By Henrika

Henrika- I was challenged in a review by Requiem Of Silence to do a fic from Tucker's point of view. Have to tell you, I felt vaguely sick writing this. But in true form, I think I have captured Tucker's personality, in all its twisted creepiness. Eww. I think I need to go wash out my brain now.

They don't understand. Why don't they understand? They should; I'm just fulfilling my role as a scientist. And I'm the true embodiment of a scientist too; I pushed the boundaries of science and look what I've achieved! Look at my results! You're incredible! But they don't understand.

That brat kid is a perceptive genius, but he doesn't see the value of my work. Edward Elric has no right to be smarter than me. I've studied and researched and worked for years, yet that little kid's knowledge is beyond mine, beyond compare even. But you are beyond his scope, beyond his ability. And I created you. What right did he have to judge me? What right did he have to believe that you weren't happy like this? You'll never be lonely now!

I should be the one being recognized and praised by the higher-ups; it should be me. They should recognize my research as superior, not call it trash and threaten to take away by license. I'm the only chimera authority in the city, perhaps the country, perhaps the world! They should value and honor me!

But they don't.

They don't understand what I've created, the sheer magnificence and magnitude of what I've done. Why?

Why Nina?

You understand, don't you?

You're my daughter after all; you want your daddy to be successful don't you?

You're daddy's finest creation. I made you perfect!

But they don't understand.

Henrika- Yep, definitely taking a scrub brush to my brain now.