Please read author's note: It has come to my attention that some of the Trigun: Infinity readers are confused with this story. So to help them and prevent others, let me give some more information on exactly what kind of story this is. Trigun: Infinity has a lot of mystery. Like the original Trigun (which I do not own, all belongs to Nightow), this story doesn't give you the whole perspective right away. For example, we didn't know what Vash was, who Rem was, or what happened to July at the starting of the series, but that information became part of the story- same idea. If you are confused, that's okay; you're not supposed to understand everything right away. I plant hints and characters' actions throughout the story, but I promise if you stick with it, it will all make sense in the end. Oh, and just a little note, you can generally find more info about this story on my profile page.

It was a night that children felt uneasy, one of those nights that seem to creep whether or not someone is really in the alley way, or around the corner. It seemed oddly silent, and even the bars were nearly empty as most reasonable men had to go to work in the morning. Like the bar, the wind was sober. Normally about two nights like this one happened per week during this time of year…but at the same time, to one individual, it would never be a night he would forget.

Apart from his determination, he still felt a chill of fear, and at the same, excitement; adrenaline. His emotions changed with each block he walked due to the change in his thoughts. Yes, it was what he wanted. He had been waiting for this moment for years.

A pure white cat prowled behind him with big red eyes that saw only this man.

This man…he was young, but looked at least ten years older than his true age. His hair was a tangled mess- like everything else about him.

Doing this was the only way to escape it. It was the past that couldn't be forgotten, that would bring forth this future.

Finding the humor in this, he smiled. It would all be worth it.

This night…and the deadly night that would appear in several days, would get His attention.

The man stopped.

The plants, that gave this city its life, glowed luminously along with the moons.

"Why didn't you come, Janell?" The man asked out loud. "Now I have to do this all alone, but it's for you too." He smiled again; it was disturbing, but pitiful too.

In his mind he remembered the woman…she was always crying and begging…but she was right in some things…

"It was all Knives…"

The white cat rubbed against the man's legs.

In return, the man glanced away from the plants. His gray eyes found the small entrance to their home.

His hand moved around the container that was in his pocket- full of some kind of pastel liquid.

He took one last breath of the warm air and darted for the entrance.

Of course some sort of security system was present, but it was easy for him to shut it off. He was skilled with electricity. Some type of spark seemed to come from his hand and disrupt the system. A talent he had had since before he could remember.

Without another thought of holding back, he went through the door of the building. Tonight would be the beginning… the beginning of a fight for freedom, a search for blood, and a lust for revenge.