misao, also known as Elem, is 16 years old. She is 5'2". Her eyes are icy blue and they have a hint of sadness in them. Her hair is a medium brown with blonde highlights that flows down to her waist. It is up in a ponytail and there are 2 strands framing her pale face. She is a good girl, studious, hardworking, always helping others, completely against gangs, loves her friends, hates her enemies, is blamed for her brother walking out on the family, has a bad relationship with her dad, and her mom ignores her. She wears skirts that flow down to the floor, flowery blouses, and she is anorexic because of her family problems. She likes art, music, beyblading, and studying. She hates gangs, bad people, snobs/sluts/etc., people who are full of themselves, and people who get into trouble. Her beyblade is ruby colored and her bitbeast is Kila. It is a flaming fox and its attack is Volcanic Wheel.

Misako Moski (Missy), a 16 years old girl, with the height of about 5'4" and has an average-fat body. She hates when people calls her "chubby" even though she admits that she sort of is. But she tries to lose weight and hate sit when people tease her about it. She loves artistic things such as painting and drawing. Misako loves to travel and look at landscape, especially painting landscapes. Misako enjoys shopping in electronic stores where she can try out all the new inventions and play the demos of video games. When she is in a quiet mood, she either reads or watches people moving from her window for inspiration. She always searches for something to paint. Misako isn't a very big fan of sports but she enjoys mini-golf when the weather isn't hot. She is a redhead and she tends to wear a baseball hat on her head to protect herself from the sun when she paints. One of her biggest sins is the over-enjoyment of chocolate, which often makes her careless so she creates a mess when painting or she tries to break her video games by hammering on them. Her eyes are a dark-blue, very near black and are mostly concentrated on scenery. She is very observant and calm, when she does not eat chocolate.

Selene Tuney, a 19 years old girl, is a tall and slim figured girl. She has a dancer's body and is enrolled in a high-leveled dance class. Her height is a 5'6" and she has long legs. Even though her body isn't curved in all the right places, she is a very nice looking young lady. Her hair is straight and dirty blond in color, reaching three inches past her shoulders. Her skin is slightly tanned. Her eyes are a light hazel color and are often hidden by her bangs. Her normal clothing would consist of a well-fitted top of a light color with a grey jacket either worn, if the weather is cold, or tied around her waist. She likes flared out jeans with dangling belts. Her jewelries consist of simple gold earrings and a charm bracelet, and sometimes an anklet with bells when she wears sandals. Selene isn't a very big fan of makeup so she wears them on special occasion. She is also allergic to things in the form of powder, like pollen, dust, flour, foundation and etc. She likes dancing, music, scented candles, roller coasters and everything with a thrill. She dislikes boring things like studying, cooking, which she is horribly at, drawing, chess, checkers and etc. Basically, she loves to do everything that requires actions and movements.

Chase Misao (Ciem) is 19. He is 5'10". His hair is medium brown, short, and spiked up. He has cerulean colored eyes that are always full of love for his girlfriend Selene. He is kind, caring, nice, a born leader, a gangster, he smokes and drinks, has a bit of a criminal past, is constantly expelled from school, doesn't know what to do with his life, will do anything for his friends, and he walked out on his family after a big fight with his dad. He wears a plain t-shirt and jeans. He is strong, well-built, and he carries around the Bey Gang symbol. He likes beyblading, music, clubbing, fighting, winning, cooking (is pretty good), and racing. He hates his parents, school, sluts, the police, and people who think the have authority over him. His beyblade is crimson colored and his bitbeast is Kilo, which is an icy fox. Its attack is Frozen Tundra.

Chaos of the Bey
Chapter One: The New Girl

One Month Ago—Normal POV

"Why don't you let her do anything? She's 16 years old for God's sake!" came a roar.

"She's only a child, and so are you!"

"I'm 19! I'm sick of being treated like an immature kid! I'm out of here!" Chase Misao, also known as Ciem, flipped off his father and left the house, slamming the door on his way. His sister, Lily a.k.a. Elem, watched helplessly as he left, not knowing that this was the last time she'd be seeing her brother for a long while. Elem's father turned to her and started to yell for what seemed like the billionth time that week.

"This is your entire fault! I wish you were never my daughter!" His harsh words stung Elem, and she watched sadly as her mother began to ignore her. She wanted to cry.

Present Day

The sun peeked through the window, waking Elem from her peaceful slumber.

'Ugh…what time is it?' Elem rolled over to her alarm clock, and she nearly fell out of bed when she saw what time it was. 'Oh, no! I'm going to be late!' Elem got ready and ran down to the kitchen. She came to a stop when she saw her father standing there with his arms folded.

"You're late! Is this how you want to make an impression at your new school? By being late on your first day!" Her father's constant yelling did not faze her anymore, and she knew better than to let him get the satisfaction he wanted.

"Well maybe if you didn't get me kicked out of my old school, I wouldn't have to go to this new one!" She left the kitchen and walked right past her mother. As usual, her mother did not acknowledge her presence, but that didn't matter to Elem anymore. "Hey Jon, to the school and fast!" The butler, Jon, helped Elem into the car and began to drive to the school.

"Elem, dear, don't you want anything to eat?" Jon looked at Elem worried.

"No, I'm fine. I'm not hungry."

"But you're so skinny, and you barely ever eat…"

"I'm fine, really."


"Don't worry about me Jon! I'm fine!" The car ride was mostly silent. The sound of classical music was in the background.

They arrived at the school and Elem got out of the car. "Ciao!" She made her way to the main office, ignoring the looks people were giving her.

When Elem entered the main office, the secretary, noting how dangerously skinny Elem is, looked at her in deep concern.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, my name is Lily Misao. I'm new to this school."

"Ah yes," she paused as she searched throw the computer files, "Misao…" she mumbled. She doubled clicked and immediately the printer went to work. "Here's your schedule. The principle would like a word with you." Elem thanked the lady and entered the principal's office. The nametag on the desk read Mr. Dickinson, and sitting behind the desk, was a jolly old man.

"Welcome! I won't bore you with rules, so be on your way now!" Elem stared at the man as if he were crazy, then nodded her head and left. As soon as she was outside of the office, she looked at her schedule.

It read:

8:45-9:45—Ancient World History
10:55-11:55—Advanced English
12:30-1:30—Advanced Chemistry
1:35-2:35—Advanced Latin
2:40-3:40—After school activities/help

Elem sighed. Making her way to her homeroom, she knocked on the door and waited outside. She could faintly hear what was going on in the classroom.

The class was talking and not paying much attention to the teacher, who was slowly losing his patience.

"Class, settle down please." His words had no effect whatsoever, and no matter how many times he repeated himself, nothing happened. It seemed like one vein after another popped out from his forehead. He gritted his teeth and sucked in some big breaths. Finally, he lost his temper. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MISERABLE CHILDREN OF SATAN!" At this, the class quieted down. The teacher cleared his throat and fixed his tie. "Right…we have a new student today…I'm sure you'll all make her feel welcome…" As if on cue, Elem walked into the classroom. She felt all eyes on her as she made her way to the front of the class.

"Elem!" Elem looked up and smiled when she saw who called her name. It was Misako Moski, Missy as everyone called her, Elem's long time best friend. The teacher was next to speak.

"Yes well class, this is Lily Misao. Otherwise known as Elem, I guess. Since you know Misako, or Missy, you can take a seat by her," the teacher gritted his teeth, "nicknames…," he muttered.

Elem ignored his last comment and nodded her head. She headed towards Missy. As she walked, she noticed people stare at her and whisper. Then someone spoke:

"Yo, Chubby! You actually have friends? That's hard to believe!" Missy looked at the boy who insulted her and sadness filled her eyes. The guy had red hair and icy blue eyes. Elem noticed that the symbol of the Bey Gang was round his neck.

"Ugh…look who's talking. If you ask me, it's hard to believe that you have friends, considering you're such a jerk. But I guess that's expected, coming from a member of a lowlife gang." Elem glared at the boy, especially eyeing at the pendant around his neck, as Missy pleaded with her to stop. Elem sighed softly. "Don't tell me to stop Missy! People like them don't deserve to even see the light of day!"

"Hey! Do you even know who you're talking to? I'm Tala Valkov of the Bey Gang!" Tala was clearly beyond mad. His face turned slightly red like his hair and he frowned.

"I don't care who you are!"

"Shut up! Both of you!" Everyone turned to face the new speaker. It was a boy with two-toned hair and four blue triangles painted onto his face. Elem wasn't going to go down without a fight.

In the background, the teacher grasped on the erasers and pounded his fists on his table but he was ignored by the whole class. The pressed on the intercom button and called for the principal.

"Why should I?"

"Because I said so."

"And who might you be?" Elem inquired, raising an eyebrow in a taunting way.

"Hiwatari, leader of the Bey Gang. If I were you, I'd stay away from me."

"Well you're not me! And I'm pretty sure that all you are is a cold, heartless bastard with no regards for the feelings of others!"

"Emotions and feelings are a weakness…" Everyone watched with amusement, but stopped when Mr. Dickinson walked in.

"What's going on here? Please leave your personal issues for outside of school!" The students nodded their heads in understanding, and Mr. Dickinson left without any further words.

The day passed by and Elem wasn't too happy to see that Kai was in four of her classes. She was walking around with her friends after school. Missy had introduced Elem to her other friends Mariah, Mariam, and Hillary.

"Oh, come on Elem! Not all of the Bey Gang is bad! Take Ray Kon for instance! He's the sweetest, hottest…," Mariah went into a daze.

"You like him, don't you Mariah?" Elem asked with her eyes narrowed. 'Sometimes I just hate cupid,' she growned.

"Yeah, so? Hillary likes Tyson, Mariam likes Max, and Missy liked Tala."

"You what? I don't believe this!" Elem stared at her friends like they were psychopaths. Mariam spoke next.

"Oh, Elem, don't be like that. The way you and Mr. Heartless himself acted today was like you were an old married couple!"

"Ugh…please don't say that Mariam. I'd rather kill myself then ever think about a bastard like him or least date him. Besides you shouldn't even put his name and mine in one sentence. We don't go together; there never will be a 'we' when it comes to Hiwatari and I.." An awkward silence fell upon the group, but Missy broke it.

"Hey, want to come to my house?" The others agreed silently. Elem gave a semi-shrug and so they went.

Somewhere in the Middle of Town—The Bey Gang Hideout


"Ciem," the boy acknowledged.

"Gee…what a wonderful conversation. You boys really need a hobby other than beating the crap out of people." A girl came into the room and kissed Ciem quickly on the lips. His arm was left dangling around her waist.

"You know, Selene's right…"

"Don't go soft on me," she chuckled softly.

"Hehe…sorry man. So what's the plan?"

"We attack at dawn."

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