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Cheese Fondue

"Cheese fondue."


"Cheese fondue, Potter."


"…cheese fondue. Got any?"

"Ginny…did you by any chance have any of the punch at Fred and George's party before we all left…?"

"No. And don't think I didn't know it was spiked, I've lived with those two for all my life."


"So…er, yeah. Cheese fondue? What was up with that?"

"I've got a craving for cheese fondue. Any chance of you whipping up some?"


"I was joking, Harry."

"Good thing, that."

"Why, because you can't cook?"

"Well, yes, there is that."

"What else? Because we have no cheese around this house that could make a cheese fondue?"

"That too."

"What other reason are you getting at?"

"There could be something much more fun that making cheese sauce that we could be doing now."

"Like what? De-gnoming the garden?"

"If you'd like to, be my guest…"

"Then what?"


"Why are you making me run in circles?"

"Am I?"

"Aren't you?"

"Aren't you?"

"God, Potter, you're confusing me."

"Is that good or bad?"

"Hmmm….well, undecided. As of yet."

"Better than a no."

"…Potter, I think I've figured it out."

"…what? How to make cheese fondue at 2 am?"

"…no. The, er. Um. Activity we could be doing. Besides discussing the pros and cons of cheese fondue."

"Oh, really?"


"Care to engage in said activity?"

"If you've got no cheese fondue to offer, I suppose…well, it might have to do. For now."

"Suppose so."

"Stop smirking at me like th—"



"Yes. Oh."

"You know, I've changed my mind."

"Oh, really? Have you?"


"On what?"

"I think snogging may pull slightly ahead cheese fondue making."


"I've changed my mind again. Very, very much ahead of cheese fondue making."