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Chapter 3: Kisses and Sneaky Jupiter Adepts

Isaac and his companions (I know it should be Felix's companions but I REALLY like Isaac) went out of the jail and came face to face with a well dressed woman. Isaac led them out of the way and the woman entered the jail. She came back out in about five minutes.

"Hey you there" she said when she noticed Isaac, Felix, Sheba, Jenna and Kraden

"Are you going to Osenia?"

"No, we're going to Vale" Felix said sarcastically and Isaac kicked him…hard. Felix glared at Isaac angrily.

"No we're not. We're going back to the shrine of the sea god to see my companions" Isaac said and now it was his time to get kicked except Jenna kicked him instead of Felix. Sheba decided to take matters into her own hands "Yes we are going to Osenia, aren't we Jenna."

Jenna nodded and both Isaac and Felix glared at the girls.

"I give the five of you permission to cross the bridge" the woman said and left.

Isaac and Felix led the way out of the town still glaring at the girls and eachother.

They got to the bridge and marched straight past the guards. Isaac pondered thoughts in his head while he walked Hey, maybe I could make a break for it and escape back to Vale to see Garet and…No that won't work. Hey maybe I could convince Felix to let me leave! Nope, not a chance. Isaac sighed and felt a hand on his shoulder.

'Isaac, I know you miss your companions but I really think you should be happy that they're safe" Isaac turned to see Jenna smiling at him. Isaac smiled back and decided that Jenna was right. They continued walking until they came to the first town. It was a small town named Mikasalla. Isaac sighed with relief and looked around.

"We're all tired so why don't we go to the inn" Felix asked. Jenna nodded and they all headed to the inn. When they entered they heard "ISAAC."

Isaac looked around and saw a Colloso warrior standing there.

"Um…hi. Are you going to kill me now?"

"No, Navampa and Azart are searching for you to harm you Isaac. It would do you well to stay away from them."

Isaac nodded and Jenna grabbed his arm.

"Isaac's with us. He'll be safe."

"Not if I…" Felix started but then heard a voice in his head.

Felix, don't even think about it. Sheba sounded angry.

Why can't I tell the Colloso warriors Isaac beat that he's traveling with us? We have to go back to Madra anyway

Shut you're damn mouth

Fine Sheba

Felix looked incredibly angry and kept glaring at Sheba but she ignored him.

Jenna grabbed Isaac's arm and took him to a corner.

"Isaac, you've gotta trust Felix. Please trust him. What will happen if you don't?"

"My companions won't think I betrayed them. Felix and I used to be friends but that was years ago. He's my enemy!" Isaac replied.

"Whatever" Jenna muttered turning away to hide her scowl.

"Oy, our rooms are upstairs. Isaac, if you so much as touch my sister I will have more than one reason to kill you" Felix yelled from the stairs. (I know the inn doesn't have stairs but who cares.)

"We have four single rooms" Sheba said and led the group upstairs.

Isaac plopped on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He could hear Jenna and Sheba getting ready for bed on either side of him but he didn't feel like getting ready just then. It slowly got dark but Isaac still lay there not moving. Around midnight he heard a knock on his door. An auburn haired girl poked her head in.

"Come in Jen" Isaac muttered and she sat on the foot of his bed.

"Nice ceiling" Jenna said trying desperately to make conversation.

"Yea. A nice creamy color."

"Isaac, this may not be the right time to tell you this but I…" Jenna started.

Isaac chuckled "I know"

"You do" Isaac could sense the panic inside Jenna's voice. She was obviously nervous.

"Yep, and I feel the same way" Isaac rolled over and saw that Jenna was also lying down. Soon their faces were right next to eachother. Jenna leaned forward and their lips met. The kiss lasted what seemed like hours but it finally ended. Both Isaac and Jenna were absolutely horrified at what had just happened but Jenna got over it rather quickly. She leaned in again and touched her lips to Isaac's again. After about a minute they broke apart stunned.

"If my brother found out he'd kill us" giggled Jenna and Isaac grinned. He had never felt this close to one girl before but now nothing mattered to him except for Jenna.

"Well, I'd better get back to my room" Jenna said and got up after a good night kiss. Isaac watched as she went through the door and he smiled. He heard giggling from inside his wardrobe. He got up and cautiously opened the door.

'SHEBA" he yelled as he glared a the Jupiter adept sitting guiltily on the floor of the wardrobe.

"Hi Isaac. Um…Nice day isn't it."

"GET OUT" Isaac yelled raising his voice higher than he meant to. Felix came running through the door armed with his sword. Jenna was right behind him. The minute Felix saw Sheba in Isaac's wardrobe he got suspicious.

'Isaac, were you doing anything you weren't meant to be doing" Felix accused.

"Of course not" Isaac replied and watched Felix and Sheba leave his room. Jenna giggled and came over to him. She put her hands around him and quickly hugged him. When she parted he kissed her lightly and then she left again. He fell back onto his bed and finally went to sleep.

I know I suck at writing romance but I really wanted something to happen in the hotel. I know Sheba is sneaky so I decided to have her in the wardrobe watching Isaac and Jenna kiss.

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