Acknowledgments: I had to put this in here, because there are a lot of people who helped me get this story done, and whose support propelled me and encouraged me to write it to the best of my abilities

Inkydoo and Aine of Knockaine for being the first two people to review my story when my writing was terribly rushed, lacked detail, and had some major out of character parts- I mean major.

Willow (who I miss deeply, but must have gotten busy in the real world—no hard feelings) was an amazing supporter of this story and The Favor. Willow wrote great reviews discussing favorite parts, and favorite attributes in the characters. Thanks Willow! :)

Rak for just being a great reader and reviewer

Jaythorne for also being supportive, and being a person I've enjoyed getting to know a little through her stories.

cocoa.choco.sprinkles (who has been very supportive of this story) for leaving me reviews that have helped me improve my writing, and for taking the time to get the plot down well enough to keep me on my toes. Also, thanks, cocoa.choco.sprinkles for starting this story years ago, and then deciding you liked it enough to come back and finish it, and then being patient with me as I finished it.

1uvakindmom, Knives17, and LittleSeriNeko, for the reviews and support. Thanks!

Nightow… I think it's self explanatory, but I wouldn't have even written this story if it wasn't for him.

Both of my brothers and one of their friends for introducing to me, and helping me buy the Trigun series.

And you, reader, (if you were not mentioned above) because you took the time to read my story, and what's a writer without a reader? Writing this wouldn't have been a quarter of the fun it was if I had no one to read it.

Thank you, everyone. I really do appreciate that you took the time to read, because I loved writing it, and finding the time just to do that can be difficult. I probably won't write another fanfic quite so er… elaborate, but I actually am plotting out an original piece. I won't let myself start writing it until I get more English classes under my belt…

In the mean time, I desperately need to clean up some of these chapters, specifically the earlier ones. Thanks again, and have a wonderful, day, month, and year. :)