If there ever was a movie made out of Sabriel, I would be the first in line to buy tickets. But since there isn't, I'm reduced to writing a trailer of it. And I got the idea from Gwendeleryn. I hope she doesn't mind…

(A screech of a careening car is heard.)

Scene shows Sabriel holding a clearly dead rabbit, while a young girl calls "Bunny!"

(Voice: Sabriel has lived in Ancelstierre nearly all her life.)

Shows frost covering Sabriel, then disappearing quickly and focuses on a living rabbit. Sabriel hands it to Jacinth who takes it and runs off.

(Voice: But she is no stranger to Death, nor to Free Magic.)

Shows Sabriel banishing the revenant in the bedroom.

Revenant, in Terciel's voice: Sabriel! My messenger! Take the sack!

Sabriel (opens sack and pulls out bells and sword): Something's happened to my father.

Focuses on bell. Reflected is Sabriel crossing the Wall.

(Voice: How wrong she is…)

(Urgent music, the pounding kind that starts out soft begins to play)

Scene focuses on Sabriel running from the Mordicant, jumping across the river-stones, and entering the Abhorsen's House. She opens the door. Snaps to Mogget in cat form.

Mogget: It's about time, Abhorsen.

(Voice: To save her father, she will save a Kingdom.)

Scene focuses on Sabriel, flying in the Paperwing with Mogget, pursued by the flock of Gore-Crows.

Scene shows Sabriel losing control of the wind. (Voice over: Sabriel: I'm going to have to summon a stronger wind!)

Mogget: Unloose my collar! Unloose my collar and remember the ring!

Screen shows Sabriel doing so and Mogget's Free Magic form being loosed. It follows the Paperwing's crash landing.

Mogget: (Whatever the heck he says)

(Voice: To save a Kingdom, she will restore a throne.)

Scene shows her restoring Touchstone's spirit, then his body from wooden imprisonment.

Touchstone: Thank you, Abhorsen. (before he sleeps)

(Voice: She will learn very quickly what it is to Slay in the Dead in the Old Kingdom.)

Scene shows her killing the revenant by the broken Charter Stone.

Scene snaps to middle of reservoir with the Great Charter Stones. Focuses on Terciel's frozen form.

Sabriel: We need to cast a bigger Diamond of Protection around him. Then…I will go into Death.

Scene shows them sloshing around to cast it. Touchstone gives her a peck on the cheek.

Touchstone: For luck, Sabriel.

Scene snaps to her handing Astarael to her father. Only their hands and the exchange are shown.

Sabriel: Ranna, Mosrael, Kibeth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth, Astarael. Sleeper, Waker, Walker, Speaker, Thinker, Binder, Weeper.

Scenes flash by, each followed by one solemn ring of a bell except the last one. The broken Charter Stone of Nestowe…the killing of the Mordaut…escape from the Mordicant…entering Belisaere…going onto the palace grounds…finding Terciel near the Four Great Broken Charters…Touchstone, Sabriel, Mogget and (you don't know this) Terciel looking at the honor guard of Hands as Kerrigor enters (this one's from behind the group, from waist up, like from the view of the Great Charters, but further away).

Terciel(voice over): Everyone and everything has a time to die.

The ringing of Astarael is heard.

(Voice, at same time as "Sabriel" shown on screen: Sabriel) Screen turns black, with ghostly golden letters spelling "Sabriel" and a Charter Mark.

Mogget: Privileged family retainers that think they know best. Practically human in the worst possible way—Mrow! (Sending splashes water at him)

(Release date and information shown)