Date: February 7, 2005

Day: Monday

Dear Diary,

Valentine's Day is a week away. Just one week away! And yet, I still haven't worked up the nerve to ask Chris Jericho on a date. What the hell? I mean, aren't I the Billion Dollar Princess? Aren't I a McMahon? Yes, I'm both of those things. And usually I'm really super confident. But that damn Chris Jericho... He's different from any of the other guys I've ever liked. I mean, he's really something! I don't understand how I can hate him and love him at the same time, but it's definitely possible. He's always insulting me, though! Like today for instance...

Stephanie stopped writing in her diary as she remembered the altercation that she'd had with Chris earlier in the day.


"Well if it isn't the Billion Dollar Slut," said a familiar voice. Chris Jericho.

Stephanie turned around and glared at him. It was hard for her to keep the angry look on her face when she saw what he was wearing. Jeans and a wifebeater. He looked so hot! "Oh, and if it isn't the rock star wanna-be," she said finally, after discreetly checking him out. "How's it going?"

"Me? A wanna-be?" He laughed. "Maybe you should check the mirror."

"The mirror?" she asked, confused. "And what am I supposed to see when I look in the mirror besides my gorgeous reflection?"

"You're going to see a wanna-be," he said simply.

It was her turn to laugh. "I'm a McMahon. I can be anything that I want to be, so why would I be a wanna-be?"

"Because you want to be my lady," he said with a grin.

"You're full of it," she snapped.

"But you want me," he went on.

"In your dreams, Jericho," she said, glaring at him again.

"You speak from personal experience, dear?" he asked. "I mean, I figured you probably had wet dreams about me and all..."

"That's enough!"

"Oh, I'm just getting started, Princess Puke," he informed her. "And is that the way you keep your great figure? By puking?"

Her mouth dropped open. A compliment and an insult all rolled into one... "How dare you!" She reached back, then attempted to slap him.

He caught her hand. "Haven't I always told you that slapping me is a no-no?" he asked with that adorable smirk on his face. "I mean really, I figured you would've learned the deal by now..." He pulled her roughly against him.

"You wouldn't dare put your filthy lips on me!" she said in a loud whisper.

"Oh, I dare, Princess. Don't you know I'm a real daredevil?" he asked.

He didn't give her any time to answer. He just brought his lips down to hers and started kissing her. She tried to push him away, but he outweighed her and was obviously the stronger of the two. She refused to give in to the way his tongue was running over her lip, trying to find a way into her mouth.

I won't give him the pleasure, she vowed to herself. I'm strong. No matter what, his tongue's not getting in my mouth!

A few seconds later, she cursed at herself as he pushed her against the wall and pressed his body suggestively against hers. Her mouth opened in a surprised moan, and he capitalized on that moment of surprise, pushing his tongue into her mouth and really kissing her. She couldn't help but kiss him back at that point. She put her arms around him and pulled him even closer, enjoying the feel of his muscular body pressed against hers.

Suddenly, he pulled back. She was more than a little disappointed, to say the very least. He studied her for a minute, then started to laugh.

"What the hell is so funny?" she asked, annoyed that he had broken the kiss. She tried to look angry, but it was more difficult than she expected.

"Filthy lips, eh?" he asked, then turned his back on her and walked away.

What a nice ass, she thought as she watched him go. That man can really wear some jeans...

End Flashback

Stephanie chewed on her pen, thinking about the kiss. "He has the most beautiful lips. And he knows it, too." She sighed, then started to write again.

God, when he called me Princess Puke, I was thinking, "What the hell?" And then when he said I had a great figure, I didn't know whether to smile or to frown. He did, as usual, follow that compliment up with an immediate insult. But sometimes I wonder if he insults me because he likes me. That's what the fans seem to think. I must admit, I hope they're right. I really do like him... Well, more than I hate him, because I hate him, too. So this must be what people mean when they say they have a love/hate relationship with someone... Oh, and that kiss... I tried not to let him see how much I actually liked it but I just couldn't help kissing him back. I'm powerless when it comes to controlling myself around him, it seems... Anyway, I better get going. I have to try to come up with a way to ask him out, and as I mentioned earlier, Valentine's Day is ONE WEEK AWAY! That's hardly enough time to come up with a good way to ask him out... But damn it, I'm a McMahon. I can do what others can't!

Until Next Time,


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