By Henrika

Henrika- I apologize if this makes absolutely no sense. I got the idea from one of the scenes in the "Ready, Steady, Go!" opening of the series and it spawned this. Contains a spoiler for the end of the anime, though some smart fans may have figured it out after certain comments were made in earlier episodes. It isn't huge, but use your own judgment. Read and Review!

Ed backed away from the altar, eyes still fixed on the object resting there. Al caught his brother's now shaking form and tried to see what had terrified his older sibling.

On the golden cloth-draped altar rested a circular object that somehow managed to stand up perfectly straight. Squinting, as best he could manage without eyes, Al saw that it was some sort of flower holder; three perfect white roses were blooming from it. He gasped though, when he saw that the stone holder what in the shape of an ouroboros. "Brother?"

The shorter boy was gasping somewhat, words spilling silently from his mouth. He took a deep shuttering breath and started stuttering out words. "Symbolism…three roses…ouroboros…gold altar…three brothers."


"Why is this here?"

"I don't know."

"Envy hates our dad…three brothers…"

"What are you saying?" Al asked, suddenly afraid of what conclusion his brother had come to.

"Three brothers, united by the symbol of Ouroboros, springing from the same source…"


"Let's go Al." His brother turned towards the door of the church, walking as fast as he could without breaking into a run. Al looked again at the altar, realizing with slow horror what Ed had realized. He wondered who had placed the thing there, if the implications in such a simple object were really true and the ones he thought they were. If they were related… "Al!" Ed had thrown open the heavy church doors and looked ready to bolt from the place. Al looked once more at the flowers. "Three roses for three brothers." He whispered, the sound echoing in his armor and in the uppermost reaches of the dusty church. He turned and ran towards the exit wondering, as was Ed, what would happen to the other two roses if one died.

Henrika- If you understood that, I commend you.