FINALLY!!! What you've all been waiting for (even me)! The trailer for… ABHORSEN!!!! This is just rough-rough sketch. Okies!

Pan to the banks of the river, from behind Lirael, Sam, Mogget, and Dog's POVs. They are on a tower. You see a lot of poor-looking people breaking their backs to cart dirt to the stones. In background is an ominous chord, all the same note, like the taps of a drum in marching band. After every two, there's a run, almost like a minor arpeggio, but not. Little bit like in Bleach.

Someone, don't remember who, think it was Lirael, saying something about how she forgot that grave dirt could negate running water.

Dog: I think there's a way. But it is deep. Very deep.

Mogget: (hissing and spitting) There! We cannot go there (or words to that effect)!

Lirael: We have no choice. Turns away from the people.

Screen shows them breathing on the chains and going down the hole.

Screen shows the dusty-bones of Kalliel (was that his name?), then a bright-greenish light.

Dog: RUN!!

Screen cuts to Touchstone and Sabriel in a hotel room, getting dressed for the party.

Touchstone: Are you sure we have to go?

Sabriel: Yes. But it'll be worth it, I promise. Goes over and gives him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Screen then shows the assassins throwing the bomb at the car and both of them slumped over. Assassin turns to celebrate, but is shot from behind.

Screen shows a message hawk flying to Ellimere, with French horn music… I dunno what kind, whether it should be happy, sad, adventuresome-ish or what. Lots of brass, french horn stuff, starts in major but ends on a minor, with a kind of fp effect. It lands and opens its beak. "The King and Queen are dead." (or whatever the heck it says.) Minor music continues. Close up of Ellimere's grim and determined face.

(Voice-over) Lirael: What exactly are they digging up? (slowly)Orann--

(Voice-over) Dog: You must not say his name!

(Voice-over) Mogget: He is the Destroyer, one of the Nine...

(Voice-over) Sam: Oh, Nick. What have you done?

Meanwhile, on screen are the hemispheres being raised out of the ground before they repel each other and shoot across the landscape. The grandiose, really creepy kind of music, like that one at the very end of "Fantasia," with the devil on the mountain, or whatever it is.Screen cuts to the four of them on the island and music goes even softer, less sad and more soulful, like a tin whistle.

Lirael: I will look into the past...and learn how to bind him anew...

Music shifts to the choral, really high, grand, loud, minor kind, while scenes pass by during a Voice-over of Nick/Orannis: Destroy the Prince. Send more Dead to Chlorr. Walk in Death yourself and kill the spying Daughter of the Clayr. Dig faster, Hedge, for I... MUST... BE... WHOLE... AGAIN!!!! On-screen, the following scenes, each separated by the toll of a bell: Sam turning to look at the sky, Chlorr and her massive army on the river as she lets loose tendrils of fog, going to the wall with the Charter skin, two Paperwings flying, going through the Ninth Gate and looking at the forever stars as the Dead rise up around Lirael and Dog, Hedge on his dead horse and his army of Dead when they're trying to get to Nick, and the final battle, and Nick running among the dead, with people yelling and holding off the Dead and Sameth doing his best to stave them off and as they are in the diamonds of protection while an atomic bomb's worth of devastation is going on around them.

Music ends with a downbeat, screen goes black, with the ghostly letters "Abhorsen" on screen, in silver. Eight cracks of lightning bolt across from behind as the release date and information are shown, and the ninth clears the screen.

OMG... i just reread the books and i realize that i stuck a Sabriel scene into this one!!! But it fits so well!!! Quick, help me figure out how to take it out and still keep it flowy!