Prowl liked the nightshift. For the most part, the Ark was peaceful, allowing the tactician ample time to think. He ran his hands over the keyboard, sifting through the various perimeter scans and internal security cameras, ensuring that his charges were safe.

The doors behind him hissed open and someone walked in. At this time of night it could only be one person, but he wasn't supposed to be here yet. Prowl swivelled around to greet the newcomer and request an explanation, only to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun. "What…what are you doing?" He demanded, unable to accept what his optics were showing him.

"Sorry Prowl, nothin' personal."


Teletran detected the weapons fire and immediately triggered the alarms. The attacker swore, hurriedly finished his task and ran, but not before taking a moment to reposition Prowl's limp body so that he was lying on his side, the tactician's back facing towards the door.The attackergot outside and transformed, tires squealing and smoking as he fled.