Chapter 1: fight in the shrine

Isaac's POV

I panted. The fusion dragon was just too hard too beat. We were already tired from the battle with Menardi and Saturos and now we had to beat the dragon without healing ourselves. Ivan and Garet were already down and Mia closely followed. I was last left. "MEGGIDO" I yelled and the fusion dragon died. I couldn't believe it. I smiled and turned my gaze to Felix. He was with Sheba and he was staring at the dead body of the dragon. Suddenly the ground started to shake and I saw Sheba fall. Without waiting another second I had jumped off the lighthouse right after Felix. I heard my companions scream from above me but I took no notice. I couldn't let her die. In my panic I had dropped my sword. I was just ahead of Felix but he was closer to Sheba. He grabbed Sheba and I reached out as they passed me and grabbed hold of Sheba's other arm. I saw him glare angrily at me and then I lost consciousness.

I woke up on firm ground. I slowly sat up but my eyes narrowed as I saw a blue haired adept grinning at me madly. Alex. He'll kill me I thought in panic. "Now Isaac, how should I finish you off" Alex said sneering. 'Isaac?" came a voice and an auburn haired girl pushed passed him and knelt next to me. "Oh Isaac" she whispered and helped me up. "Thanks Jen" I said smiling at her. "Isaac, what are you doing here but more importantly what are we going to do. Kill you or just injure you" Felix said from behind. I quickly reached for my sword but my heart beat quickly when I reliesd it wasn't there. "He tried to save my life. He can come with us" Sheba stated and everyone glared at her except for Jenna who smiled. "You must be joking Sheba. He was the one that started the group opposed to lighting the lighthouses" Felix spat but Sheba just shrugged. Felix turned away muttering angrily and I saw Sheba smile in victory. Jenna hugged me and grabbed my hand. Felix glared at me and I glared right back. We walked off the peninsula and onto a new continent. Don't worry. Felix will forgive you in time Sheba's voice came into my mind. No he won't I thought back. Sheba just smiled and turned away.

3rd person POV

"You really should join us on our mission to light the lighthouses" Jenna told Isaac and he stared at her. "Why should I." "Because if you don't my brother will kill you in your sleep" Jenna replied. "I don't sleep" Isaac said. Jenna giggled. "You two love birds better hurry up because you might wanna hear what Felix is planning for Isaac's death" Sheba warned. Jenna rolled her eyes but Isaac glared at Felix's back.

After about 3 more days of walking they came to a temple. They tried to get in but they weren't permitted. "Isaac, you and Felix check if there's a door on the right hand side of the temple and me and Jenna will check the left" Sheba decided and Isaac and Felix turned to her horrified "WHAT." "You heard her" Jenna said coolly and she and Sheba walked away. Isaac and Felix glared at each other but had little choice. They turned and walked right. Isaac and Felix found a door but it was completely covered in Ivy. "OY JENNA, SHEBA, WE FOUND ONE" Isaac yelled. Felix turned away muttering darkly. Sheba and Jenna came running up to them followed by Kraden who looked extremely happy they hadn't killed each other…yet. 'Sheba, use whirlwind on the Ivy" Isaac said.

Felix's POV

Why does he have to travel with us? Having him follow us was bad enough but now he's bossing around my companions I thought as Sheba obeyed Isaac. I couldn't trust him. He might have tried to save a companion's life but… "Hey brain dead, we're going in" Jenna said and grabbed my arm. I followed her in and continued my thinking. Maybe I should give him another chance but I bet the minute he finds his so-called friends he'll decide to fight us

Back in Daila

Garet's POV

We've finally reached Daila. After days of travel but we're still down about losing Isaac. He was our leader and greatest fighter so we're lost without him. Ivan's taken over but he's not half the leader Isaac was. "Funny we get travelers her and five of them to" said a voice. That jerked me out of my thoughts. Five travelers, there should only be three if Jenna, Kraden and Alex did pass through. Isaac, Felix and Sheba were dead and even if they survived Isaac wouldn't be wandering around with them. "Hey do you reckon that's…" Mia started but I shook my head and Ivan answered "No…Isaac, Felix and Sheba are dead so that would only make three travelers and even if they survived Isaac wouldn't be wandering around with them." "Let's go check if anyone caught their names" I said and started towards a house. There was a boy in there pigging out. "Um…hi there were five travelers coming through here before. Anyone catch their names" I said loudly. "I did" the boy answered. "Who are you?" Ivan asked. "I'm Tavi and they helped me and my friend Riki escape from the shrine of the sea god." "What were their names?" asked Mia sounding a little hopeful. "Jenna, Kraden, Sheba, Felix and Isaac" Tavi answered. "Isaac" Ivan said with a spark of hope in his voice. "Yea, Isaac, why" asked Tavi. "What did he look like" I demanded. "Golden hair, blue eyes and he had a yellow scarf around his neck" Tavi answered. 'Thanks" Mia said before we all rushed out the door.

Mia's POV

Isaac was alive. Our group would soon be reunited. We were headed towards shrine of the sea god. It didn't take long because we were all running. We entered and saw that a rope had been attached to two poles forming a bridge across the river. We all climbed across the rope. I led the way into the place. When we had walked for about an hour we heard a girl's voice. 'Really Felix, you've got to trust him." "He'll go running back to his group of fairyland wonders as soon as he gets a chance" we heard a boys voice retort. "Enemies" we heard another girls voice. 'Hide" hissed Felix. "Hey they might be my group" came another boy's voice. "You're with us now Isaac" hissed the first girl's voice. "Jenna, I don't have the same goal as you whatsoever" Isaac whined. "Sheba agrees, don't you Sheba" Jenna said and the second girl answered "Yep." "This may not be the time to bring this up but a group of three is listening to everything we're saying" said an old mans voice. 'Shit" Felix swore. "We would have been out of here before they even came if you and Isaac didn't argue and send eachother death glares every three seconds" Sheba practically yelled.

Before Ivan or I could stop him Garet had shouted "ISAAC." "Garet you idiot" I yelled. "HOLY CRAP" Jenna yelled when she heard us. We quickly rounded the corner and looked at the group of five. Isaac sighed in relief and started towards us but suddenly Alex warped behind him and grabbed his arm. "You've been listening to our plans. You can't go over to them and tell them everything you've heard Felix saying so the option for you is to let us kill you or come with us peacefully and I will choose the option for you. You will come with us peacefully because it would be a waste if a great fighter and adept like you died" Alex stated 'If you don't come peacefully we'll just kill your friends."

Jenna's POV

I watched as Isaac's face went white. I felt helpless but I could do nothing to help. "Isaac" Mia whimpered and I watched her. I wanted her dead because I was sure she and Isaac shared a connection and I wanted Isaac for myself. I glanced at Felix but he looked quite calm and I saw him holding his sword and looking at Ivan. I bet he was debating whether or not to kill Ivan first and then go for Garet or do Garet first.

Sheba's POV

Poor Isaac. Lose his friends or disappoint his town. I want to help him but I know I can't and it makes me feel horrible. I don't want any of them to die but I don't want Isaac to betray his town. I especially don't want Ivan to die. He's sooo cute. I waved these thoughts out of my head and directed my attention to Isaac. He looked ready to collapse and I bet he would have chosen to die but Alex said he didn't feel so much for that idea and would most likely not carry it out.

Felix's POV

Who should I kill first? The shorty or Garet. I'm deciding on the shorty. Sheba has a thing for him and I want Sheba for myself. I watched happily as Isaac's face went white with horror. Isaac, choose to kill your friends I thought. How can you even think that Felix Sheba's voice came into my mind and it sounded angry.

I want Garet, shorty and miss blue hair to die

Felix, you're despicable

Alex's POV

Haha look what I'm doing to the boy. I'm torturing him. This feels so good. Watch his face lose color. I feel so proud of myself for putting the child through this misery

Kraden's POV

This is my entire fault. I dragged Isaac, Jenna and Garet into Mount Aleph. It's my fault. I can never forgive myself

Ivan's POV

Isaac. Oh how will he choose? This is probably so hard on him. Kill us or betray Vale. I can't imagine what he's going through but at least I know he's on our side I watched sadly as my companion grew pale. I looked at all his companions. Jenna, Sheba and Kraden looked horrified and Alex looked proud. When I looked at Felix I shivered. He obviously wanted me dead.

Mia's POV

Isaac, my poor Isaac. First he jumps of the top of Jupiter lighthouse and now he's being threatened. I have to save him but how

Garet's POV


Isaac's POV

What on earth am I going to do. I can't betray my town but I will not kill my closest friends. I took a deep breath and then spoke. "I'll join you on your quest Alex but you must promise not to lay a finger on these three, my town, my other friends or my family" I answered and Mia gasped. Alex smiled in victory but was suddenly knocked out of his happiness when Garet lunged at him. Garet tore me from his grip and threw me over to Mia and Ivan. Before I reached them though Jenna had grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her and Sheba. I didn't fight her though. I had said I would join them on their quest and I couldn't break my promise. I watched with them as Felix started to help Alex.

3rd person POV

Isaac watched as Jenna and Sheba blocked Mia and Ivan from getting to him. "STOP" he yelled and everyone stared at him. 'Garet, go back to Vale and tell the town that I couldn't come back, tell my mom the reason but no-one else. Mia get back to Imil as soon as you can. Pretend the fight never happened. Ivan go with Garet after you to take Mia to Imil and make sure Garet drops you off in Kalay. Ok, go now and Garet, get off Alex. I don't want you dead so I have to join him" Isaac said. Garet looked at his best friend with betrayal in his eyes and glared at him. 'Isaac, we're gonna save you" Mia said and Ivan nodded. After about a minute silence Garet nodded to although he continued to glare at Isaac. Alex sighed and grabbed Felix's arm. Jenna and Sheba pulled Isaac over to Alex and forced him to touch Alex's arm. They did the same and Garet, Mia and Ivan watched as the group disappeared.